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Cataloguing Suffering

Some Sex Offenders Opt for Castration

 This philosophy had no place among the believers of Judeo-Christian law, so why has America determined this law to be plausible or justifiable?

Zip Codes should not determine our destinies?

This is the new campaign structure of many social movements. For a decade it was the health care bills, or quote on quote, “The lack of fairness in the industry on who is seen by a doctor and who is not seen.”

The argument got so bad, most physicians and pharmaceutical companies were seen as, “dope pushers.”  Surely you remember when our last President thought the average American’s medicine closet and the use of those pain medications  was no different then the drug addict using in the ally ways of Washington D.C.

Well because the campaign against drugs and health care and the deliberation about who supplies America and who does not supply America with the codeine or opioids needed for pain medication that is either used by responsible Americans or addicts, has not been defined and neither party really wants a definition. We call it a stalemate.

Since no one can really say weather or not Medical Marijuana or “the illegal kind” is really going to help anyone, they just don’t speak on it and will continue to pack people away that are found using it. Special  use cards aside. It is a stalemate. What’s next on the agenda?

Zip Codes.

Redistricting most of the American cities will play a key factor in how people are made to interact with each other.  From education, to healthcare, to the penal system. Not that there will be any real change. I think it is safe to assume that it has always “mattered” (to those who care) where you live and how you were raised, (ones “environment,”) was always a determining factor in how one was treated. Should be no surprise how the parties agendas begin to move on the general public in the coming year when it comes to job placement and social arrangements based upon new data that is developed through there deliberations.

Just last year Alexandra Bernadotte, Founder and CEO of Beyond 12 gave her bid on how she feels about zip codes and how it will help her in the avenues of education. So many leaps are being taking on old agendas it seems. Everyone wants to get there foot in the door.


Fund Raising Has Gone Digital!


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They told me I had freedoms then locked me away when I exercised those freedoms.

USA Gymnastics doctor to plead guilty to child porn charges!

When you read the above article you become very aware of how tainted our world has become.

It is tainted not because the man spent the last 20 years allegedly chasing after young girls on a University Campus and making them feel assaulted and abused as the paper suggests and he pleaded to.

It is tainted because after all he went through to clean his life up and still gets caught, shows you just how far the legal system is willing to go to prove a man or woman is a danger to society for the individual choices.

They are burning down the streets over Planned Parenthood rights,

They are burning down the streets over Freedoms of Speech,

They are arresting and dragging men to court for alleged charges and forcing people to plead guilty to “heinous crimes,” with no further proof aside from, “hearsay.”

The formal plea agreement has not been filed in federal court, and no plea hearing has been scheduled. His next scheduled appearance is for August.

Matt Newburg, one of Nassar’s attorneys, declined to comment.

Do you know what is next for that man, because his lawyer declined to defend his client?

Can someone please inform me as to why any corporation anywhere needs, 80,566 beds in a span of 74 facilities. Are there really that many crimes to be committed? Are there really that many Americans committing crimes, or are there that many projectable incomes from the sustaining power of governmental spending?

Are they really using the internet to promote what is deemed legal in the state of California and out west to inadvertently incarcerate and imprison grown able body men for no other reason than for being able bodied men?

I tell you they do the same to women?

Not for crimes that would make anyone cringe but for the things we do privately in our own homes, The very things that they said they were separating from the State Bar. They wanted freedom from religion yet imprison a man or woman for prostitution. In a secular community, prostitution is fine is it not?

Homosexuality is fine is it not? Yet the bible already gave you the law and many in the courts have placed themselves above the rule of law of the bible and show no grace; Instead the make millions off of Plea Bargons!

Because of this man’s “heinous crime,” he will be fed 4 ounces of food. He will be asked to find a job in the worst part of town where everyone is on welfare and where they do not hire, “sex offenders.” They will call it gainful employment, which does not correlate as, “working for family businesses.” He will be expected to work at McDonalds or a Gas station after having been a University professor. Who by the way went to college so that he would never have to work in a field, like a slave!

He will be told in his search for work, he is never to have more than $60.00 on his person until he completes parole. Which some men have been in this facility for the past 10 years if not longer, trying to figure out how to make a living when you are denied everything marketable.

He will be told never to touch a computer again to seek work because he can not be trusted, mind you in an advanced world,  Our lively hoods have been placed upon this Tech given to us by Bill Gates and the like, and I ask you as a concerned citizen; Where is this logic in this mass screening of US citizens?

