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Why do Men Like to Fight?

History of Violence

I was recently asked by a Christian woman, what I’ve come to deem the strangest question known to man. Being that I am a man, I felt inclined to give an answer.

She asked me, “Why does “MAN,” love to fight?”

In truth this question was targeted to the male population. This was only revealed after I ignored her question and she prodded me further by asking a much more targeted question, “Why do “Men,” LOVE to fight?” 

With the years of movies, television shows, news reports, stories of wars in far away places, and the interpersonal relationships of her own life~ which she would suggest she was never violent to anyone, stanchly keeping to her Christian principals of “turning the other cheek,” upon any form of confrontation; she truly was at a loss of understanding death and a “MAN’s” need to kill. Believing if a woman kills she is of a reprobate mind and deserving an asylum, for violence is never justified. (In her mind.)

Living in America all these years she still weeps for the Native American and believes none of them had a chance to know Jesus and that’s why they chose to kill, opposed to seek peaceful relations with the American invaders.

I only had one answer that sums up our American history and propensity toward violence when terms of peace have been violated; “Self-preservation;” becomes the great equalizer in our realm of chaotic reasoning.” No one likes to fight, in all honesty. Very few really can. No longer do we live in a feudal society, yet when we are placed in feudalistic circumstances, self-preservation becomes one’s only measure of justification. Cowboys did not like killing Indians any more than the Stick up man enjoys having to live the life on the run, avoiding a smoking gun. Self-preservation equalizes all involved.

In our light discussion this Christian woman has been known to compare me to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Much to my annoyance. She has seen me as a man of two eyes, the left dim and grey and unfeeling the right full of fire and green with passion.

Yet wouldn’t anyone suffer these twinges of feelings if they are made to incessantly repeat themselves. Nothing new expected from their lives. Living in the past, unable to complete the story they’ve begun. Hyde would raid the towns at night seeking the freedom he experienced as a solider of the Queens Army, and when he returned home was stuffed into the belly of the whale that was the vault of Jekyll’s mind. At some point we were to expect the break down of history. Then I think of my own, a mind filled to the brim with art depicting a freedom I’ll never truly obtain, acquired once; yearn for daily and must shove back into the vault of reason, lest I am to be seen as a demon like Hyde. It would be different if Jekyll’s psychosis was not based upon a plausible reality~ none would offend me, by comparing me to that monster~ Instead, they would have seen me as a man who lost something and help me in finding it. Thinking of Hyde I am always made to wonder if he ever found peace~ I’d have to re-read his story to remember.

For “Violence is in Our Nature,” and “Art of War,” I chose the image as an illustration to speak upon a topic that has shown it’s face culturally in America and world wide. A nature that is as violent as the weather and equally a sensation that must subside according to it’s own will. “Why do men like to fight?” is nearly as unexplainable as the diamond that crashed in the Sudan desert in 2008. Oh scientist have devised a story; and I could do the same, in hopes of assuaging your mind and giving you an answer. Whether it is believable or not; well that can only be determined by what it is you really want to believe.

I’ve proposed, “self-preservation,” is the only motivation for MAN’S desire to struggle. Yet somehow the answers that come easiest deter us from accepting them. We dig deeper into history, into the mind of  a person; Jodie Aries for instance, imprisoned for murder; Never asking what drove her. Condemning her  to the lot destiny of killers.  Men and women protest the violence of the Gaza Strip; arrested for speaking against the deaths of Palestinians; which I find interesting; “They would risk being called traitors by their own political state? Risk their own self-preservation and of their countrymen?” (The contradiction is unbelievable and that is why it is broadcasted.)

Men bleed and die in hopes of self-preservation and the selfless (though very few in number, are imprisoned for ignoring a natural human reaction.) Why do men like to fight? I am a military brat that was not accepted into the Army as a Warrant Officer (one who flies helicopters) because I would teach ROTC cadets in my time of University studies that our leaders discourse upon Leadership was flawed. Where they taught “Good Leaders Know How To Follow.” I taught, “Good Leaders Know How To Think In Pursuit Of The Best Interests Of The Group.” This was the wrong, but correct thing to say in a cadets training course. Wrong because as the Corps would have it; Leadership was based upon who could follow orders, good or bad. Not upon who could obtain the goal placed upon the group. The structure was not based upon whether a mission was fruitful but whether one would do what they were told. Regardless of how one morally felt about the terms and conditions of one’s employ. I told the class and instructors as such; and though I analyzed correctly; I was told I was wrong to suggest good leadership took thought.

I am methodical because those whom pose a threat to anyone’s safety, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are even more methodical in how they can cause harm and keep a positive light shining upon their cause. Those seeking to conquer the innocent pursue quickly and with a vast determination out of fear and the formulated doctrine of “self-preservation.” I was not given the honor of serving my country. (I do see it as an honor.) Yet you would not believe the number of times I’ve had a gun in my face by a man desiring to kill me, simply because I had what he wanted or because he “heard” I was offended.

That last statement always threw me for a loop; L’ll o’d me was enough of a threat to a man to where he believed taking my life would ensure his own. Darwinist’s & Burton “Russellites,” have the same flawed mentality.  Garrett Hardin, the ecologists explained it best; in his discourse commonly known as, “King of the Hill.” He compares the human community to the socio-economic cycle of plants and weeds. He believed when, “Man,” colonized themselves into groups in order to cultivate the most from their devised social order; anything outside of the “norm” was to be seen as a “weed.” “Man” seeks to protect it’s self interests (crops) from the encroaching nature of the “weed;” in hopes of achieving the best social order from what lies beneath; the resources that keep life going. Self preserving structures of thought that if you don’t root up the weed, protecting the King of the Hill, the crop dies and the weed thrives.

This was proposed to be the “natural reflection,” of the nature of modern and past man. Incessantly seeking to retain the best resources and crop and preserving the Hill or best life. If it was not done; according to these modern thinkers, you’d not have much of a crop.

I always defended man against this thought under the belief that we are not plants to be lined in rows, to be eaten by the “King of the Hill.” This of course does not change the fact that ecologists have tirelessly sought to write dissertations of this nature to defend genocide.

Am I a monk? a Pacifist? A Priest?

All of which are asked in hopes of binding the hands of a man who is entitled to the same “self-preserving,” fire as the man whom would talk of flowers and weeds.

2 Kings 9:22, Psalms 72.

Where “Man’s” nature is predicated upon self-preservation and the war with flesh. God’s nature is decreed in Matthew 18. A nature he commands of man in order to reach heaven.

Coinciding art work for a lot of our topic discussions can be found @

At that site we like to have in-depth discussions about the art and the motivations behind them.

Recently we were discussing the implications of giving Pulitzer Prizes to individuals that have built  portfolio’s that justifies the very mindset many of them would claim they could not personally condone in public.

We are believers in the freedom of expression, but we frown upon the cheering of hypocrisy.


Silence is Acquiescence

I wrote an article that I really wanted to save for April Fools Day. I wanted to publish it on the very day and honestly I wanted to have another publisher take the lead and showcase the story to the world. In hopes that more would read it and not feel I held any biasedness or there was something untoward in the discussion.

