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Do you believe and know what a miracle is?

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Erga, “works;” the works of Him who is “wonderful in working” ( John 5:20 John 5:36 ).

Miracles are seals of a divine mission. The sacred writers appealed to them as proofs that they were messengers of God. Our Lord also appealed to miracles as a conclusive proof of his divine mission ( John 5:20John 5:36 ; John 10:25John 10:38 ). Thus, being out of the common course of nature and beyond the power of man, they are fitted to convey the impression of the presence and power of God. Where miracles are there certainly God is. The man, therefore, who works a miracle affords thereby clear proof that he comes with the authority of God; they are his credentials that he is God’s messenger. The teacher points to these credentials, and they are a proof that he speaks with the authority of God. He boldly says, “God bears me witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles.”

The above caption is what many, when confronted with a miracle, typically say about them. My trouble is, much like any good thing, we as believers tend to think they don’t last.

When we don’t believe that God gives people the power to perform or work miracles, it could be that we don’t know what miracles are.

What is a miracle? Is it really just a good feeling that passes, or the favor of God in our lives for a specific moment and when it is over with, God is no longer in our lives?  Or are miracles really divine moments that should be marked with prayer and reverence and thanksgiving and a command of God in which he is revealing himself and expects those in the midst of the work are expected to give credence where credence is due?

We don’t believe in dreams or that GOD does not speak to us in dreams because we don’t know the difference between dreams and reality; so again I ask what is a miracle?

In my experience a miracle is the hand of God in our lives, an evident hand, it is the feeling of grace that washes over us when we survive a horrific car accident; When some one has a gun pointed at them and the machine blows up in the hands of the would be killer. Giving that person enough time to get away or defeat the one trying to kill another person.

When 25 men stand toe to toe with one man and with the intent of doing harm to one man, finding it impossible and even more amazing the one man, backed against a wall, puts them all on there knees in submission. Image result for 10 men in a fight vs one man


A miracle is when a police officer jumps out of a vehicle and Tasers a man in the face; the man does not buck at the knees, instead grabs another officer in order to send the man-maiming volts into another, while pulling the charged dart out of his face, and is not the worse for wear. A miracle is when that same officer comes to the man in his jail cell, apologizes for her behavior and asks him to take her out to dinner.

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A miracle was the kiss of memory. ~ No one told that woman to help  me. No one but God.

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No one but God told me in a dream, I would be betrayed and who would do it; how he would aid me in one hand, while seeking to keeping me imprisoned in the other. No one but God told me what to say to the men, when they asked what do we do with the betrayer. I asked the men, “What did Jesus do to Judas, the night he was betrayed?” They all responded in unison, “He did nothing and Judas took care of himself.” So we did nothing and watched as what the man, that betrayed us meant for evil, God meant for our good. We watched God work a miracle in our lives. It was this movement of miracles that made us emboldened and assured of our set paths.  Without them we would have been sure to take things in our own hands and moved beyond the will of God.

a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

These moments are always associated with people. God’s people, at least those that will give him the praise for working favor into their lives.  He does not do these things lightly either. We have come to a stage in our lives when everything is instantaneous. Even to our gratification; we glorify in it at times, when we are not walking with the Lord. We become entitled to things that we forget, he is the one that gives and the one that takes away. Even down to our money.

When we get to the point, where we recognize that it was the favor or the miracle working power of GOD that allowed our money to prosper and grow to the point of our comforts and security is cared for, never again would we ask, “What is a miracle and is God really working in our lives?”

It takes a real humble spirit to associate miracles, “The movement of the hand of God in our lives,”  with money.


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Just a thought from your Advent Voice.

This will not be televised!

I am not inclined to give my whole story out to the world. I will write a tell-all book, that I hope releases some undue stress, and educates people on what is going on in the world based upon my objective viewpoints, but to give all of my banking information, to give my address, and how to reach me etc. etc.

In this day and age, where everything you say is taken out of context, and or is re-interpreted to fit the view points of those not living your life and who wish to tell you how best to live your life minus your socio, economic, and political standing, I have found it is best that I just give the facts as I am given them and move on.