Where is all of this heading?

I keep being told that no one knows what is going on.

No one knows how they treat people who have been locked up and seek Redemption, yet as I read the paper, these lawyers keep folding to the mass genocide of America!

So I am going to take the time to inform you.

Piece by piece you will come to understand how much money is being gained by corporations like this and how not a single American will benefit from it.

Now, I a law abiding citizen will tell you, Not to commit crimes and you won’t have to worry about giving money this kind of corporation. Only I have found that Cyber security is too free in hearsay charges for me to trust that anyone is committing the said crimes they are accused of.  If someone can tell me how a man or woman communicating with a student of legal age; Clearly you have to be of legal age to attend a University, legal age being that above 18, is liable for a sexual assault case based upon communication?

Tell me the man actually touched the girls, not that he sent them a texted communication or took pictures of them because if I work for a magazine and decide to take a picture of beautiful women to show for a Cosmopolitan ad about what I perceive to be beautiful and I am considered a, “Nasty person,” for taking pictures I am going to scream that I do not live in Russia, so get off my back!

The plea deal includes an agreement that Nassar will register as a sex offender and an agreement that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan will not prosecute him for alleged sexual exploitation or attempted sexual exploitation of children, including an incident in 2015 in his swimming pool.

(You want to know why?)

Cause they never had a case!

If you can not get me for the whole crime then don’t touch my door step at all!


Coffee and Cigarettes are all I have to give!

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I am working on my newest publication!

So excited am I, that I decided to advertise early. One book a year, that has become my desire.  There is such a demand for technical enterprises. There is such a push for entertainment and education through the avenues provided from the internet, that I would feel remiss if I did not take every year as an opportunity to lay a stake in it.

The art is still going strong and I have many avenues in which to promote the art. That’s right, my art is not just floating in free space right here, you can find it @

Along with some of thoughts on business news and how it can be used for marketing art, poetry, music, playwrights, graphic artists, dancers;

I have written a lot about the short comings of the American legal system and I have tried to develop an understanding from the masses beyond the complacent responses, I was born into.

I pray I do enough in this newest publication to address the social damage that has been done in this country since before I was born and where it will all lead to, for the unprepared.

I have come to this point in my life where I just want more for my general public and have found it difficult to express this need for awareness in just a fun protesting catch phrase.

Honestly I am not a protestor.

The word protestor has such negative connotations that most refuse to  be seen as one, but if you are a law abiding citizen and you are robbed for everything that you worked hard for, and you complain to the law that you want everything back and with interest.

:Are you a protestor or a business man?

If I tell my children, do not invest in certain market scams for this said reason and to spend money here for this said reason; am I a boycotting advocate or a teacher?

If I tell you I am in the business of promoting the arts and ask you to invest in say: a piece I call Hold the Line!

Hold the line!

which I hope illustrates what it is like to be on the wrong side of the gun; in our modern America, be it you get the news from Fox or the BBC or NPR; or have lived the life I did, as you will later find in my newest publication.

Then you would call me an  artist right?  That is good, I can only hope to please my audience in this new technical stage of life, by bringing them the world through my white canvases.

This has been your Advent Voice.

Keep smiling folks!



The stresses upon Education!


Related image


One of the hallmark reasons for me deciding to embark on this enterprise without the aid of anyone was the unmovable fact: that my unemployment stemmed from lack of a degree or licenses in a field of study.

Of course I never felt that should be the reason one is not employed or pursuing an occupation in life that one enjoys. I can remember the countless times I would post resumes or apply for an occupation only to find these words: Experience Needed:

• Administrative experience preferred

Educational Background Required:

• College graduate preferred to be the very tool that wheedled the opportunity from my hands. We won’t go into how online applications bolster the process even further, ending all face to face interviews and allowing only what was in black and white to speak for me.

Lack of degree in a field of study.

Now-a-days to work for any publishing company; common trade; anything aside from day-labor, you need a degree. I should know, I became a jack-of-all-trades because I don’t have a degree.

I do have:

Required Skills / Knowledge:

• General knowledge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Gmail
• Computer savvy
• Organization, promptness, and efficiency needed
• Great communication skills

I can certainly:

Positive, “can do” attitude.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Experience with diversity programs a strong plus
• Must be able to work collaboratively in a matrixed environment.
• Must have sound judgment and good decision-making skills.