I reference

Nothing happened.

When I say that, I mean no one from those companies that I spoke of had anything to add. They did not answer emails. There was no discussion of false accusation. There was no defense given on there behalf and they did not even seek to rectify there behavior. No apologies where given for the misunderstanding. Why?

Nothing was misunderstood. They robbed, felt they got away with a scheme and who will believe the account of one individual, one publisher, once source of knowledge?

It is the very same issue the writers of the bible face to this day, with entities such as the History Channel and leading minds in the institutions dedicated to knowledge.

Can you see how everything falls back to a righteousness singularly equated to the tenants of the BIBLE.

Usury is inexcusable but somehow we always justify it and when we are asked about it, only our shame can answer for us.     is quoted in suggesting she feels like a trash person. When if truth if she never decided to live the life she is living, she would not feel like a trash person. There are many that feel they have to live a certain way and feel like trash because of their behavior, never coming to realize to amazing power at their finger tips; in the power of “REPENTANCE,” “FORGIVENESS,” & “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.”

These where to gifts offered by Jesus when he died on the cross for us. A death none of us would have been willing to do for a single person. Not even our own family.

I was really expecting some sort of retaliation. This is a very human response. To hear nothing from a single person, who is liable and accused of robbing a man of his time and patience, that shows forth a callousness I was not ready for and why I entitled this page Silence is Acquiescence. If they are not set to defend themselves to change the course of the accusation, then by all means one should continue on the path of truth and declare with all joy how the Lord shall fight for me and when he takes hold of the situation, woe to those whom touch GOD’s anointed.

Nothing good comes from these methods we decide to take upon ourselves for the sake of a pride that so easily besets us. We suggest that when we are wronged; all we can do is pray for those that persecute. As if it is the least action one can take and nothing else will avail you. When in truth it is the first action any believer must take and it is the best. When we can watch the hand of GOD move in our favor; then can we be like Joseph and profess what our enemies meant for evil, GOD meant for our good.

What a joy our reason Lord truly is.

With God there is never silence.

Only peace.


This has been a moment with your Advent Voice.

Undisputed and Uncontested!

When we leave things undisputed, when we remain silent on issues and allow them to run there course; in the search of a peaceful solution we are believing in ourselves that, we have done the world a favor. When in truth we have left ourselves open to a truth Jesus held very firm to when contesting the scribes and Pharisees, whom had the keys to the Holy Spirit and never used it, nor allowed others the right to it.

When we claim to have truth and hold onto it because others are not ready to receive it; or we feel they will not receive it from us, we stifle the gift of Truth and are made to wrestle as the unbeliever. Did not Pilate ask what is Truth and have the answer before him?

Dear History Channel,                                                                                                                                    3/28/2018


Jesus~ his Life and Story~

Professors of bible studies like Wayne Meeks at the University of Yale; E.P. Sanders; a historian who claims Jesus to be no more than a small rabble-rouser of the gospels; Bart Ehrman, professor of biblical studies at the University of Chapel Hill NC; professing the writers of the gospels probably altered the stories to fit prophecy; Have deliberately spit in the face of GOD and speak as the Pharisees and Sanhedrin and the emissaries of Rome during, “HIS,” time. A time the bible accounts for.

Is this irony? Is this human nature? Did Jesus and his disciples not tell you what would be decided upon the ushering of his coming. Did he not tell you they would deny me?

I pray for the souls of the men that would take the very stance of hypocritical men; that were buried in the rubble of the Roman Empire. If we are made to question the validity of the bible and it’s truths, why do we not challenge the account of every man that called himself king before Brutus, Ete Brute’d Cesar! Deliberately fictionalizing the faith, text, and structure of Christianity will not eliminate it’s truth or relevancy in your very real world. They are the kind of men that would read the account of Luke Chapter 23; witness the mockery he endured and place themselves in league with the very rulers spoken of in Luke 23: 35-37- If thou be the King of the Jews, save thyself.

Why would you blatantly lie on (page 22) and suggest Jesus never came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets of Judaism? Why do you insist Christianity to be a radical religiousness, when both the Torah, the Old Testament Gospels and the New Testament, fulfill (complete) themselves as the proclamations of GOD!

Professor John Dominic Crossavi claims to be a scholar of the Gospels but contradicts them?

Men like E.P. Sanders prove the contextual strength of Psalms 107; his pitiful discourse on (page 29) makes me suggest A wise man answers not a fool according to his folly lest he is seen wise in his own conceit: Proverbs 26: 4-5

In Mark 8: 27-30 Peter calls him “The Christ,” he solidifies his separation of Judaism and the need of the existence of an ideal that encourages rebirth and Christendom. It is that very moment each of the disciples begin to understand immortality through the presence of their Holy God in the flesh. It was more than Messianic indoctrination, it was pure Christendom born, later to be inacted in the book of Acts. Again E.P. Sanders is a fool that believes man dawned from apes or a cosmic speck. Fearing the idea that GOD; the very creator of the universe placed his feet in Israel.

Paula Fredriksen, professor of the appreciation of scriptures at Boston University suggests a very base ideal of Pontus Pilate many would not have gleaned from scriptures; raising questions as to how a man could be as cold hearted and unfeeling toward the cause of Jesus as one that says, “He finds no fault in the man?” Washing his hands clean of a crucifixion he was reluctant to give? (page 38). Interesting how learned men parade around their unbelief and call it truth. James Tabor professor of religious studies at the North Carolina University of Charlotte and his account of the Didache is tiresome, especially for those that can read as well as he. Bruce Chilton of Bard College and E.P. Sanders know very well why the resurrection and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was so significant to anyone that heard it. Because before the testimony of Christ; there was no hope of an everlasting after death. The Greeks in all of their philosophizing could not offer the absolution Jesus offered. Hades and Hell was all anyone ever knew, and there is still no source of immortality offered to those that believe in it as powerful as the Gospel of Christ, given to the Jew first and graciously opened to the Gentile.

(Page 52) is the very reason you have sought to write. Supplanting subjective lies about Christianity as a whole. With the sole purpose of ebbing it out of existence. For Christianity proclaimed the earth to be a circle while you remain in the past debating if the world is flat!

(page 71) Religious Autonomy?!

Elaine Pagels, professor at Princeton University, suggests 85% of literature was destroyed throughout history. Making me ask, “But Christianity survived, and Israel still reigns?!”

The Gospel of Mary, does not agree with the second coming of Jesus?! Carl Schmidt is not accused of losing anything in the midst of translation as modern Christianity is, but A Gospel only published since 1955 is an accredited source of knowledge?!

(Page 78) please explain to me how a Catholic Pope; Pope Gregory is to be considered a spokesperson for Christianity?

(Page 84) is the worst depiction of history I’ve ever heard!

Paganism, unlike Christianity, was tolerant of other religions and often incorporated elements of other religions?! Pliny the Younger proposed execution but it was the fault of the Christian’s because they would not honor false gods?!

Robert W Funk of the Jesus Seminar seek to unify the canon’s of Thomas with the Gospels for the past 30 years in search of unifying the Homosexual Community with Christianity, but for years the BOOK OF ENOCH has been ignored by ALL?!

