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This past year I have been trying to figure out how to best explain why terms like, “It is what it is,” which has been noted was the attitude of those on Team U.S.A at this years Olympics in South America. Has been the attitude of most Americans with all that has been reported in the States or abroad. Most simply claim they just don’t watch the news or care for television as if that is the only source for news and life. (That kind of scares me and serves for another segment that will be saved for later discussions). Aside from what is presented to you in your daily walk in life. Could be that none of you walk anymore and drive everywhere, which is not a problem considering that is what the New Americana is; Infrastructure.  What choice do you have. Considering every scary movie that is presented none of you will ride your bike or walk cross country and half the time you are told it is illegal to do so. So what is afforded to you?


While originally intended to “underscore the dilemmas and concerns that people would face if they relied too heavily on the new communications infrastructure,”[1] Stand Alone Complex ( Sutando Arōn Konpurekkusu?) eventually came to represent a phenomenon where unrelated, yet very similar actions of individuals create a seemingly concerted effort.

A Stand Alone Complex can be compared to the emergent copycat behavior that often occurs after incidents such as serial murders or terrorist attacks. An incident catches the public’s attention and certain types of people “get on the bandwagon”, so to speak. It is particularly apparent when the incident appears to be the result of well-known political or religious beliefs, but it can also occur in response to intense media attention. For example, a mere fire, no matter the number of deaths, is just a garden variety tragedy. However, if the right kind of people begin to believe it was arson, caused by deliberate action, the threat that more arsons will be committed increases dramatically.

What separates the Stand Alone Complex from normal copycat behavior is that there is no real originator of the copied action, but merely a rumor or an illusion that supposedly performed the copied action. There may be real people who are labeled as the originator, but in reality, no one started the original behavior. Furthermore, in Stand Alone Complex, the facade just has to exist in the minds of the public. In other words, a potential copycat just has to believe the copied behavior happened from an originator – when it really did not. The result is an epidemic of copied behavior having a net effect of purpose. One could say that the Stand Alone Complex is mass hysteria over nothing – yet causing an overall change in social structure.

This is not unlike the concepts of memes (refer to the conversation between the major and the Puppet Master in the manga) and second-order simulacra. It also has ties to social theory, as illustrated in the work ofFrederic Jameson and Masachi Osawa. The Slender Man phenomenon, in which the fictitious concept of a supernatural murderer went viral and has allegedly inspired real attacks, may be seen as an example of the Stand Alone Complex.

It has been posited that the choice by the writers of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex to use J.D. Salinger’s short story “The Laughing Man” as a key element in the story was itself an example of second-order simulacra; the use of a story that could already be considered an example of second-order simulacra, by its popularity overshadowing the popularity of its original, The Man Who Laughs. This creates yet another example of the concept, by banking on the popularity of the show, the character, and the emblem used to represent The Laughing Man, supplanting the story as the Laughing Man by popularity alone.

In the series itself, it usually refers to events surrounding the Laughing Man case, and to some extent, the teamwork observed in Public Security Section 9. It is presented as an emergent phenomenon catalyzed by parallelization of the human psyche through the cyberbrain networks.[2] A key point is that due to the electronic communications network that is increasingly permeating society, more and more people are being exposed to the same information and stimuli, making the overall psyche and responses of large groups of people increasingly similar; the result is an exponential increase in the potential for copycat behavior that forms a Stand Alone Complex. There is no original Laughing Man, no leader. Everyone is acting on their own, yet a coherent whole emerges. There are people who employed the copycat behavior before others, but what started the coherent whole is uncertain.  

 In Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, the Stand Alone Complex theory is expanded to political action. The main antagonist of the series, Goda, attempts to spark a revolution by what he terms “data manipulation” to create the prerequisite conditions for a Stand Alone Complex. By manipulating the fear and frustration of the repressed Chinese refugees in Japanese society, as well as creating false information which is then “leaked” to the police and Public Security Section 9, a terrorist organization calling itself “The Individual Eleven” emerges. However, with each terrorist incident, including an attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister, it becomes clear that nothing connects the incidents together besides a logo, which had been “leaked” by Goda. In other words, “The Individual Eleven” is an organization constructed by a Stand Alone Complex – a group of self-interested individuals who have no connection or ties to each other but who unconsciously and collectively act towards the common purpose of revolution. Goda notes that there is a tendency within a Stand Alone Complex for the masses to unconsciously project their inadequacies and common desires onto a leader. In the first Stand Alone Complex series, this was the Laughing Man, and in Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, this figure is unconsciously realized in the form of Hideo Kuze.



