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Death Knell

There is a death knell for the artist,

Can you hear it chiming?

Since I was a young boy, they’ve questioned our integrity.

They’ve asked of our assurance, of heaven;

Though in this life we can only be assured of,


They’ve questioned our morality,

Never to question their own disbelief.

There is a death knell for the artist.

It sounds in the distant hills!

As the white canvas remains unblemished,

So are the minds of the city. The artist fills your life with purpose, draws lines to worlds unseen, a thankless occupation; Filling the world with dreams.

A city filled with disbelief; unaided by men like me!

There is a death knell for the artist.

can you hear it chiming?

It sounds with a continuous winding,

The brightness is overtaking your cities!

There is a death knell for the artist.

Can you hear it chiming?

Destined to be forgotten,

Receiving no credit for his charity, he recaptures a life you’ve let slip, forever immortalized in the portrait, eternalized by your children, images set to revitalize your hearts graciously;

Be sure to thank the artist,

That dared to create for you a moment of brightness, of laughter, twirling in the dizziness of this world,

Upon your white canvas.

God blessed thee.

Today’s Music

From the 70’s; to this very day, fathers of all ethnic persuasions have settled with leaving their children with names only.

If you don’t believe just check out Everclear’s album.  The song is called Father of Mine It has been popping up on the charts for a long time running now. Meaning people are relating to this music and this is a real  limitation and concern among today’s youth.

I hear this song and it reminds me of when The Temptations sang the song, Pappa was a rolling stone.

Point is fathers have been dragged through the mill for a long time in pop culture, which we can not hide from the fact is a reflection of our American culture. They have been singing songs glorifying this nature of man~ I never want my son to relate to these things of the world or to hear he believes these to be his anthem or how he remembers me. Besides this letter I don’t know how to end this “generational curse.”

I can shut the world away and pretend son’s are not out there ruining the names of their fathers and completely ignoring heritage or I can sing better songs, I write better stories, I can map out better paths for those I care about.

I have found that very few have songs that they have developed to carry them through life. Those that do are very blessed.

Music and praise, when generated and aimed in the right direction is a manner of worship that we can use to help guide the sails of our lives: what is the right direction?  Music that uplifts: makes all those around us focus on the GOD that blesses his children with thanksgiving. Music not centered upon self-gratification~ instead focused on recognizing and glorifying a power grander than ourselves.

There was a song I used to sing all the time:

The sky is my roof, The ground is my kitchen.

Never heard it before huh?

I sang it to always remind myself of my own mortality.

There is another line in the song that goes like this: you yuppies look at me and don’t know what you’re missing.:

That was an acknowledgement of the level of freedom I experienced when I began to live by faith and not the man made rules that so many take upon themselves, simply to create conflict.

It was a simple song that had a nice rhythm and gathered a lot of people to a message that I felt could heal the diverse ignorance associated with why people chose to live as I did.  “A Traveling Kid.”

Honestly I have not stopped traveling, I may have a home now but my heart is still out there for the young believers, who felt all the plans they had for greatness where thrashed by, bad judgement, bad business deals, false expectations, lack of people to trust in, homelessness, government dependency, hopelessness, betrayal, the spiritual crab effect of family, destructive words spoken over the lives of people.

There is a spirit of witch craft upon the land of America that I have come to believe can only be healed through music, arts, books, through language as a whole.

This is more than positive thinking I am prescribing;

This is seeing evil and calling it what it is. Taking the banner of Jehu 2 Kings 9:16-24 and making a song out of it that will keep that spiritual depression away from any that believe.

What peace?

I drew a bow,

to end that suppressing sound,

smote, between the arms,

pierced the heart, and he sunk down.

Raised my eyes as they call for peace, calming me with there pleas of no treachery; They see me pass asking, “Is there peace?”

What peace so long as there is witchery, depravity, things in the air to end my singing!

Raise upon the horses back, present the kings Cavalrymen, thus saith  king, Is it peace?

What has thou to do with peace? turn thee away from me.

The driving of Jehu is he that drives furiously,

Make ready, make ready, close the gates for the hounds of heaven have begun to ring, can’t you hear the bell, the bell, the sound of his coming.

Is it peace?

What peace is there as long as you deny his name, live among the depraved, circumvent correction, repent not for your transgression, live for vain glory, dance with the ungodly, express contempt for sovereignty, deny the crucifixion, claim there is no forgiveness!

What is peace!?    

This has been your Advent Voice