Fact: Sex-offenders are not allowed on Social Media.

They are not allowed in  schools, Business districts, public libraries, town squares, college campuses, or any real main stream markets.

(The underlining question is always after I review this fact with the masses, How would they know?)

There is a long list of “registration procedure” that is conducted after a person is released and placed under these charges.  So Everyone knows, even if they don’t know, they will know. Even the BANKS.

The banks won’t tell a man or woman this is why they are being denied. They will simply cite a person for a nine year credit penalty that does not exist anywhere else say that bank. Some one will take your money, they just can’t be a bank that has been around for the past ten years.

Now because Sex-Offenders are barred from so many avenues of free-market venture, they are going to be made to go to only so many banks and the government can easily keep tabs on there spending and what they do on a regular basis. Not just the offender mind you. The government watches everyone’s money. Especially those connected with Pay-pal.

I am inclined to believe that they even deny the Sex-Offender avenues to market online, which is the Progressive way for anyone to have an at home business or start-up firm, or as we say in laymen’s terms, make non-taxable revenue through self-made means.  If Pay-pal is linked to the government and all banks are linked to this same database, they can easily deny a person access to there company.

Would they ever admit to doing this?

Not if they want to keep people believing they are fair and an equal opportunity “Mom+Pop Shop,” creator. They will just say, “An unknown service error occurred.”

Leaving you clicking Link and Confirm, over and over again like an idiot. Making one want to create a new book, “How to make Pay-Pal work for Dummies!” I am no dummy though and I know when a computer tells me that it is unsure as to why I can not access something, it is because there is fraud on the other line. Much like when I go to the bank and they say, “We don’t know what happened to your money sir.” I know there is fraud somewhere or I am over spending. Life is meant to be cut and dry and when complications come about, it is because there is an unseen hand somewhere.

Fact: Because Sex-Offenders are not allowed on Social Media and there are 237,000 of them in the country, there is a potential market base of lay workers for several lay jobs. City work, etc. etc. Only, these jobs are subjected to 18 month cycles and HR hiring and firing, which is why there was such a demand upon people not to go to college and earn a degree but to work for themselves. If you get a degree in anything let it be Business Management, or engineering. They are not going to be your teachers, they are not going to be your lawyers, or social workers. They are going to be the guys and women working in department stores and in the fields.

There is always an anomaly though. That one that will find a whole in the system. My question is, “Would companies really discriminate against a person, because he or she did there time and are only looking to get paid from there fruits of there labors?”   

Seven is the number of Heaven!

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It took me seven years to make it to this point in my life.


Where, I had enough money to enjoy a beach vacation-truth is there is never enough money-never enough time to enjoy our freedoms and all of these freedoms remain in the hands of the one true GOD whom has found a way to bless America despite her troubles.

The enjoyment stems on the fact that I am not seen as a “hippie.”

There are signs still posted in the hotels discouraging people from feeding the hippie-vagabond stranger.  I am  not seen as trouble; I remember when I could sit on the beach and people would flock to hear from me. That is over now.

No occupy movement, no rallies for anything, just acceptance that there are the winners and there are the losers.

I am no different from how I was before. I still only spend what I earn. I only speak when spoken to, still have nothing to sell. Nothing to earn; What I have is time to write, time to envision. Time to see my son.

I’m considered a child because I desire my family close. Years have passed and no word from them.

Years and years and the affirmation of how important they are (How important family is to anyone, is still considered an affirmation of a person who can’t move forward in life. This is why I am still considered a child.)

What forward progression is there if you can not share the riches God has allotted, with those that gave you birth!

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I bought sandals from the owner of Pacific Beachwear on 17th Ave of Myrtle Beach, on Kings HWY. I left her a token of my appreciation…I pray it bears fruit.