After walking cross country and into central america and Brazil only to come back home, I have found that the possibility of a Stand-alone complex was evident and learned to rely heavily on insight. I have certainly learned that ‘face-value’ is hard to come by and seek to ‘be’ that till the day I die. I will be accountable, dependable, forthright and true. My sword will not wavier when the enemy stands before me and my benevolence will find no end for the one I call friend. Though we seek perfection in our methods in dealing with life, there is room for growth for we are mortal men/women. This of course does not excuse my mistakes. It is almost 2017 no more mistakes, we are to learn from our parents, grandparents so when we find troubled waters we are not walking into the same quagmires they spent their lives trying to dig out of. Our grand(s) should make it a mandate every Christmas, every yearly event, to present the world from there longstanding viewpoints. For History does not change, it is people that change. “We are changing history” had been the slogan of most political leaders, especially presently, though as I reflect of my yesterdays I noticed that they did not change any of it. The hard road the Lord placed me on was as callused as my hard working hands and heels. There are some Americans that still believe that hunger is not felt here in the States like it is over seas. Those individuals have not been where I have been and if they were on the other-side of  impoverished towns in a city that is just outside there door step. They’d realize that the individual they are talking to is not just some homeless derelict but a man with a ‘dream deferred,’ I know a lot of stone collectors, a lot of green back hunters, a lot of toy collectors, a lot of movie fanatics. I do not know many diamond collectors and feel if I did then my life story would be different. I will not turn a blind eye to what I know and have seen. When I see something wrong I will not yell for a crowd to see. I will simply fix it. My sons mother used to say,  “You can’t fix everything.” To this day my response has not changed and I feel I have more friends, more real friends than I can handle because of it, “Does that mean it is not worth trying?” To this day, though I have not seen them in years if I make the phone call, they would have my back cause they know I had theirs when it mattered. So far their is not a thing I have told you that you don’t already know. Every single one of you are accountable for your own lives. We really do reap what we sow. Those words were not just pretty mandates. They have served to be natural law. An inescapable truth that demands that when we turn 18 and are considered adults we are to act accordingly.

  I don’t feel a thing
 and I stopped remembering
The days are just like moments turned to hours

Mother used to say
If you want, you’ll find a way
Bet mother never danced through fire shower

Walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain
I walk in the rain, in the rain
Is it right or is it wrong
and is it here that I belong

I don’t hear a sound
Silent faces in the ground
The quiet screams, but I refused to listen

If there is a hell
I’m sure this is how it smells
Wish this were a dream, but no, it isn’t

Walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain
I walk in the rain, in the rain
Am I right or am I wrong
and is it here that I belong

Walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain
I walk in the rain, in the rain
Why do I feel so alone
For some reason I think of home

12 thoughts on “Stand alone-Complex”

  1. Hey there!
    In the state of stand alone complex that a person may have not only depends on the individual but also collective situation. This consumerist society makes human values are not valuable but prevailing economic, do not you think? Do you think this can change? You think you can do that?

    1. No, human values are important, that is the point. The reason the supply feels he is not making the proper sales is because he is looking at numbers instead of what people want. When a salesmen begins to speak if he wishes to make a proper sale he should know what his customers prefer not what he prefers for he is not the buyer. When I produce a piece of art work I must always consider that my piece that is showing does not offend the sensibilities of those around me for then I will not sale to any except those that wish to offend; which is a far few and in between. If I wish to expand my outlook in life then I must expand my communications with those looking out in life.

      It can change, only when we stop seeing people as numbers and remember that when I sell or buy something from someone it is from a friend. That when I labor for a man it is for my friend. That when I ask my neighbor for an egg I am asking a friend. When I supply food for my neighbor I do not count the pennies and say hey you owe me next week for then my friend is counting days upon which to dodge me for he will not pay his debt for he feels I am to be unkind to him.

      I think I can start the conversation and invite others to accept the ride, good or bad, the accept that maybe there is more to life then buying and selling in a market that is being fueled and fouled by the same age old scheme, I am still upset that facebook has a seasonal garage day sale online. Really all the vending is online and my two year old will learn that online buisness is the wave of the future. What future; we have been doing this since I was grade school and I have not met a single millionaire from this market venue; I work at this gig so hard cause I want to be the first to say hmm. at least one angle worked though I have not sold a single thing for this market and it could be cause my affiliate is just too personal, who knows?