I even went to school for three years to be a lawyer. None of this matters without that piece of paper that guarantees, What? 

That is why speakers like Robert Kiyosaki used to make me shudder.

Image result for rich dad poor dad

That is why I tell people all the time Degree’s Matter,

You want people to listen to you right? You tell them I am a MADE MAN and they tell you to kick rocks. So we learn not use certain turns of phrase. None of this changes the fact that at some point you will have to account to someone and they will ask for your credentials.  

Everyone tells me to go back to school. I tell them no, it is a waste of time considering my history I just would not be satisfied with any said occupation. Do I need to go to school in order to have someone sponsor my work?

Do I need to go to school in order to have someone look at my publications and say, “That is interesting, I would like to buy that and read more?”

Do I need to go to school in order to learn how to sell art?

No we need school, when we decide we want to work for a corporation under undue stress and complete lack of spiritual character. We need school to destroy our motivations in life and to insist that if we don’t have a degree, then we are not to be heard or voice an opinion.

We need university institutions to clean our pockets during rescissions and have most of the dreaming American’s settling for AmeriCorps positions after dreaming of owning there own business in child care and mental-health evaluation; because our children tend to show signs of resentment because the things they learned in high school will only allow them to go as far as working in the CVS drugstore until there 40th anniversary of there  (sheltering)and tightly held  innocence.

The extra schooling to sit in an office cubical and recite the sales pitch of a company that does not respect the individual or his or her ideas was hard for me to encourage. I say if you want to show respect, you will listen with or without the piece of paper that suggests I wasted six plus years of my life to impress you.

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You’ve just spoken with your Advent Voice!



For POP and my Bomb Shell!

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As I reflect on the, Manchester Arena Attack, one can not help but to pray for those lost and for those injured.  We are thankful for our leaders who pay attention to the out cries of those victimized by explosions and the complete change in there lives.

We are thankful for the families and onlookers that took the time to help those in need. I am thankful that so much was documented and said that was positive and we don’t have to wait years to hear about those that were made hero’s through pain.

Only when I think of the Manchester Arena Attack, I am made to think of that 1942 film For Me and My Gal starring Judy Garland. I am made to think of how no one cared for war and the problems of the world until they were neck deep in it.

Image result for manchester arena

At an Ariana Grande tour concert is when people began to realize the wolves are knocking on there door and these wolves are playing for keeps.

Image result for ariana grande problem

We hear on the news how there were innocent women and children. As if this has changed since 1996. It has been the same argument and the same answer has been the response of the world.

“Is this WAR? Are we really dealing with people that don’t like us? Are things ever going to get better? Are they really going to start policing us?


Image result for manchester arena

I did not have to be there to know how REAL things can get. I don’t have write anything about it, in order to stress how important it is we begin to treat one another better. We are not supposed to wait for a crisis to learn how to say, “How can I help you?”

Formeandmygalmp.jpg I think it is rather silly that this movie is the first thing that came to mind when I heard about the attack. All I saw in my minds eye was the idea that a bunch of children looking to have a good time found themselves in a rock and a hard place, for no other reason than, “They were listening to a woman sing about dreams!”

Image result for manchester arena

I am not going to say what I really think, I am just going to observe, like so many before me watch and wait. I am going to see what the others say or don’t say and I am going to pray!

I am going to pray that America Wakes up! Like they did in 1942, I won’t march like they did in the Judy Garland movie, I won’t join the YMCA and wave flags urging people to do anything; I think enough has been said, on both sides. No, now like any good chess player, you wait.

Wait for people to realize that life is not a movie, that when we have problems and you have to make a choice between ideals and reality, when you are made to choose between your dreams and the dreams we sing about and how we sing them, how we dress, who we claim to be, when you have to choose between the West and the East and you are not referring between the pick-up games of 1996 and 2005, when we have to choose between winning and loosing, who are you going to stand with?

That is the sad thing isn’t. When for so long we were told we could have it both ways, when we were told there are no right or wrongs, that Secular life is fine, that the liberals have the ticket, that money solves everything. I don’t know anything anymore and I don’t pretend to. I bridle my tongue lest  the words of Jehu becomes doctrine.  In my hearts of hearts I know no one is ready for that to be the answer. No matter how strong people make themselves out to be unless they are willing to pull the bow, keep there vengeance from me. no instead I find comfort in the story of Jephtah the Gil-e-ad-ite. Judges 11. I would much rather see the world through his eyes, and live.