I found something interesting today. Psalm 135:15

Idols of heathens:

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For so long I thought I was faithful to GOD and to his church because I was a man whom worked with his hands, saved his money for what was needed and never proved to be self-serving in my desires. Only I have always felt to be poor was a symbol of my folly in life. A symbol of my sinful nature that being poor was a reflection on my spiritual condition and it left me angry because unless the LORD GOD of Israel blesses me with more opportunity, more money; I am prone to believe (I am) doing him a disservice.

If I continue to delude myself into believing being poor pleases the GOD that for years was said to bestow riches, wanted us to have the kingdom of heaven and life more abundantly and does not want poor people crowding and stinking up his home with their tears of need, so he blesses them with riches and renewal: That he ends their poor states of existence with job security and Government welfare and it is ok for people to be poor-That God not being a respecter of persons loves the rich and poor equally, curses them equally when they sin:

If I continue the measure myself by the girth of my belly, the swell of my pocket, the size of my home; the materialistic filth that grieves the Lord God; grieves him because we forget to thank him for it when we have it: making me no better than a heathen who covets his silver and gold and (erects himself above the GOD of Israel, when his comforts allows it)

Until I am willing to give it all to GOD, I am a heathen and he never knew me.

The question becomes, Once he blesses you:

What will you do with it?    

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Three Lost Sheep

There was a time when the mere act of speaking to those we come across was not deemed a solicitation.

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It hurts my heart to say, “Those days are long gone by.” When people speak to me I’m always asking myself, “What are they trying to sell me?”

This is a problem, for now our “friendships” are based upon:

(How much we have: Who we know:) Rarely will you find a case in which people are meeting for the mere sake of fellowship and the joy of being around people. Of course the bible condemns idle chatter:  2 Timothy 2:16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

He asks us to balance out our lives in a fashion that allows our speech and language to emphasis growth. Growth in profit, in provisions, growth in our daily lives.

To envision things that bring peace to a man and builds trust; it is only in the building of trusts can one sustain a marketable business.

I had come across three vagabond travelers over the weekend.

(I needed directions north of where I was, in a days travel, I asked those that worked in that city and they gave me the same backward directions AAA is prone to give everyone.)

I spoke to the vagabonds and the man that worked in the store looked me as if I was crazy because I gave the three “spange-masters,” time of day. They of course decided to barter with me for what I desired of them. I did not allow this to disturb and listened to there pitch. The young woman as the leader of this group because she spoke first. “I help you, then you help me, I need a ride!”

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According to the rules of travelers there are equivalent exchanges for any service provided. Equivalency is based upon the need of the individual, not on the actual product that is being sold. I just wanted directions. They were so kind as to even offer me money for a ride. I said no, I am not going to be in debt to a traveler. I just wanted directions.

After we agreed on the price of information they asked me why would I not take money. I told them: I am Christian. I told them I could identify with their plight: I had been where they are and I know how to get beyond where they are if they want it:

The leader of the group was not going for it.

She tosses her pink hair and would have cursed me if she thought I was lying; only she knows Christians do not lie. She would have no judgments though; for before I could say anything further she sought to justify her life and woo me to her home. She say’s, “If you know so much about us, that makes you family, Christian or not, once in the family, always in the family.”

I gave her a ride because I could, not because I had to.

They went so far as to say, “they don’t like Christians. The world they live in (Christians) is that of snubbing their noses at people that live as travelers, preconceived notions come from there mouths and never help. Never pay, never any work besides what can be gained from cheap labor.”

They had a lot to say, I listened…this is why they like me…

Because I wanted nothing from them…I helped them along the way and offered a service of kindness.

They were confessed how they used to believe in the Church, used to go to church, yet they felt ministries are not working enough to aid people and unless we learn how to help ourselves no one else is going to do it.

I left them my card. Told them to look me up if they ever just needed to talk…

I write about them now, hoping they read this and know that we are connected.

We are family. No matter how tough things get, Jesus will always love them, as I do.

Here’s to the Lost Sheep

Shepherd with sheep


Today’s thoughts from an Advent Voice




I am a business, man!

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I wanted to reiterate this line of thinking because through my work I am hearing a lot of things that disturbe me.

