Editorial Reviews

I like your website… it is very interesting. I see that you are at beginning because you made the bone structure of your site, but you did not develop certain pages. I did not find you about me page for example.

The purpose of your site. Are you planning to sell something on it. If you do.. then my recommendation is:

1. Create a review page, and put products there, you want to sell.
2. In all your post you should write trough informative content about products you want to sell and link it to review page.

good luck,

I decided that I would respond to this person on the site, on the very page they suggested I create, only we @Adventgradepress will not sell things upon this page. No, that is not what we are here for. write trough informative content: sure only this content is about what is going on behind the scenes and with the creative expression to help guide ones mind, encase English  is not your first language. We all can understand the cave drawings printed in the wall. Even Conan the barbarian knew when the final battle would occur, from the pretty pictures.  Sells, sells, sells, in the words of those of great forensics before me, “You are not the size of your wallet, you are not your khakis.” Next issue to address, Dream Weavers Delight is the about me page. Though it is tough to promote a selfless organization when we go around saying about me, cause this is not really about me this is about the readers and how I can help, through my own freedom of expression, others to express. You try selling that.



  i did re- read the first page of your site. It isn’t until I read further that I get a sense of what it is all about. Are you giving others a safe haven for which to voice their opinions, or will all the text be yours? I am so new that I do not have any review material, but I do like your art. I am a fan of many but surreal is probably my fav., but then what can you say about Michelangelo except that he was great! I have to put my computer in the shop to get transferred to a new one, but when I am back up would love to read some more. Much success.

Yes, this is about safe haven’s and opinions and just open forums for a conversation that seemed to die as I got older. I think it is great that we can talk about surreal art in the same breathe as Michelangelo, though the great artist is rolling in his grave right now. Surreal does have a place and in order to keep such a genre alive one must produce it.  Now who will buy such proofs is another question. 



I’m going to leave you feedback based on your content. Hope my feedback will be useful and helps you in different ways )
Your content seems to be quality and original. the Books worth reading and Motivations behind the art sections were my favorite and I enjoyed reading them.
It seems that you’ve started your site recently so there are not many contents but existing contents are good and it pays to read them! They have also simple grammar and are understandable for any level of English. Actually I do not see a big negative side about your content quality.
I know that you requested feedback on your content but I can not tell nothing about your background image. It’s impressive and I really liked it. You did a right choice in my opinion.
Go ahead and continue with your great contents )


signed by the editor Black+Amethyst

Here @ Adventgradepress we are not trying to simply shape world views into our little bubbles of comfort. No we are taking what is shown and presenting perspective from an Arial-viral  view. If the world is as round as they claim then we can not escape the impact of the decisions made from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

Short and sweet and to the point…and so true! I am a conservative as well and I have spent many years looking for a strong man to treat me right. I just don’t think one exists out there. It seems pretty sad but also pretty true. I do not want a boy toy, I want a man that will stick around and be a man!

Matt’s Mom

This was a comment given by a viewer that looked at the art work and could not help but to agree that maybe we went wrong somewhere.  We here @Adventgradepress would love to thank her for her support  & wonderful input.

signed by the editor Black+Amethyst