You have been an affront to the decency of REASON, the path to knowledge and sponsors of a the very confusion that is our Liberal present. Where the BIBLE rights the oars of the lost, you’ve sought to keep men and women floundering in vain discussions of what has already been proven to be sound judgment. With no other motivations besides purging the world of the one hope to peace and forgiveness.


A humble servant,

Advent Voice

A year of Intrigue & Adventure.

This year has been simply fascinating. We have been loved, adored, by many and just as we can count on our hands who loves us, we can count on our hands who scorns us.

Recent Feedback for sites like &

Love the site! It’ll definitely be one that I check out in the future! Although, I did see one or two grammatical errors. The one I can think of is the misuse of the word “whole” where you should’ve used “hole” when you wrote about the drawing of “Son of a Sun” which was a great piece by the way! Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

I am really thankful to all of those that have given such lavishing support. I have been having trouble as of late making my content relatable. It seems, those that I reach out to, asking for their input, regard the information as abnormal and useless conversation; yet I hold onto the idea that there are some that need this information to remain competitive in our forever advancing and divisive settings. I do not ask people to believe off face value, but after seeking answers to the same questions I pose and finding a level of understanding along these roads. Aren’t we asked to regroup and think about how we engage one another?

Feedback from a despondent viewer, who later blocked our ads and promotions: I really tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and maybe have a normal conversation but I’m not playing games with you.

I found the last statement to be very interesting if not disturbing. How can relating information have these drastic responses. I personally live a in world of black and white reasoning. What offends me is wrong and I ask those around me to apologize and seek reconciliation. It is because I hold views of right and wrong that I am allowed to use these words. When I am not offended then it is deemed correct action, even if I do not personally benefit from the decision, as long as the hole of the discussion is built on the basis of education and development why would one assume a “game” is being played.

We here go through great lengths to explain through art, prose, song and laughter our viewpoints of the world as we know it. Never asking anyone to believe us, but to simply think and engage one another. We ask questions like, “How do you justify the separation of fathers from sons and that is where to motivation for the art piece of “Son of Sun” is derived. Better viewings of our art work can be had here: We go through great lengths to explain the pain of 237,000 men in America, we have many regards for the women of America that might have similar pain, we just don’t hear enough about them, in regards to the stories we are inclined to publish. With stories like: or stories like: Where after Technological advancement after Technological advancement there are still minds that believe in regulating and organizing people so that they can not function in there desired fields of study with any healthy economic interests.

Then I am asking to have a, “normal,” conversation. After really reading stories like: letters like; Dear Voice of the Martyrs, 3/1/2018

Last year or two, I wrote to you about the imprisonment of men and women in America; who are being kept in similar conditions that your founder WurmBrand had to contend with in Romania in 1945.

Your response was that due to all of your work in NK, speaking to me about solutions or missions here in America would not be possible.

As the years mount and I study and learn that the institution, G.E.O; which has become a bane to my existence and that of 237,000 other people; of this country and have been active since 1984; (I find this date fascinating because it coincides with that of the NK DPK and their labor camp development.) According to your records and eye witness accounts, we should not be surprised to the behavior of those from Communist countries; The question remains, “How surprising is it when we hear of similar methods of punishment are pressured upon Americans in their own country?”

“What happens when American citizens climb Capitol Hill just like Richard and Sabrina, crowd into the galleries and the great halls floor were four thousand religious leaders are found believing, “The state could count on the church if the church counts on state; Communism and Christianity are fundamentally the same, and certainly can coexist?”

We as Americans, freedom loving people, want to believe the Cold War is over; that the fighting will end when we stop fighting; but the inner core of me suggests we’ve not even begun. Especially when Private Prison Corporations can get away with structural genocide that has occurred in this country for so long and no one questions it.

I am inclined to quote Sabrina every time I get a chance in regard to the standard of righteousness that is supposed to be upheld by the institutions that fuel our economy, “I don’t want cowards, around me.”

If you were to compile every report found @ in regard to G.E.O and Private Prisons here in America~ “Do you really not believe that there is no room for discussion on the purging of these institutions?”

Using Jailed Migrants as a Pool of Cheap Labor lets compare notes: … When we are made to look at a map like that we can’t help but ask who in congress can be trusted?

Sound the resistance for the men and women that have no voice! … Those that deny the Holocaust would be the ones that pool their money for institutions such as G.E.O. and CoreCivic!

Under Mr. Trump, Private Prisons Thrive Again If Trump knew the truth: I know he’d do more than Obama would have done. It can’t be said he had anything to do with it, when to government has gone rouge since ’84.

I feel an intense level of exasperation with people that suggest “Time in Prison,” is a learning experience for most young men, it teaches them how to experience “Oneness With Self.”

Except that NPR supports the War on Whores, which is the new War on Drugs and will keep the prisons full. Because of THE CHILDREN!!!!! H

                                                                                                                    Your Advent Voice

I am still waiting on a response.

Is it even possible to have a, “normal,” conversation ever again? I would like to just reiterate what has been said in my previous posts: What did you do while I tramped across America to survive the Great Recession?” “How many homeless did you feed and clothe while a nation cried for a GOD and mercy a government was eager to deny existed?” “How many souls did you gather and supply with the armor of righteousness and accountability that was needed so that mothers and fathers did not have to seek justification from GOD for the actions taken to serve the materialistic god of MAMON?”

A song I like to promote that I feel really helps the masses see the world from my eyes, is what NightCore produced: Nightcore – Middle Finger via @YouTube OMG this song had me so excited, because I felt there was someone out there that was singing my anthem!

Thank you again to all of those that have taken the time to listen.

After having read This viewer wrote to me: I understand what you are saying in your post, but why struggle with that idea? Why be in a place that is not for you? Be like a beaver and go find a place of your own and claim it without it being taken away from you. Find your own land, your own space, and be you! Once that is complete then you help others like yourself find their own land and forget about the background noise and enjoy life!

When Christian Appalachian Project was founded in 1964 I wonder if they received as much flack, about feeding starving children, as I receive about feeding starving souls. I want to write to them at 485 Ponderosa Drive. P.O. Box 1768 Paintsville, KY 41240 and ask how have they been able to cope over the years off of gifts ranging no hiring than $34.20.

We here in America know it is a fact that Appalachia is a place where only the most fortunate have jobs, where once-thriving coal mines have long ago closed and manufacturing jobs have since been moved overseas. Still many look at these ads and appeals of support with the same callousness as the viewer that asked me, “Why don’t I forget the background noise and enjoy life?!”  

I would like to say, it is because of moments like this:

Our affilates and marketers: those that assist in getting the word out about our art and keeping up with pop culture and it’s relation with the world were verbally abused today.

Normally we like to hold onto the notion that any publicity is good publicity. Today we will have to say, Foul language is never necessary.

THIS IS WHAT START THE VERBAL ASSAULT: We are sorry if you are further offended.