I give advice to people. I hear the tone of others and it seems people are disheartened because no one is takiing them seriously or because they don’t take themselves seriously.

We are told it is not the product that sells or generates money. It is the loudest person in the room.

That is true.

If you are presenting work and no one is taking interest it is because you are not presenting enough and do not precieve yourself to be “SELF-MADE” enough to produce.

I do not work for a corporate and I think that is great. Only when we do work for a corporate then our checks are garuenteed. That is what people like, gaurentees of pay.

We present our art work, thinking someone will like it because we like it. We know deep down that is no one pays for it, then they don’t like it! We have this idea that green backs mean we are worth somethning and everything we produce has to have a political angle and it if does not then we are not relevent.

That thought has to stop. Art has it’s our relevancy becuase the stories that are generated by the artists are relevant.

Those that do the work thought it was enough simply to do it, Thus they are relevant and should be heard. Should be seen and this is why we are thankful for NG. They give us that space to become relevant.

The moment you begin to feel your line of work is not reaching the right ear or an idea is just not surfacing around the right people. Then you are missing the point. Those that you are trying to impress with your work, your words, your prose, your ART, are in the same boat as you. Seeking relevance, none of them are any more richer or poorer than yourself because there money is depandant upon your feeling of relevance.

Case in point Michel Jordans Shoes. Can you imagine what used to be worth 100.00 a pop and kids used to shoot eachother over is now in Walmart for 20.00 or less. Why? cause Jordan is broke, he lost his sponsers that have seen he is no longer relevant, Everything he did has become the past and unless someone comes around and has something new to share, then what. Well his shoes will remain worthless as they were when they first came out.

Now that logo, “Jump Man!” will live forever in my heart, I want to know the man that created that image and how much he got paid. Did he use NG? probably not, but he was relevant. Maybe it was not a man, maybe it was  a woman. Who cares, the point it is, that image was what helped to sell Jordan. It was the Art and the commercials, it was people that viewed themselves as a buisness not buisness men that changed the world.

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Just a thought from your ADVENT VOICE!

Hard earned “likably-fraudulent” money

While I was paying my taxes the other day I heard an interesting story. I know the news stations  were involved because the local police force was called in. Where ever the police go, so does the story.

Image result for tax collecter ladie

Anyway, I walk into the tax office to pay my taxes and the blond behind the counter is there with a smile. She is cold in the government building and decided to dress for her station. I was really daunted by that smile that I no longer cared that it took her a while to count the money. She counts it and says I don’t have enough. So I offer to pay the rest of the balance. I was 13.00 or so off. As I am digging around for the rest of the money she begins to share with me how she had someone arrested for bringing in counterfeit money and she hopes I don’t have any.

I chuckle at first, (I mean really who is going to think of that? When any normal person works hard to pay there taxes they are going to bring what they earn and simply pay it. I mean all the work that it takes to make sure something is counterfeit and will pass inspection, that person could have went out and earned it.)

She was not laughing, she was very serious at this point and decided to share more.

Because the man that came in to pay his taxes with fake money had one fake twenty in his tax envelope and was deemed at fault of fraud, ‘In conspiracy to cheat on his taxes.” She was so happy and proud to tell me, because she was able to keep her job. She likes her job; ran every dollar I gave her through the machine and smiled the whole time. Little did I know, that  if one dollar showed to be false, she would have had me arrested or would have called the cops. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the cops tried to accuse her of fraud.

One officer actually said she might be the one that gave the man the fake money; this became the tax-payers defense; what we called as children “Hot potato;” “Passing the Buck,” Only the crafty tax-collector got away by insisting that the man was at fault, I mean really it is her job to collect money, not give money. 

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While each claimed innocence no one can really know where the twenty dollars came from, but this does prove that there is something wrong with our legal system. Unless someone can trace where this single twenty dollar bill came from: this man of unknown occupation is set to, “Sit-it out,” till proven innocent. While the blond beautiful tax-collector continues to smile and ring in our, “hard earned “likably-fraudulent” money.

