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We all know the place. Sometimes when you walk into the store and the sliding doors open, the music is playing above your head and you hear. The opening to Cheers. We sure do want to go to a place where everybody knows our name.

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I find myself, every time I shop there whistling the tune and laughing to myself that the parody fits so well. Good or bad Walmart has become a staple for us in America.

Recently they posted a bulletin; which read as follows.


Protect yourself from fraud.

They tell the people they care about their business, “They are only looking after there customers and are so prideful in there efforts to help everyone.”

They tell the people what they want to hear.

Lottery/Sweepstakes Scam

Romance Scam

Internet Auction Scam

Person in Need Scam

Fake Check Scam

FBI Internet Scam

here is the kicker: CHARITY SCAM!?

They give you, the consumer, the whole 411* for each donated scam and how to protect yourself from these miscreant business deals.

They presume to say that there is never anything wrong in the world. They don’t seem to understand why people report about the Bombs that go off in the world. We are asked to save our money for the more important issues. They promote, ‘living better,” by insinuating that caring only for yourself is all that is important. In this Secular world the only thing that matters are our own personal needs of supply and demand, that must come in this technological world of make believe materialism, in which we can turn off our minds to the pulse of empathy; thus denying proceeds to Charities; because during tax season and natural disasters and holidays, their is no one in need.

It is all in their head. They will get over it and it will all be a memory. How dare we pray and weep for those in pain, how callous of us to ask others for money to achieve the work of missions. How dare we!?

Let the government do it all, right?!

It is not our place to speak on the abominations that is our inner cities. Oh wait they have programs to fix that right?

Tell me WALMART, since there is no need for charity organizations, they why is there a homeless man outside of your door; Suntanned by months of curb-watching? Why is there a man asking for pennies and dimes. “GET THAT MAN A JOB.” You take on the responsibility of giving that man a holiday meal or money to pay taxes. Be sure to look into his VA bill. Get the man off your curb, since there is nothing wrong in the world and Charities are subject to being Scams.

WALMART and most that agree with their stance on life would say,” Oh their is something wrong with that man, He is a staple in the neighborhood, don’t mind him, he likes flying his sign.

That man dying of thirst, an ex-vet-vagabond, cigarette smoking loser is probably on drugs, is a scam artist himself~ “He, did Christ die for. He art we to cry for.”

Romans 12; 1 Cor:13



4 thoughts on “Leaders of Commerce”

  1. Very powerful inditement of big business and how society just cares about itself, and doesn’t look beyond it’s closed doors. It is up to us to help the homeless and the vets and to open our hearts and to have empathy for these people, because we cannot count on government to do it for us. Thank you for this great post.

    1. Thank you for taking the time.

      You know I hear how it is up to, “Us,” all the time; only well…maybe I am in the wrong business. LOL

  2. First I must admit I go to Wal Mart for a lot of my shopping. I’ve heard some of my friends complain about Wal Marts bad service but I’ve never heard anyone bring up these points against the chain. I’m interested, I see there’s definitely some merit to what you’re saying but I would like to learn more about it first before I define where I stand.

    1. No one ever asks anyone to take there word for anything.

      I would love for someone to post back and say, “I think you got that wrong.”

      It just has not happened yet.

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