I would much rather look and live.

Let us all Look and Live   


Never Ending Story



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I have come to think of people as books. We as a people have this idea of being able to read people. When we sign up for a job we display a resume that describes our motivations for job placement based on past behaviors and future desires. That piece of paper, that file becomes our spoken word and from this word it is determined what can and can not be expected from us.

When we grow up in an environment where our character is disciplined, then it can be expected that we will reflect a good character and be of moral courage. Words will become our bond and from these words, all those around us will seek wisdom from us. That is if we present ourselves to be faultless, that is if we present our character to be of a higher standard.

Then there are those that tell us our character can be flawed and love is still granted to us. That if we present our character to be amoral but are decent in our outward expression, that our actions should be an ends to means. There are those that present there characters of there story to only, on the surface level, to be helpful while at the same time filling there hands, mouths, ears, eyes and overall essence with unsightly things. There are those that will smile in your face, while there hearts show contempt and spite. I always find these people the be very disturbing. Many will say, “I am here to help you,” while at the same time, stealing all you own.

There are a lot of business’s that are like that. They will brand there company with the slogan of, “Money back guaranteed!”


Image result for money back guarantee Then when you ask for your 3 month trial refund and explain why you are dissatisfied with there product, will stamp on to you a non-refundable amendment that was signed by you because you did not read the fine print. At the end of this experiment you are dollars short of your goal and you made to ask, “Was that money really worth it to lie to me, had you been honest in the first place, I would spend more money with you, I would  have told all my friends about you, developed more referrals for you, and your business would have blossomed.”

Instead that business owner continues to play the numbers, scams a few more hundred and you never hear about them in next three years because too many found out there word was not there bond.

In this life, there are many that will state we only have one life and so we must live it to the utmost, and at the expense of others right now. I find those that live this way to be very sad. I weep for these men and women because they are forever piled upon by the lies and deceits it takes to develop a character they can not personally condone but must stomach to pay bills that are just as futile and fleeting as there lives. They are purposeless, hustling and bustling people whom believe there story will end when they are no longer living.

I am of the brand of people that believe the story does not end in this life alone. That indeed we are to be the very best we can be, none of us were made to be or to feel less than anyone, but we do not have soil our character in this life to be someone. There is a hope of everlasting and it is due to this hope that I seek to be a book worth reading. My story is that of trials and victories and a need to be morally relative in all things. At times I feel people take advantage of a character like that. In hopes of doing good, they will come and ask for something and when it can not be had, will determine you to be worthless because you could not deliver. I have an urge to be all things to all people, to reflect goodness. I just don’t like being taken advantage of.

Your brother, comes to you and says, “You broke my machine, you have to pay for it.” You go look at his machine because you are worried that you might have really broken it. You tell him, you willing to repay him for the damage, and come to find out he is using it. All seems to be well, according to him, it is not working as well as it used to. This is with no account that it is a used machine. Nothing works as well as used to, if it is being used. Certainly he does not expect you buy a brand new machine. His countenance tells you otherwise. You put the money aside in case it seems that you really have to replace the tool, cause you were the last one to use it. Only he is still using it, days go by and it is still cleaning as it was when you had it. You begin to feel lied to, to feel extorted and are made to ask, “Why?”

Why is his word so fowl in your mouth, why does it bother you that your brother, who is an open book would lie to you, or about you? Could be that we only want the best for those around us and are shamed when we see less. We are made to ask, “Will any of this matter, when we are on our way home to heaven?”

We go out of our way to make excuses for the behaviors of those around us, that this world will always be filled with the selfish and we just need to get over it. I don’t want to believe that. I don’t want to believe that people are just prone to use one another and that the things we say mean nothing.

I want the meditations of my heart to reflect the verbiage of my mouth and I want my story told even in the hear after.


Image result





So I have been having moments, in my hunt of buyers and sellers of art; of explaining the value of art and what is real art.

We are in an amazing time of statements and factions and ideals. A time when beliefs drive us to do anything and everything. A time when cinematography can help influence to minds of people. A time when we can say a thousand things in one image.

What I don’t want to be lost in this time of confused sentiments and reality is Art.

The stroke of my pencil and pen are just as touching as my words, just not as fast.