Now, what is to say the man did not know of his mistake at the same time the tax-collector realized his mistake and he tried to correct the matter by giving a real twenty. None of this is recorded and the man is going to have to pay a lawyer plenty of twenties to prove innocence for something that could be the fault of a bank or a clerk at the groceries store. Yet we are to believe that he or anyone has a process of creating counterfeit dividends to pay or cheat the tax-collector. We are asked to believe that maybe the institution of collecting money is prone to giving out fraudulent earnings. Neither of these are at face-value likely and that is where the story comes in. The fact that they put out a warrant at the waste of tax-paying dollars for a single twenty dollar bill that no one can really say where it came from.

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What is certain is, the tax-collector was not proven at fault, never should have been questioned for doing what she is trained to do, “report fraudulent monies,” and a man is sitting in jail for something he is not known for doing and thought he was doing his civic duty by paying his taxes.




The Purging Effect and how it produces our homeless!

Nationally our judicial system has been feeding this epidemic of homelessness.

When a person is citied for a crime that is deemed reasonable enough to have someone committed to a jail cell, it used to be that if an offense was committed a person was given a public reprimand and asked not to do it again or pay a fine. Especially if the offense was a misdemeanor.

According  to  Janet Portman, Attorney

Police may seize property belonging to defendants, victims, and witnesses—even those who seemingly have nothing to do with the crime. Whether you’ll get it back depends on what the property is, and why it was taken.

No one, that has ever committed a small claims court crime, was ever considered so heinous of a person that there documents where taken, documentation includes drivers licenses, birth certificate, social security cards, monies, everything that was on the person during the arrest. Shoe laces, shoes, socks, all personal effects are cited and approved of “purging” because someone committed  an act typically unknown to them  that was an offense.

Personal property can end up in the police station evidence locker even when it was not owned by the person arrested for the crime… the clothing of a sexual assault victim may contain evidence of the attacker’s bodily fluids that, when tested, can be compared to the defendant’s profile. The prosecutor will keep it for that reason.

But we are not talking about FELONS; I have heard of men and women being “purged” of there personal effects due to a DWI, a public indecency charges, (which range from cursing in public during an altercation, walking nude in public), or just anything else that is mildly inappropriate and especially during protests of a certain article of interest that allows Free speech to be interpreted as violated because it hurt the sensitive ears of those passing by. All of which is considered a misdemeanor.

The Eighth Amendment prohibits excessive fines when the size of the fine is disproportionate to the seriousness of the criminal activity on which it is based.

Of course no one takes it into account because they do not know the law and what they can do to protect themselves and so officers and government officials take advantage.

Forfeiture laws are very controversial, for they sometimes have unfair results. For example, in the early days of such laws, even an “innocent owner” stood to lose property that another had used in connection with a crime. The most famous case involved a woman whose husband used the family car to conduct business with a prostitute. State law provided for forfeiture of cars used by those who participated in prostitution, so the car (which was registered to both husband and wife) became the property of the state, despite the co-owning wife’s complete unawareness of her husband’s crime and use of the car to facilitate it. (Bennis v. Michigan, 116 S. Ct. 994 (1996).) Largely as a result of public discomfiture with such results, the federal forfeiture law was changed in 2000 to allow for an “innocent owner” defense, which is present in most state forfeiture laws as well (though some states require all owners to be innocent, which would not have helped the wife in Bennis). (18 U.S.C. § 983(d).)

Now when the person is purged of all of there items for the minor charges they have been made to sit 6 months or longer for, they have been given notice that if they do not seek to retrieve there personal documents in that time frame then they run the risk of not ever seeing it again or having to go to an  immigration center to prove their citizenship. Drivers License are taken, cut in half and along with any other personal effects, thrown into a city incinerator.

“The Purging” of anyone’s property in this manner is liable to create an influx of “Identification-needy-people.” In a world where nationalism has been confused “materialism” you can see where the problems enfold.

Of course there is always an easy fix, Go down to the government offices and reapply for any identification that might have been lost or stolen or purged. My question is, “Why was this ever made necessary, and if my identification is  so important upon my release, why would you burn it in the first place?”