NowThis‏: publicized Eminem as he went after the NRA in this powerful performance from the iHeartRadio Music Awards. An interesting question was poised by an anthologist known as Advent Voice who is assisted by numerous broadcasters in getting his art out to the public. He asked in light of his observations over the years. ” What do you do with people that refuse to see obvious political propaganda, especially when it is displayed in our Pop Culture? Doesn’t the artist begin to feel they are being ignored or unappreciated?” When he saw the show of rappers using the voices of today’s youth to help bolster a very serious argument, which has been ongoing for a long time now, “Freedom of Speech and 2nd Amendment rights,” he and so many others must ask, “Who’s side are these American performers on, why are they not educating the public on the real problems if they have chosen to speak, why do they continue to dance under cryptic lines and use inclusive language such as, “THE NRA is Standing In OUR way.”?? Who is Our? Who is he speaking for, certainly not himself who is the promoter of the movie 8 mile which is supposed to be the story of his life and those he knew growing up, whom never understood real gang violence but set out to promote it, if not encourage it. Of course you can not phase Mr. Shady he is whatever you say he is, if he wasn’t then he would have told you of some other way to incorporate him in the limelight of the world. Right now he poses as the mentor of our youth. Very interesting. And they have the nerve to say music has nothing to do with how people feel about politics. It’s just a mode of expression. I agree in freely expressing ourselves but where do we get off claiming one organization cares more about hunks of metal verses the lives of their children. It is in the protecting of these rights that our politicians feel they are doing their part, I wonder besides polling strife, what has Mr. Shady done for the positions of his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights?


We were called all sorts of names and the art was ridiculed because we decided to ask a question. Instead of feeding into the bait of being called an *asshat* we rebutted with this latest post on ethics:

The internet has become a volatile place. If you support an opinion different from the mainstream thought you will be tagged as a “backward thinker,” retarded and targeted by mean spirited people who when confused or frustrated or have no answer for a question will become violent in nature and speak horribly to you. I happen to like the responses of people that disagree with me. I don’t claim to be right about a thing. I just like to talk and think. What I don’t like is when someone calls me an asshat on Twitter because I or my affiliates asked a question? “Who’s side are these American performers on, why are they not educating the public on the real problems if they have chosen to speak, why do they continue to dance under cryptic lines and use inclusive language such as, “THE NRA is Standing In OUR way.”?? Who is Our? Who is he speaking for?” We feel anyone that is willing to ask for spare change from the government (SpangeDGov) every chance they get should only speak on the viability of the amount of pot they smoke and have to sell to make ends-meat. @Scope2Mars was verbally attacked today for saying (this) in response to our previous posts: Leave it to a supporter of marijuana & #TheSimpsons to disagree with me. (Me was in reference to everything associated with and this reddit forum) Anyone with a college degree in anything outside of #Memes please feel free to respond. Do not feel discouraged by anyone who has already apologized for the mental illness they carry & use to #SpangeDGov. It should be understood that because we value the rights of free speech and desire to express how we see things in the world, that respect is in order when discussions are to be had on topics that bring up controversy, not to go around calling people, asshats. It is language like this that gets you “Fired,” from work or “Blocked* on Twitter. Because the world is changing and we the consumer is making a mass majority of what is seen and desired on the internet, there really needs to be a discussion as to what is to be excepted and what is not. If we don’t want to talk about it. The least we can do is take proper steps in safe guarding our own presence on the internet and make sure we are doing our best to keep open minds and forums free for those that desire to simply ask a question.



There is a little piece of us that is happy with the outcome. Our art is doing more than we ever dreamed.

It is making people think.

What motivates me and drive all this work home is the idea that I will not die with my music still inside of me.  I have people coming to me after viewing my work, wanting more:

I did get a chance to review your blog, I think some of the topics of discussion are very interesting ,your outlook on life it’s very open-minded and I applaud that, alot of people do not live there life that way or even understand how an open-minded point of view can change your whole logic an existence in the world we live in!

Is there a market value for open-mindedness?

Yes open-mindedness is sellable or profitable whichever you choose! you have to know what crowd to be open-minded with it though, what region, what area to share your thoughts and opinions, but in my opinion the best way to reach more people nowadays is a YouTube channel ,Twitter ,Facebook Etc, try advertising some seminars in local areas and see what the turnout of the crowd is going to be about don’t give full details of exactly what you’re going to talk about just make the topic an attention-getting topic on the Flyers or the statuses you post look for small venues that seat no more than 50 people as a startup

That way is very cost-effective ,to see how affective you are to your community and the crowd you’re trying to reach just my opinion. Anyhow have a blessed and prosperous day.

Thank you again for your input and I hope to see you in person one day. Talk to you later

  1. Looking forward to it.

    It pays to do deep research on any topic you’re going to talk about ,make sure you’re always quick on your feet, because you never know what questions may be asked on any topic of discussion, you have to make sure you give a logical answer and a very analytical answer when questioned, knowledge pays when you have the right insight a person is seeking, you want to know is open-mindedness is profitable answer me this one question,” do people pay to go to seminars where there is a motivational speaker speaking informing or enlightening them on things they want to know?”

     This entire conversation really allowed me to see the potential of my work and how far AdventVoice can really go. I thank all of the fans I have made over the year.


My View of Heaven

For a month now I have been going around town asking people about there perspective about Heaven and what it means to them. Many did not know; many remained indifferent to the conversation; many felt it was too personal to discuss; some to my surprise did not believe they would be there.

Now you could say, I should not have been surprised by these responses. You might say heaven is singularly reserved for those of the Christian faith and those that believe in Jesus Christ or one monotheistic principal.

Which if you are inclined to believe that; then I feel sorry for you and the art associated with this topic will continue to leave you as the latter of the many responses to this question; doubting that Heaven is even possible for men and women like us.

I began this piece because I felt their was a lack of understanding in the world of how important the thought of heaven really is. What we will find there and how secure one must be that no matter what we do in this life; if we seek to help others there is a place under the tree of life for each and every one of us.
A place where we can laugh with our children, sing with our loved ones and cheer for the victory that awaits those still willing to dream.
Yes, what a wonderful view of a world just over the mountain of life.

I was very satisfied with the turn out for the final display of my artistic vision: though this vision can not be said to fulfill everyone’s ideal heaven or paradise; it can be said to have the inclusive appeal that is centered around the message of redemption and renewal that all who struggle in this life; with anything, desperately seek.

In the matter of 6 hours I had 19 views and 3.50 votes of approval for this depiction of heaven.

Upon the banks of heaven, there is a river in which we all can love, dance and sing.
I look for that place when ever I desire to get away from the troubles of the day. There are times when I have many troubles and the waters of life just seem to be endless. A project just takes for ever to come together and I become impatient and then I remember the pool in heaven and all the wonderful things I can do there. The things I see when I get lost in my mind, bring me peace.

Those ratings are what are found online and really have no reflection of the amount of people who viewed and could not tell me how it made them feel; simply because they are not apart of the artistic community. My view of Heaven received more in a matter of hours then, “Hold the Line!”  Which was well produced and tells a wonderful story in it’s own regard; but does not get anywhere near, showing people what is given to the righteous for there dedication and stance upon virtuous actions in this life.