Art is not to be a confusing garble of lines to no purpose.

dowdall-1024x625   <<<<<<<<<<<BAD ART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Much like any writer, if one is to string a list of verbs together and say that is action, no one would listen to your cacophony of sound. They would consider you a loud boisterous village idiot. I have been privy to a lot of village idiots in the art world and I strive everyday to ensure that is not what I am presenting. I suppose that is why I take so much time to hear the opinions of those viewing my work. I really want to get a grasp of what they think art is. If someone tells me there is no such thing as bad art. I stop listening.

art_made_from_unique_mediums_1200x627<<<<<<<<<<GREAT ART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When we present the world from our eyes, there is a certain level of truth that must be adhered to or there was no point in speaking or illustrating.

Princess<<<<<<<<<<GOOD ART>>>>>>>>>>>> can be bought at a negotiated price.

I want people to be inspired by story, by the imagery. I want to be able to ask people what do you see in the above piece and they walk away with something to talk about for years to come.

I don’t want people to walk away and fear that the world has forgotten them or they are not important. That music does not matter. That this life we live has to be dreamless and pointless.

The murals on the walls of so many cities where the out cries of men and women and little boys and girls that wanted to be noticed and appreciated.

If they were never aware, I appreciated them and wanted to sit with them all and teach them the structure behind art and what one can really do with it.

57279-49334<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<AMAZING ART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We should seek to make every piece something we would want to hang on our walls and to discuss with our children. To help express the story of our lives. Those that do not have a story, those that feel they do not have purpose.

At least you have art!