Why would you take someone’s money, “Their Bank Card,” and burn it and then tell them to secure there lives when you have destroyed there identity?


42 million and counting!

According to numerous journals and MD  research, in America there is a growing need for charitable support from concerned citizens.

In 2008 there was a massive job loss crisis that left more than 42 million out of  a means of income to feed themselves.

These millions ranged from the very poor to the well to do middle and upper middle class citizens. Rendering the wrath of famine to be no respecters of  person. Revelations 6:5

Here it is 2017 and according to FA (Feed America foundation) and many like it, there is still a need to end hunger in America.

When we consider the problems in other continents like Africa, Europe, Eurasia, Australia, or the Islands, we may begin to feel overwhelmed and that the little we do to make the world a better place in our own worlds is enough.

Except, that mentality has not ended the hunger in our homes here in America, that mentality of doing what we can with what we have has left us to believe that things will not get better and that there is no use in talking about it.

I suppose I am writing this, because it shocked me as  to  how people will catalogue devastation after the earthquake, call for aid for the millions that are suffering and then as the years go by, pretend it was not due to negligence that what happened to them was indeed the issue. I suppose raising awareness is all I can think to do, so I don’t mind talking about it, but I am shocked when someone tells me they did not know homelessness was the direct result of joblessness which then led to the devastating demands of hunger in America.

There are some groups that are inclined to believe that if someone is hungry in the Greatest Country on Earth, it is their own fault, for here in this country there is always work, there is always a means to feed oneself.

This above statement is a misconception and this need of Americans to ignore what has happened in this country and not develop a means to employ people to something more lucrative than a raised minimum wage of 15.00 an  hr; for an industry their neither needed to collect a  degree  for employment, or to render businesses to be developed in the homes of starving Americans who now must rely on friends and relatives as a support basis.  To turn our city residences into shanty towns to support the needs of the many that can not afford to pay rent, which was a problem in 2004 to present. As this cascading development remains ongoing so does the cry of the many as to how can one live in an increasing pressing danger of Revelation 13: 13-17 

     I hear songs on the radio advertising a NEW AMERICANA. My friends come to me shocked and surprised that anyone could ever dream of turning from ideas that they know work to rely on godless standards of living. I witness people getting paid to exploit the pains of others without giving them any means to better themselves and I am made to pray for my country that one day she will awaken from her sin, repent and begin to move in the manner that she has always known to be truth.

I want the world to know that they shall not live by bread alone, that when man decides to deny you something GOD will give you everything, just remember it was him that gave it to you, reverence him, do not ever deny him, and in the name of Jesus, teach the world that the healing comes not only from the inside but can be witnessed in your daily lives, through a constant supplication to a holy Father that cares for you, beyond your wildest imaginations.

This has been your Advent Voice, just wanting to share a thought.

He Swore To Tell the Truth so help me GOD!



According to WRAL and other local news stations,

NCCU: Former student never disclosed sex offender status

Posted July 19, 2009


Durham, N.C. — North Carolina Central University officials said Monday that a former student who was charged last week with a sex crime involving a current student didn’t reveal he was a convicted sex offender on his enrollment application.

Brandon Alexander Whitehurst, 21, no address available, was charged on July 13 with sexual battery and a probation violation.

An N.C. Central student told campus police that Whitehurst tried to force his way into her dorm room last week.

Whitehurst was convicted in July 2006 of incest and had to register as a sex offender.

He attended N.C. Central in the 2008-09 school year and the fall 2009 semester but didn’t enroll after that, school officials said Monday.

The university never conducted a background check on him because he didn’t state on his enrollment application that he had a criminal record or that he was a registered sex offender.




Erin Hartness

Web Editor

Matthew Burns

Copyright 2014 by Capitol Broadcasting Company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed


I always believed a picture says a thousand more words than any news article, so here is the man of which they made the claims:

I also decided to redistribute these claims verbatim, lest anyone say, “I quoted them out of context.”