 ….the things I’d do if I had the time.
I’d call forth the tempest,
Stretch my hands wide,
Fly to Venus and Saturn,
Watching the world’s collide!
The things I’d do if I had the time….
I’d turn my wife into a countess, set up rules that would make us exclusive
I wouldn’t be living inside of my mind….
The things I’d do if I had the time….

There are a few people I really desire to show this view of heaven to. In showing it; I am hoping they can live there lives with a new assurance at the possibilities that are always in front of us. I have found with the acceptance of the idea of heaven and our place in it; we must change how we speak to people and interact in this world; if we believe we are to keep a place in glory. It is the most basic of human rights and when we respect this golden fact: when we realize that the actions in life correlate with my reward and placement in the next; Things change don’t they.

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I thank all those that took a minute with there favorite Advent Voice.

What is Truth?

Months ago my son’s mother made contact with me via our affiliated broadcasts; yet she made no acknowledgment as to weather or not she knew she was corresponding with me; I was amused because well she could not let go of something I said and had to defend the idea of failure in this life as being acceptable; though we all know the contrary to be true.

I have been truthfully seeking if people can take the things I say and engage with my questions or are they silent because these are things they really don’t want to think about and refuse to talk about. I am amused when CoSplayers, “like,” some of the things I have to say about them, they place little hearts of appreciation around a comment or an article; I know they never read a word because they are, “liking,” the words of a man, an artists, that has some harsh things to say about their chosen profession.

I really want to go one time to a Comic-con. Just to see if it’s true, after an hour you’d not know the difference between Barnum & Bailey Circus and a Convention.

Something truly wonderful has happened. After all the work, a year and a half of work on my anthologies and written material an influential source of information set out to correspond with me. Honestly it is nothing, people follow interesting conversation all the time; I am really a passing fad~ soon to fade in memory as so many other ideas have. Ideas that suggest prison reform is relevant, weed is destructive, prostitution is not a viable source of income, imitation is not innovation, failure is never to be appreciated, the modern welfare system has been abused for so long, government spending has been denoted equivocally, to be as satisfying, as the strength given from the Holy Spirit; and we know that to be a lie.

While world leaders seek to find productivity from a plant that poisons the mind and stunts the American potential, a potential each and everyone of us is born with; Our universities are filled with the by-product of corruption and sins one reproducing SIN.

You can dress it up, you can give it another name, but it will have the same sound, as the sounds Moses heard when he went to the children of Israel after being given the law by GOD; the sounds of war against the very essence that created them!

I wrote to Mat Staver on issues of G.E.O and some of the things I felt he left out of the conversation that will convince people of how wrong it is and wanted to know what he thought about G.E.O. In return he sends me a parchment with information about a book~ One parchment~ I can speculate all day on how I am suppose to feel about it. Am I to believe that the connection as to why our country has decided to accept certain legal procedures because of religious beliefs and if so, “What beliefs, are guiding our legislation and how does this information correlate with G.E.O?”

I will write to him again and maybe he will have more answers. Maybe he told me all I need to know, by sharing this one book?

I had the privilege of meeting a young woman the other day who is named Jordan. She loves the Lord but like so many of us desires a way to truly apply the precepts of the bible; but is made to feel uncomfortable at work and at home when discussing issues that effect our lives. So Beulah is to provide this direction yet none here desire to build the relationships needed to teach people prolific messages. Sometimes I feel we have confused the idea of the Holy Spirit guidance with that of (heartfelt) desires and actions of the moment that produce no long lasting change.

I am daily ripped in half at the idea of tales like “Kiss of Memory,” “Sharia-Law,” “Voice of Liberation,” “Scorn of Woman,” “The Devil Loves Apples,” “They ask us not to be politically involved,” “God’s Love,” and “Death is only the beginning,” are not attracting the questions of reform in America among those that can relate or simply have an imagination: I am asked to place my cares upon the Lord, as if I don’t, as if I have not. I am the one that has to remember and can recite the names and faces of men set to remain the fodder of the American landscape. I am asked why do I not care for the meanderings of those around me and my mind is always so far off? Because I am made to ask and still receive no answer,” What did you do while I tramped across America to survive the Great Recession?” “How  many homeless did you feed and clothe while a nation cried for a GOD and mercy a government was eager to deny existed?”

“How many souls did you gather and supply with the armor of righteousness and accountability that was needed so that mothers and fathers did not have to seek justification from GOD for the actions taken to serve the materialistic god of MAMON?”

The Devil Loves Apples

November 6, 2017:

What is Martha Stewart doing, endorsing “Sexting?”

The very issue that sent a man like Antony Wiener to a federal pen for three years. What does the “marijuana endorsing,” Snoop Dog, Quincy Jones ~tell all~ of the image of the entertainment industry~ Oprah Winfrey’s public bashing of President Trump and the DOJ system still debating over the manufacturing whole sell of marijuana have in common?

All of it is a hypocrisy.

2 Peter 2:2-3 And many shall follow their pernicious ways: by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.  And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Peter later goes on to talk about false teachers who speak evil of dignities.

The root of this language is hypocrisy. Where influential voices will tell you that you have a problem and are a bad person for a particular act. Will go so far as to claim you have committed a “sex-crime,” from the simple association with a strange woman, while at the same time endorsing the behavior.

My question is, “To what end?”

I have seen that the Devil does not only wear Prada, he loves apples as well, especially in New York.

I just never thought I would see the day that Stewart~Clinton~Oprah  would present the same picture to American readers and special interest achievers, wishing to bash the idea of male success and send someone to prison based on what is “texted,” and was clearly a consensual conversation.

Does anyone know what the definition of Blackmail is?

What is being presented to those that read mainstream publications and many of what is owned by these three and those affiliated with them is the accreditation and education on how to blackball someone.

I was reading through articles written by well named individuals and some have spoken out on how it is a shame people lie to the government about disabilities just to receive money. They went on to talk about how long the lines are and how grueling a process of receiving funds from the government can be.

I responded with quotes like “Take me to church, just so I can say Amen la-da-dat-ta-da.” The person did not appreciate my comments and well is it not true?

As I write on key issues that remain undiscussed, like, the judicial system we rely on to maintain order has three characteristics I can not abide: (1) Guilt till proven innocent,  denying reasonable doubt, (2) zero justification policies and Clauses named Parry Mason; (3) The lack of effort in keeping people out of prison.

I speak on the issues that arise from a fatherless home, I’ve asked people what good reason can be given for the refusal of a father seeing~ simply seeing his child?

All of which receive no response.

I’ve asked of the defense set for man who aid in the trade, WOMEN, fight to decriminalize and many concede the point through the amount of crickets that enter a room.

Those born into this generation denoted with a “Z” have an interesting moral line to consider. They don’t really have to, but they are made to.

