The Evolution of Woman!


No holds bard! That is how I have begun to feel about life. So tired have I  become with the dragging conversations of the Socialist, whom was proven to be a lie by, Leo Tolstoy,  every true blue and believer in what ones two hands can produce.

This piece was drawn by a conservative. what would that mean to you? would you now presume to denounce a political movement because the brow beaters turn colors and realized that common sense should prevail over what was chosen to be correct rhetoric


Evolution Of Woman

since the “Dark Ages,” most of you are too young to remember Joan of Arc and her tale. Most of you are too stuck on “self” and looking down to realize that to be a king and queen to be treated with respect one can not walk the streets with no respect for ones self and then get mad that the bigger kids pissed on you and said it was raining. Aesop tales are filled with a thousand phrases and prose to live by only no one is truly living and so such words, classic tales have become fantasy when they used to be truth.

Can you imagine, what the ‘woman’ used to be, is the conversation on the lips of most parties and that what we have now. Stay at home moms, single mom homes, mothers doing the jobs of men because well since the 80’s the question remains where have all the ‘real men’ gone? So tired I am of all of you asking questions you already know the answers to, and then continue to roll over and proceed to become the very thing that they call you. Trash. Now you ask, “How can you say that about people that are just trying to make it by any means necessary?” It was only made necessary because everyone stopped caring.  Then when  someone comes along that cares how, are they treated….with contempt. The image above of the ‘woman,’? can  many of you say I am wrong; and if I am right and history is destined to repeat itself, where do you all think this will leave us.

I feel so bad for all the women in the work place that have to come home to the slop of a husband, half the time it is not even a husband it is a boytoy, thing, that they can’t even share with there family because they would realize that the family line is doomed to dust.  There are not enough self-help books, Rich dad poor dad schemes to move that fat thirty five year old out from under his rock because the world is moving too fast for him and his wife really does have bigger gonads; I feel so bad, cause even after drawing that piece I knew that unless you have been somewhere other than your front porch you’d never understand that the role of a woman, the woman plays such a vital part of our culture that to treat this message with contempt because it makes you accountable is not the answer. Just sit back, think about every conversation that has been had about Legacy, bloodlines, purity, and truth and realize that the ‘woman’ is to be worshiped, cared for, and earned. She is a song bird that can not live without the touch of ‘man’ and it takes a strong man to hold such a strong pillar in place. I can only hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed producing it.

11 thoughts on “The Evolution of Woman!”

  1. Short and sweet and to the point…and so true! I am a conservative as well and I have spent many years looking for a strong man to treat me right. I just don’t think one exists out there. It seems pretty sad but also pretty true. I do not want a boy toy, I want a man that will stick around and be a man!

    1. Now in your opinion does this image depict correctly the ‘state of the woman’ over the numerous years this conversation has been going on? I like to think that the art does well all by itself to illustrate what our ‘woman’ has had to become because of the amoral man, and if that is so, would not the solution, be for us as men and women to grow up and become accountable; which is what I was trying to say in Voice of Liberation; please let me know if I have touched all bases so far without redirecting the over all content.

  2. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this article. I consider myself to be a strong woman now, but just a few years ago I would not have classified myself as such. I had some life experiences that really changed me and my outlook on things and I grew stronger from them. I also finally have a strong man that I am proud to say is my husband. I cannot see the picture that you did, it says it isn’t available or file not found. Great work done on the writing. 🙂

    1. I am glad you liked the writings, you should have seen the picture just fine
      At least I do. I am in the business of selling art, I can sell you the piece for a sentimental pricing grab.
      Something to commemorate the day that you found your ADVENT VOICE!

    2. This post was really for you! I really hope you get to see the picture and that you are uplifted by the tale. Truth is so much better than a lie. I love good stories and ice cream at night, It is nice to know that both can be accomplished here on this site.

  3. Conservative could me many things. Do you mean fiscal conservative? Social conservative?

    I am also a fiscal conservative but I am socially liberal as I do not feel it is my place to tell other people how to live.

    The days of Leave It To Beaver are gone my friend. Women are not looking for someone to take care of them. they are looking for equal partners that treat them as human beings not possessions.

    You make a lot of assumptions in this post. Not all women or men are looking for the same things. Some women like weak men that they can take care of some don’t and all that is in between.

    Let’s live our lives and let other people live their lives as long as it doesn’t interfere with ours.

    1. WOW with your social standard you just opened the door for prostitution. Are you ok with that line of thinking?
      I mean those individuals whom choose to work together to bring in money into the home are not affecting you, so let them do as they wish, right.
      Or drug trafficking, all of which is organized and acceptable to those that are wanting the supply.
      Why are so many pimps and pimpetts being locked up, sited and thumb printed if it is not an issue?
      They are equal opportunity employers like any other corporate office. It’s just not taxed right, that is the crime?
      or is Moral decency to hard a task for the Socialite to be accountable of.
      I will let anyone add comments but really don’t say stupid things and think it is ok.

      The woman that says she wants a weak man is deluded and nine out of ten is unfaithful by the third year; looking for a man to pay bills and not the smooth talker.
      Thanks again Barry for your comments, pick up a copy of The Unfolding on Amazon
      Start reading your bible and learn of accountability, it will get you so much farther in life.

  4. I love the illustrations very creative. I am recently separated and feel like as a man I did not do my job. I was trying to provide but focused on providing the wrong things. I am proud that it brought 2 wonderful kids in this world. But we learn from our pains, and this man will be a better man for the amazing woman he will meet one day. Women are a very special thing, we can act like we dont need them but we sure miss them in our life once their gone.

    1. We here @ Adventgradepress.com are sorry to hear of your loss, but truly are thankful that you can say, “you learned from the past and seek to be better.” That is all anyone can ask of there fellow man.

      Keep raising the bar for the men that need leaders like you. Leaders willing to admit the faults, yet always seeking perfection. Truly we can have heaven on earth. One day at a time.

  5. Your raw writing style speaks to me. I grew tired of life of slavery imposed at me by the society and have broken free. I am now truly independent and don’t let anyone slow me down. If you want to get to know me, you need to keep up at my pace.

    It’s hard to be a woman,
    You must think like a man,
    Act like a lady,
    Look like a young girl,
    And work like a horse.

    1. so, now that you are free…now that you are independent…how will you ever be able to depend on anyone? Is being alone worth it all in the end? Do you truly believe you were alone in your cries for freedom? One day I pray you will find someone of like mind that can hedge the gap for you, so that when you are working like a horse, you won’t feel so burdened or feel it is hard to be a woman. Will learn to revel in the fact that God made you strong enough to carry the load, to carry your desires to term and even to nurture life. Won’t go around trying to size up every man and challenging his Manhood because you were too afraid to ask the male ego for help in moving forward.
      I could be wrong though, you could be “The Lady of Bath” and even she was a marvel to behold.

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