a state or condition in which everything is regular, homogeneous, or unvarying


lack of diversity or variation, esp to the point of boredom or monotony; sameness.
A very interesting definition. When I was a child in a military home going to military schools and later in college it was this sense of sameness to the point of boredom that kept me out of most troubles.
I had found most groups that lack a uniform thought or seek to stretch the limits of life beyond that which is written and determined to be the standard of living, found themselves in the most peculiar of situations and where always filled with unnecessary regret.  I had surmised to live a life without regret, but I never thought that meant non-conformity was the answer. In college I had a formula for almost every situation I found myself in. Most of it had me being good to those in hopes that they would be good to me in return.
Our celebrity role models always teach some creed of diversity and liberalism and freedom of thought, associated with the freedom of speech and when they make fools of themselves by professing a life style that they could never say, “made them happy in life” nor could they say, “honored them in death,” One is made to ask, what is the overall identity of our culture?
I have always held onto Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. When discussing the many divisions of our culture. I have always been made to respect every man or woman or child because of this principle. Only where, is the uniformity when all that are around you are out for themselves. It is because of this belief,  that every man is glorious in the eyes of our father that art in heaven, that I was able to go to college and stomach the language that has become normal. There where many that said I was not normal, and I finally realized why.
I chose to live the bible instead of just reading the bible.
I chose to be there for my friends and family, not just say nice things that made them smile one minute, but when they called on me for this or that, never was I there, cause I was too busy.
Which at times I must admit stretched me thin, made me seem like a liar, when I could not fulfill what was asked of me. Made me humble myself and ask forgiveness of all those that were around me and made my apologies believable.
It is because of uniformity or schedules and determined responsibilities that one can be perceived as dependable.
When I was in GEO, there was a man that used to make me laugh. He was always spending his days finding ways to make money so that he did not have to ask his wife to spend so much on feeding him. I asked him why did he not ask at all and suffer as I do with the state rations, they can not hold us forever and when we get home, we will appreciate a home cooked meal all the more. He tells me, “It is because I do not ask anyone for anything, it is because I am humble that I am rich, I don’t have to worry about the guys messing up a deal, I don’t have to share with people that I may feel don’t deserve a thing because they are not willing to put in the work to achieve. It is because of my quietness that he feels he should offer me something and when I deny him the ability to give back what God has blessed him with he feels horrible and greedy.” I used to laugh so hard. I would console his guilt by explaining that I as a man should not ask for a thing, I never worked for. I am not entitled to your hard earned sweat and tears. It is the sense of entitlement that has destroyed this country, it is why men like you and I sit here waiting to go home. I do not ask my family to feed me because they never had a hand in sending me here.
I kept a constant state of uniformity and lived the bible, was no respecter of person Romans 2:11. I had a hard time with some, especially those of reprobate minds. Though as long as my mind was uniform and secure in its foundations, I felt no fear of man’s fickle judgments. Without uniformity of mind and spirit I found no real change could be made. There were some there that thought GEO was the next best thing since slice bread. They were cared for. They believed the brochure and when there families came, they paid that 25% and stayed longer. I thought those men to be sick and deplorable; Surely my actions dictated that there was a strong degree in difference of the caliber of men associated with that institution. There were women that worked as guards and would defend the program because it gave them a paycheck. They were going to school, they had degrees in psychology, they were civil servants, they were social workers. What wrong could they possibly be doing?
I was the criminal that could not understand English right?
My education is just in that there is a difference between uniformity and communism. When we begin to ask for orderliness from the individual we are not asking for it in our cultural identity. Democratic-Capitalism was what I wanted so badly when I turned 18, only to find some awful regulating machine that could not keep up with my brain. I found compromises and justifications for the lack of effort on the part of our policy makers. I found anger within myself because I never did make it into that arena of policy makers to help change the course of things.
When I was in school and played ball I never sat on the sidelines and complained about our team not winning, I got into the game and tried my very best to help them win. It was through uniformity and discipline that our teams were able to make it anywhere. When I was in college and asked to play ball, I had to deny the couch a chance to have me play, because when I looked at his team I could tell they would never make it where they wanted to be, on television, because every man played self-serving ball. To this day you would never even know the college I went to had a football team, nor weather or not any of the players made it to the National Leagues. I suppose I should keep up with a few of them just cause it would make for a good story and I suppose when someone does well I can comment on how God has blessed them. Again I am not a sideline player.
Listen, it is an inescapable truth that 2+2=4; that is a uniformed principle. It is an inescapable truth that love denotes sacrifice. These are things that many shy away from because it means we can’t do what we want and believe that it does not effect those around us. So if it is a fact that my actions good and bad effect those around me, should not my thoughts be uniform with those around me so that we can live to the point of boredom in peace. If peace is my goal.
a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property.
That is the cut and dry of a definition of uniformity that had me nervous when I was a lad. I asked my mother what was wrong with the sense of everyone being able to rely on there leaders to care for them. Aren’t we patriots? Should we not agree on what we do with these important matters. My mother told me, “Boy, there is no compromise with the ideals of communism, that will mean nothing you work for will be yours.” I used to think to myself, “How would they pull something off like that here in America, we are too big. I looked at the map all the time, there is just too much in this world for someone to tell me I can not have a single piece of it.”
Then it happened, Everyone started to become selfish and horde the simplest of things, They began to confuse issues and call things by many other names. They began to suggest that children of the ages 16-18 could make up there own minds and begin to garter SSI checks. They don’t have to go to achieve higher learning if they don’t want to. None of them have to effect public policy because they will not acquire the education needed anyway.
    Social Security will not cut off your SSI benefits if you earn over the substantial gainful activity (SGA) if you have been receiving SSI disability benefits (for at least a month), although Social Security will not approve a pending SSI claim (initial application) if you are earning over the SGA limit. That said, you are never allowed to make over the income limit for SSI (which may not be much higher than the SGA amount, depending on your state), and you must continue to be disabled, despite being able to work some. (Note that this exception to the SGA rule does not apply to working while getting SSDI.)
 I don’t know how many times I have to explain this to people. There is nothing good about our state programs or the constant need of them. That makes me insensitive? Who knows. I know it hurt my mothers heart when she had to compromise and just for a little while ask for assistance from the Government.
You know there are certain institutions that claim the military is nothing more than a program to help kids get off the streets and pay for these social problems. We were not raised to even think like welfare was ok. We were always told to get a job that is true. We all worked from fear of losing what we had, but we went to school too. Most would infer that I used the system to stay off the streets and prison was a blessing in disguise. It is that uniformity of thought that is crippling our nation. It was the reason programs like, “For-profit prisons” have developed and all of the activism of the past has fallen on deaf ears.
It is why the west look as it does, a milling group lacking a uniformed identity broken into factions that conflict in social ideals and agenda’s, when they are supposed to be part and parcel.
1 Corinthians: 1-10 Now I beseech you, brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you: but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement.
Lack of uniformity in thought is the reason why when I came home, my father feared my smile. I had done time in a horrible place filled with horrible people and I do not suffer from PTSD nor would I admit it if I did. We are told not to smile when we feel triumphant, not show any emotion at all, what do I have to feel triumphant about? I had to ask the old man how he could not smile after making it home. Our levels of conversation are on two different wave lengths. I can feel exhilaration and I know it is because I remained steady in my convictions that this is so.