Weather or not weed is a drug any of us can admit is worth dying over? Worth going to prison over? Worth legalizing~ To those that enjoy locking black people up and continuing the people farming process, “YES!” The more families that are destroyed by this narcotic, the more man can be carted off to fill prisons. The legalization set by party members is a disguise. As I have said before those that perpetuate debauchery have no intention of reforming institutions that have had a history of debasing men and the monetary system used to keep man comfortable. It is no different than the legalization of alcohol and the horrendous restrictions placed upon it’s use. A man is breathalyzed and if he is caught with more than .05 ~ that is half a beer~ upon his breathe and is pulled over he is sited with a DWI that can range to 25 years in prison; and that is a first time offender.

You might be asking at this point, ‘Why do I get so upset about dates, rates, and expense?”

Because while party members and stock brokers keep playing with the idea of weed being a cash crop, I have to remember the number of men and women that fed and continue to feed the penal system for the sake of mineral values around the country.

I have to remember 18 year old Hispanic children who was shot in their beds by sheriffs of my small birth town in Texas that believed he and his brothers were manufacturing and selling; this cash crop.

I have to remember Trevon Martin who was shot and accused of being “High” by those that never got the full story but felt that because he might have been smoking, “pot,” he deserved to be shot.

I have to remember all the men and women who might have been shot behind this stuff and I hate to say it, “But no amount of money or legalization can take away the pain associated with the deaths behind that plant!”

It is a pipe dream, A dream as far fetched as Man living on Mars.

A Call to Reformation in the World of Art

Recently I have spoken on the issue of Fatherless sons. I’ve gone around asking people in general what there initial take on the issue is and I have received either diversion from the subject or silence.

Which for an inquisitive person such as I, Silence is acquiescence. I believe in Peace through Strength and don’t believe in appeasement as a sign of agreement. Tolerance of irresponsible choices as allowance for generational disease, to me, is unforgiveable. Not for God mind you.

I’ve asked how do people respond to it? I have found when we are asked to address an uncomfortable issue, be it we are believers or secular, we all know the separation of the family unit, no matter the circumstance, is accursed. Be one a heathen or of Christ one is made to hold their head in shame upon the question.

When a person comes to you and suggests, “You don’t need the father of your child in your life, you can raise your child on your own, you don’t need a man.” Rest assured upon this word;

Flee from all appearances of evil.

I’ve been having a hard time with the believers as of late. They listen to the news~ They are aware of the dangers prescribed from the influences of the music our children are listening to, the movies they are watching, the books they are reading; those that seek to shied away from my truth, suggest, “They don’t know what I am suggesting.”

So I have decided to shout from the mountain tops.


A revitalization in the identity of the people around me and an end to the speech that keeps us ineffective in the education of civilized and productive man. When I say reformation, I am speaking on the rejuvenation in the lexicon of man. Fore when we elevate the power of the tongue, change comes.

I asked a beautiful young woman how she felt on the issue of the fatherlessness in America and she told me, much of what I’ve related to you, from my own experience.

Her step father was not an influence she sought to keep him at bay because of  how negative he approached her life.

I am not suggesting that mothers and fathers are to agree with everything their children do~ I am suggesting that they remember to encourage and guide the spirit that rages in their youth.

Ask any one over the age of fifty what it is the definition of success and they can’t tell you. So as our children wander the world looking for it, how dare we complain when they find the validation they sought from debasing sources.

The words of my father haunt me to this day, “Let him go, let him learn how cold and uncaring the world is, he needs to learn to be a man!”

I see the products of this teaching~ Millions in prison, millions on welfare, millions seeking validation from people who are just as lost as they are. I did not find uncaring from the world, quite the opposite. I found a world looking for a hero. I found nothing had changed since I  was five years old and my gift remains relevant and needed. I found every where I went, when I put my hand to the plow I found a friend. When I gave unconditionally they were happy to give in return as a traveler their was one rule that kept me above water.  Equivalent Exchange.

This is a law that is hard to apply with our children because we believe they are to do as we say and that is the end of the conversation. Then the child grows and because we were so used to having a slave; a naïve; we forget the necessity of teaching our children of a principal that is unescapable. When I give of my heart freely their is an expectation and an accountability required of you. This is how you know you have elevated in my estimations and have earned respect because when I gave, you gave in return. This is the give and take expected from parents-children-employer-employee-love-lover.

This is the key we use to bond friendships and speaks of a dependability expected in the relation of man.



County Legislator Ben Boykin, D-District 5 and DNC affiliates along with the likes of John McCain should find a way to answer this question.

“What is the difference between Communism and the likes of one party making all the decisions when it comes to public policy?  It would seem that because the Republicans will never agree with you on gun rights and the decriminalization of weed you are willing to call in the United Nations, to police the American people?

To all those that have expressed a lack of faith in the response of our present administration to your demands on behalf of the American people, in your extreme politics. To all those that have come to see our democracy as an “unfair,” system in which when the Republicans make a decisions it is only in the service of this deluded idea of a “white majority.” To all those that will perish with this belief of having to clamor the streets in protest. Having to patiently wait for the governmental aid you so desperately desire and feel because you are the only one in the room with problems and America is no better than an Africa.

Most of the major cities have been in need and little thanks to you Boykin or any other black organization can we speak of  has changed the situation and you feel because the Republicans can’t be trusted, it is right to rally people in support of the United Nations to intervene, because of you lack of faith in your government.

(Your words, not mine)

The question remains, “What is the difference between Socialism and the likes of one party making all the decisions when it comes to public policy?”

Voice of the Martyrs is a Christian organization that has set out to find stories of those that where tortured in the name of Christ and share how their faith kept them whole.

One man spent 14 years in a Communist Prison and shares his tale. When we hear his words and men and women in our “Christian country,” have similar stories, I feel a graveness in my stomach.

So many questions burn inside of me.

  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Nigeria
  • Central African Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Iraq
  • Tunisia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Gatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Afghanistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Comoros
  • Maldives
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Kuwait

The list continues of all the countries in which sharing the Gospel is prohibited!

What they don’t tell you is the same venom that is spread against Christianity in those countries has touched America and is paid for by Neo Nazis~ Who did not vote for the President, Black Nationalists ~Who did not vote for a President that says he is a Christian. ~Black Lives Matter supporters who did not vote for a president, socialist witch and warlocks~ who seek and sing about a, “New Americana!”

Individuals that believe this prosperity of a new world order most come through the development of a new liberal doctrine. What they don’t tell you is, “reformed,” prostitutes and gang bangers who have no allegiance to GOD or man seek to run your country and while they joke and snicker about the prospect of the American people allowing individuals like Boykin, Al Franken and Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton , Chris Epps, Chuck Schumer to hold down some ones podium, they seek to re-educate the masses on the definition of what is criminal.

Recently I was asked, “What constitutes criminality?”

Considering how I’ve said before none of the men or women I’ve come across were, “criminals,” to me, I was asked, “what do I deem to be punishable under the law?”

Because I believe in the Judeo-Christian ethic: The ten commandments are first and foremost upon my lips.

Sodomites(Homosexuals), prostitution, drug dealers(Illegal dealing), murder, rapists, gangbangers, bullies, amoral individuals, Cut throats, ruffians etc. All the things that leave a foul smell in the room. But it is because I believe in the tenets of the bible that I find the very people that have filled the prisons are the ones Jesus (God) came to save and burdens his emissaries to educate. Never are we to propagate for profit.