    2. this complex is already being used for the wrong agenda. I would love to reverse the thought process; and see that many are helped through a more Positive agenda. Not my own but a collective achievement.

  2. This is incredibly thought-provoking!

    Nothing like this stand alone complex that you are describing has ever occurred to me. Very, very fascinating.

    This honestly got me thinking so hard, I mean everything here is so fascinating! Did this require a lot of research, or is this a subject you already know a lot about?

    Thanks so much for the great write up!

    1. Well I have 3 years of compilations written and a very small audience because I have to be very careful as to how I present these thoughts. Especially since this is a marketing site and so far I have not made a dime. So what am I marketing? Reversing our present thought pattern so that we rise above the obstacles instead of feeding into them. I thank you for reading and I hope you continue to visit the site. I hope you have art you wish to add, and I hope we can keep Free thinking alive and can span the movement into a anthem that will pound in the ears of the deaf!

  3. Wow – this is pretty deep and meaningful. I think media plays a huge part in life today, simply because with the internet access to everything is immediate – whether it is a new event, phenomenon or rumor. Do your think Stand Alone Complex is becoming more common as a result of this immediate access to information? I certainly believe so! What a stimulating article – a very enjoyable read.

  4. This is a great article, I’ve never heard of Stand Alone Complex before this post. I really liked it so I researched more about this and I’ve read that some people consider the internet group Anonymous to be a Stand Alone Complex and I think it makes sense, do you agree with that?
    You’re a very good writer, I can see that you really enjoy doing this. Good luck with your website!

    1. There are many organizations out there that believe in order for their aims to succeed they must implement this philosophy; whether or not it makes sense is yet to be scene, for no one has come out and said this is what “we” are doing. sometimes they give it a fancy name like Synchronicity; or when Johnson and Johnson, the baby lotion company, bought out G&E; or was it GM; long time ago and my memory stretches at night only so far. Any-who, that buy-out begged the question, what does baby lotion have to with auto body or textiles?

      Some things just stand alone in the crowded rooms.

  5. WHEW!!! Please let me digress for a minute: GHOST IN THE SHELL, THOUGH! My first watch was the S.A.C. series freshman year of high-school. I appreciated the complexity, and as an artist, was WOWed by the detail of the animation. Then I took a psychology class; went to college. Freshman year again: I decided to re-watch the show, watched the 1st film for the first time and saw all the topics that FLEW over my head fives year prior. Stand Alone Complex was one of them.

    Wow…I WILL be reading this post a second and third time for further study.

    I worked in retail and left it for a big reason you touched upon: am I a cog in the machine or a human being? I made it a point to not let my uniform define me and my behavior. I am accountable for my own behavior and I make a decision to relate to the people I meet.

    My job wanted me to treat customers like a transaction, but I chose to consider their wants first; not giving them anything they did NOT ask for nor want. If I didn’t know, I asked THEM. If they had a story to tell and/or something to say, I listened. They read my name tag, and to their surprise, I asked them for their name. We were no longer strangers. My job didn’t pay me to make those choices. (Those same choices didn’t convert sales very well.) But that customer, that PERSON, remembered me. Those exchanges established relationships, turned strangers into neighbors and highlighted the differences between man/woman and machine. I think acting in any other way in those situations, would’ve meant me trying to be something that I am not: a machine. I am human, and because work required me to be less of a human and more of someone else’s tool, I made the decision to leave.

    I want to live my life in a way where I’m not required to copy someone else or someTHING else, an ideal even, but rather I choose the way I want to be. Going against the current is hard, but I don’t think “fear” should be a reason to not try at all. Sometimes I wonder if “trying” for many people is more frightening than “failing”.

    Maybe it’s about “uncertainty”?: some people can plan to fail based on previous experiences, but to try something, without knowing the end consequence or result of it, might seem intimidating to others.

    You creating this site where you pose questions about life, the meaning of it and existential purpose is a risk and an awesome one. By “risk” I mean trying with the end the result “yet to be seen”. Even if it’s not the sexiest or trendiest topic, maybe it is, but what you write reaches people. You’re calling for conversations and relevant ones. This is just…so dang fascinating.

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