Loving your fighter


This piece is called, “Loving your fighter.” This piece tells a lot of stories with out words. I really love how anthologies can do that for us. A million things we want to say but we don’t have the time or place. So many other ways to make a living, or to use our time then to remember the days gone by.

dedication to the Harlem Renaissance
dedication to the Harlem Renaissance


A $1500.00 piece. The time, the story behind the art, the worth it has to its fellow man. my overall attachment to how it makes me feel every time I look or talk about it. Makes it worth so much more.

I always loved this piece. I was a Rocky fan growing up. I was a Mohammad Ali fan growing up. I was fan of any man that stood on his principals and regardless if they were wrong in there approach or how many times they got hit in the face or were knocked on there back face on the canvas. When the bell rang they were ready for action!

I never liked being compared to other men, for I am so young I feel I need to make my own mistakes before I am called a failure or told that it is not worth my time before I call it quits, even when I do call it a day I am planning how to get back in the ring and better out fox my opponent if you don’t, how are you going to look at yourself in the mirror and say you are proud of what you see.

My approach at life was the same way and even learned after a while how to use my hands as suggested in the art. Though I love the art so much more. The Renaissance was a time of innovative thought and expression. A time of achievement and failure and every man was a venture capitalist. Through my travels I learned and heard more from our communities, how such attempts, have seen more “knock-outs” then any wish to admit to having to settle for.

I wanted this piece to be as inspiring for my readers as it was inspiring for me to illustrate it. Most do not see how the heart of a man or woman is expressed in our lives, until after the fact. The woman in the piece, every time she says good bye to her love, has to remember that he fights because that is the only way he knows how to use his hands and when he wins at least they can eat. This is said of any layman, farmer, painter, cook, waiter, hostess, writer. My hands are used for many things and art is my favorite medium at the moment. 3 years of compilations, that I not only want to get out there, but that I feel need to be used to get others to dig deep into there own lives and as the fighter in the above piece, continue boxing forward when the bell rings you in or when the bell rings you out.

I think it would be great to get it off my wall and share with all those that need an inspiring image to help them in the night  to achieve there own dreams. Off my wall or not I love how every time I see this piece I remember that there is someone that loves there fighter, or the fighter inside of themselves or just the having the heart to never giving up.

I will always aspire to inspire, with the voice of the advent.

6 thoughts on “Loving your fighter”

  1. A picture can definitely tell a thousand words and the loving your fighter picture is no different. I also love art and the life lessons one can learn from canvas paintings and the way you expressed how this picture carries so much wisdom is actually inspiring, so thank you for passing on this art

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  2. Hi LAUGHsMILES, I can only partly relate to the picture – which in passing is just beautiful – from the times when my son used to box. Being of a young age, he did not have to box to earn a living hence live his beloved behind. But for a young man of not so many words, it was certainly his way to express himself.
    As mentioned, I find the painting very intriguing, and very well executed, in every minute detail. It has that fluidity to it, which I find very appealing. I hope you are going to review more pieces as you come along them.
    Thank you. Giulia

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts on the piece, there are many more to present and a lot of story left.

      I think the best part is that you can relate in such a personal way and I am left to wonder what your son is doing now. I wonder what has become of your fighter as the years have gone by?

      1. Oh well, he only stopped boxing a couple of years ago, when his studies started asking more time and dedication of him – time that at the same time he would have had to give to boxing training, hence his choose, not mine, to give up one of the two things. He is now working toward uni course, but he still works some boxing moves from time to time. I think sports wise, boxing is where his heart is ❤️❤️

        1. How old is your son now? I am sure over the years he has not lost his drive and his spirit is just as keen. If his heart is still in it be sure to encourage him to work on his dreams at some time or rather. Some times we get so pressured by life that we forget that the talents the lord gave us was supposed to be our field of dreams. We sometimes forget that while we work on taking care of family matters.
          The art is important to me, and if I can get people interested in the art, the stories that are produced from them and the people that are inspired by them, then I would have done well.
          I am so honored to have had this conversation with you about your son.

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