When I think of criminality I think of issues that leave me to have  a need to prove justification and a need of redemption and I believe each offense against my person is to have a measure of grace reflective of my GOD. In every society there is the propensity of covetousness and is manifested through thievery. In the old days you chopped off his hand. We deemed that unnecessary as the years have gone by and to this day the civilized action for theft is the return of the item and restitution, or community service. Yet I have found that our decent society has forgotten the tenets  of  community service and it is not asked of men.

No, I never met a criminal in prison, never a killer among the bunch, sure liars, slanders, double dealers, uneducated men, gamblers~ who mind you when they are released go to the gas stations and feed into this desire of winning the lottery. None could fight or would kill me if they could. They were useless husks that needed a profession, were denied a profession and decided to obtain riches  by any means necessary.

Now, someone who would tell you Homosexuality in any form is appropriate has committed a crime against humanity! To me the issue of criminality has become as extensive as slavery~ Only because each is based on the profit of debased souls. I still desire to know what happens to the women of these GEO camps. which can be compared to the ICC camps. This is not about the environment, this is about those that reside there. Aside from biblical standards I can not ascertain what else you desire from me. So many have preached and held onto the idea of children honoring their mother and father as a panacea for the rise of criminality in this country, yet because of this honorable decree they miss when the Lord admonitions parents not to tempt  the wrath of their children. My righteousness has been in question because I keep my distance from those that wrong me. “I turn the other cheek and keep my face turned from them, until compassion can be received.”  Once received sure we can speak civilly but not on matters in which they were wrong.

Those that betray loyalties are criminals. Those that betray vows of marriage are criminals. Those that commit a wrong and seek not to show any sign or repentance or understand how they have to mend something and suffer the mind of a reprobate, to me that is criminal.

Those that seek to hold a gun to my head and take what does not belong to them are criminal. Though these extremes are so rare, it is only because of our need to highlight every violent crime do we believe the world is filled with hate. The masses have assigned a normality to the violence we are witnessing and have a misconception of the word, “civil protest,” and act of terrorism, thus confusing the common man who voices an opinion as a criminal and feel free to lock him/her up for their propensity towards violence, or sin.

The laws decreed by God are explicit in Leviticus 18-19 about the relations between men and women and decrees against prostitution are laid bare for all to read. Yet our American legal system is being built to develop allowances for many practices that are considered detestable to God. All in the name of a clemency our legislation would not give to a person because it is deemed fit by the law to cast a judgement. I reference the sell and purchase of pornography, I reference the continued sell and purchase of illegal substances, baby body parts, the continued sell and purchase of signature identifications of free men’s social security and the theft of Identity for the propagation of funds for the beds the state requires to run and operate these makeshift labor camps.

What about the women that choose prostitution as a profession; are they not accountable?

Certainly~ it is all criminal, but if you know she is selling her body and you do not seek to change her environment and SAVE her mind and only develop laws that reinforce the behavior, delivering only concessions to appease the mob and observing the rights of the, “criminal,” to continue in their unsaved behavior you are not solving the issue and never intended to.

Asking me about criminality is like asking me about sin~ yet the very same judges that believe in criminality fight against Christian theology in hopes of not having to talk about the principals of mercy, compassion, redemption, and justification~ given by God to the criminal and sinner. People ask about criminals from the dictionaries definition and I find their definition to be a problem. To define a word by the same word is not a definition.

Harvesting Mushrooms

I’ve been having trouble with the functionality of the minds of people when it comes to economics~ the theory of garnishing funds for comfortable daily living. Months ago an associate came to me about how to earn some money. This was after ingesting all the information she could about the demise of the American dollar. I had asked repeatedly:

How did you manage throughout the Great Recession?!

Only to be ignored and having to gather a vague blueprint into her fiscal theology by her, “lifestyle.”

It was only after considering how much the government will pay a person based upon their sexual orientation, did it dawn on me, she was only interested in a woman because of the amount of social aid one is promised if they are poor and homosexual. This same demented idea of fiscal security was pitched to me as I’ve traveled the country. I found this to be no different than a person seeking financial aid   from the government because they are, “deemed,” mentally unstable and receive what is known among laymen as a, “crazy check.”

~Take the red pill and this will all be a bad dream and you can go home, take the blue pill and experience how far this rabbit hole goes.~

This account is not judgement on the ways of America, it is simply an observation and an intrusive one.

To continue my tale. I will return us back to the woman who received a shock from heaven for her, “lifestyle.” As we spoke about money and the ability to garnish what is considered acceptable daily bread, this now renounced homosexual suggested the Harvesting of Mushrooms. Which come at about $350.00 per pound for a rare type.

Not considering the man power it takes to farm anything, any crop take a certain stick ability that is only appreciated through godly principles i.e. Patience is a virtue.

I must have patience as I relate this account of “sound fiscal policy.”

While the accursed “liberal community,” those that don’t believe in God, propose the grandest of ideas; from BurningMAN to Golden Globe smashouts, to telecast showings of Lady Gaga renditions of the Sound of Music, every event promoted as a means of supporting the thousands of starving people in the world; while millions are funneled into policies that support the numerous avenues of entertainment in the Greatest Country on Earth, I have to listen to the shallow proposals of Harvesting Mushrooms as a means to acquiring wealth. This women is shocked at my contempt of her mouth  and the sod that refuses to remain quite. The newest reporter who replaced Matt Lauer is receiving $7 million dollars. She is paid to report what she is told and people will listen to the sources of information that support and are supported by the likes of Oprah and this same media source will continue to sell the idea that anyone who supports the policies of Trump, and or republicans and anyone not willing to propagate the image of America as seen on MTV and BET.

They are better off Harvesting Mushrooms.

Why didn’t I become that lawyer I wanted to be?

I realized the state is not paying the defense lawyer enough of an incentive to have them do their jobs. Each man or woman that is locked up is, “Guilty until proven innocent.” When they should be seen as innocent until proven guilty. This being a fundamental foundation for every, “criminal,” sets the dice against them. It would behoove the defense attorney to be asked to do more; Prove the media, prosecutor, and state wrong. Lets say he does. Guess who pays the defense attorney for the victory? The Criminal. If he can’t pay the bill for his freedom, the defense attorney hired by the state is then poised with the question, Why set him free? The attorney is not paid by the state because he did a good job of being a lawyer and he is not asked to be. The broke criminal is asked to pay the state defender more if not equal the amount of 10% of an average bail. Pay to play in laymen terms.

Even if you don’t believe this sentiment nothing will erase the fact that some one is going to ask you for money for something circumstance can prove and if you don’t have it, “they’ll ask you to do something for nothing is free.”

I was personally appalled at the idea that people would stoop so low for money. It was like Harvesting Mushrooms. I rode hard in life looking for something in life that would make me proud of my home.

Did you know there are 237,000 men in this country and the number rises every time a young man graduates high school and is accused of a sex crime after prom; that will follow him socially until the day he is seen innocent of he dies. There are lawyers that will charge a man or woman $150.00 or more; depending on the case and how old it is, older cases are harder to fight. $150.00 for consultation fees alone and knowing the person is either broke, or so desperately desires a life beyond this Scarlett letter and will sell him or her the idea of freedom from the burden of the charge and everything that comes with it. “” In most cases they don’t or you would have heard more about them, and Law and Order SUV never would have made millions on the idea that every father, every conservative father was a pedophile.

I ride harder still looking for the righteousness of man, looking for people willing to support the ideas of justice, literature, education, employment, entertainment, and social function that makes   any society one that inspires people to invest money in more than Harvesting Mushrooms.


Immorality between man and woman!

I really don’t like going into all the things that is wrong with the world, but I do know what I find disturbing must be spoken of. There is an idea that man and woman can not inhabit a room without wanting to sleep with each other.

Even in the church where people are always claiming to want to help one another have developed phobias to the point in which if a man is alone in the room with a woman and they are having a private discussion then something, “inappropriate may happen.”

Now in the world of secular minded individuals who have no use for God and discretion, I can understand the hesitation. I clarify this by asking,

“When we claim to have witnessed the indwelling of the holy spirit in a man, when we claim to believe in the saving grace of Jesus, why would we profane the spirit of a man or that woman by believing any private affairs witnessed outside of a group setting is temptation for the devil?”    

Why would we commit the same sins of the Sanhedrin that spoke against Jesus for ministering to the women. He met the Samaritan woman by the well. We can surmise that there were people around, though I am of the firm opinion that despite a   crowd the message would have been sent and he would have been found speaking to women as a man, and his purposes on the earth would have been fulfilled.

Point is if the MEN of GOD are to be about the fathers business, I am of the formed opinion that I will not be made to quench my spirit or bite my tongue because the one God has me to minister or speak with is a woman, a woman whom happens to be single and could be seen as vulnerable to kindness. Especially if what I can say can help her and keep her in the faith. I have found very few women to be doing it. They are too busy trying to see her married, and ridiculing men for there behavior in public. I have seen very few speaking to the woman’s soul which desires knowledge beyond the flesh. Men are made to say, “Sorry sister in Christ, I am a man and we can not be seen alone together for the sake of propriety, lest we offend those watching us meet me on Sunday, where all can see us play and converse and in the seeing of it, they can no longer accuse us of sin behind our backs.”

There is this idea that men and women and even if there married; men being the weaker sex and fall into sin more readily than the women, should be always separated. I have found that free will and choice will be among man until the end of days. Man chooses to fall into sin. His reason works against him, he is betrayed, the devil makes a fool of him. These things happen and I will not allow the devil to win the battle of my soul by allowing me to believe I am not allowed to stroll in the afternoon in the woods alone with a woman in the presence of God upon my choosing in friendship. If our world has become so stoic then take me to heaven where I am free to roam.

Your time in prison has made this discussion important to you because you have been away from women too long.

Have you been there? What do you know of it? I tell you there were more women to choose for a bed partner, willing to dive into sin at the drop of a hat, then you will find on any street corner or shopping mall.

I never touched a one, and neither shied away from them either. Gave them the words of God as he would let me and retaining the telling of this story for this moment.

In the defense of my sex and the motivations of my desire to keep the interactions between man and woman civil. In prison the women are made to be guards, given strict orders to not fraternize with men. Does it happen, yes. Do they get married? 95% of the time when the man finishes his time, that guard is there to pick him up at the gates, (Not his family). They no longer live in sin and it was due to that meeting, the same for inmate and state parole officers.

They meet and he strives for freedom and the comfort that comes in the arms of a woman, the very same woman that saw him to be no better than a dog in heat, when they first met.

I never needed it, never wanted it.

There were women on those highways I walked for years at a time, women in those woods I inhabited years at a time. The solider who is made to live on foreign soil for years at a time away from home is surrounded by women at some point and his fidelity is not in question and if it is never is the idea posed it was because he was away from women for far too long and that is why he desires the company of them. It is too broad of a stroke of the brush for the complexities that goes into the beauty that is in the relation between man and woman. It is a beauty that I feel needs to be encouraged, not quenched with the same totalitarian fingers of the Chinese government that believe monitoring the number of children born is easiest when the sexes are separated, in the work place; which is the direction of our American homeland and public sector and pews. It disgusts me; I am not Catholic, I  do not hold onto profane and vain ideas of piety, in which, through the fear and separation of the sexes, God will see me as holy and in order to keep my purity I must marry and never been seen in the presence of any other woman again.

What if your wife is alone with a man?; I pray she has enough holy spirit in her to respect her husband. That is a serious question?? Huh?

Then none of you are ready to witness on the mission field for GOD, none of you are ready to win souls for Jesus and need to become priests for the papacy, whom we all know to be a false prophet.

The Muslim faith teaches if a man touches the finger of a woman in passing she is his to claim.

Christians are not Muslim and should not be made to fear being in the presence of our sisters of the faith and those of no faith lest we fall into temptation, especially if we believe in Salvation.

I quote President Trump when they asked him about his views on managing this war on terrorism and the imposition upon American freedoms. I quote Trump when that asked him about civil rights and the rights of women, his views on abortion, his views on the public sector; in our search for reasonable interaction between man and woman in regards to sin where does it end?

Our news is riddled with the character assignations of fathers and brothers and nephews and uncles, the devil is succeeding in destroying families before our very eyes and the only suggestion is keep the sexes separated because in the bible we read men and women had no interactions lest they were married. The bible speaks of no fornication and abstaining from the appearance of evil, never does it speak of men and women having no interaction what so ever. This battle was lost on man in the development of the church and the giving of marriage; to look upon a woman in lust is sin-not in the speaking with her or visa versa.

Chivalry given to a woman is sin? The man who aids his sister in Christ has designs beyond communal service?

If you answered yes, to the following questions.

Then it is true man is a slave to sin and Jesus died on the cross for nothing and we should go back to being called Jews for their is no indwelling of the Holy Spirit, none are righteous, no not one. It is true  we are hurting people, to remain wallowing in our deceit and distrust for one another and wives whatever seeds of trust your pastor planted for you in the building up of your husbands is a lie and every time he leaves your home and is in the presence of another woman, expect him to fall into sin; Satisfying his flesh, use the woman as a prostitute and to continue to use you, for that is the marriage you’ve been asked to sign up for. GOD forbid:

Do you know where this mind set stems form?

A lack in faith in the Redemptive power of Jesus Christ and the complete ignoring of the words Salvation.

It comes from a need to diminish salvation in the hearts of man and allowing secular thoughts to invade your Christian mind: The mind in which the foundation of our reason is built: man can not condemn you once you understand Salvation and carry that cross for yourself.

I’ve  been pressured countless of times as to why I felt the need to be around a woman, in the presence of women? What am I doing with those children, why are you feeding the poor and eating with them? why, why, why, Did you have thoughts of sleeping with her? With her children?

I’ve been accused of being of a reprobate mind ever since I was old enough to walk with my back straight. I’ve been accused of being of low self-esteem and that is why I’ve always been doing for people.

I am riddled with guilt about my son and daughter and the women in my life that never wanted to marry.

All wrong and have nothing to do with my testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ:

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