Image result for brandon alexander whitehurst


His defense against this report or any reports against him have always been that as of the charge of 2006, he was never formally charged with incest until 2009. Considering those facts he never felt it was his civic duty to tell anyone a thing until he signed his name on the dotted line. It took the courts 3 years of deliberation to formally charge him of any sex offense. Those three years he spent in college seeking a law degree. In hopes of studying the law efficiently enough to learn how to defend himself against the rallies of the word of man.

What web editor Matthew Burns and reporter Erin Hartness refused to disclose to the public was that  the “sex-crime,” alleged against him by the word of a female student was dropped in 6 months after Mr. Whitehurst took her to a small claims court jury trial. We asked him what he thought of the woman that raised charges against him and he said, “I dub her Marcy Dangerfield.” Meaning the words of man or woman can be very dangerous to the sanctity and security of a man. Now-a-days, anyone can get on the stand and “Cry Wolf,” have no proof of injury, be it mental or physical and get away with “rape of the mind” simply because cases like these leave us with no easy answers. She was willing to send me to prison, she and the prosecutor, with no more proof than Here-say and that is why I “pleaded the fifth amendment.” Laid my head upon the chopping block and when they dismissed the case, I thought, “Freedom is the Prize of a Righteous Man.”

He was not given freedom though. After all charges were dropped and the courts could not say without a reasonable doubt whether he was guilty of any wrong doing the courts then sought to site him with probation violation. The courts would claim it was because, he was on a public campus and the girl made a stink. Only after the case was dismissed and one could not find any alleged charge on his file, it begs the question, “What did the courts, the city, the school, the girl, society, get out of imprisoning a man who can show no proof as to why he is locked up besides probation violation?”

Guilty verdict followed enrolling 07.20.10 – 10:07 pm Former student facing new charge still may have lied

By Ray Gronberg; 419-6648

DURHAM — A former N.C. Central University student accused of groping a current student wasn’t a convicted sex offender when he was admitted to the school in the spring of 2008, state justice and correction officials say.

But Brandon Alexander Whitehurst, 21, was facing a charge of incest in Moore County, and apparently lied about that on his application.

My understanding is that when he applied, he did not disclose his situation, and his conviction took place after he’d become a student,” said UNC system Chief of Staff Jeff Davies, who added that system officials are reviewing the incident with their counterparts at the Durham campus.

N.C. Central officials on Tuesday stood by their statement that Whitehurst “did not reveal any criminal background on his application,” which asks would-be students six yes-or-no questions admissions officers can use to ferret out potential safety threats.

Applicants have to disclose convictions of any crime more serious than a misdemeanor traffic violation, and have to own up to any criminal charges pending against them.

In spring 2008 Whitehurst was nearly two years removed from having been arrested in connection with the incest allegation. He eventually was convicted of that offense on Sept. 9, 2009.

His subsequent listing on the state’s sex-offender registry dated his conviction as having happened on July 16, 2006. The registry said the victim in the case was 13 years old.

Following media inquiries about Whitehurst’s latest arrest, N.C. Central officials said they hadn’t known he “was a convicted sex offender at the time of his admission.”

But N.C. Department of Correction spokesman Keith Acree, N.C. Department of Justice spokeswoman Jennifer Canada and officials in the Moore County clerk of court’s office all confirmed that Whitehurst’s conviction happened in 2009.

Canada said the 2006 date in sex-offender registry “was just an error” that mirrored the day of Whitehurst’s arrest on the incest charge. Officials have since corrected the entry.

Offenders’ names are only supposed to go into the database following a conviction.

Canada couldn’t “say for sure” who punched in the wrong date, but she noted that “information is generally input by the county where” the offender registers. Registration is required upon conviction.

Whitehurst as of Tuesday was in the Durham County Jail, where he’s being held on charges of sexual battery and violating the terms of the three years’ probation he received in 2009.

Durham County Sheriff’s Office records show he was held pending a $250,000 secured bond on the alleged probation violation and another $1,500 secured on the battery count.

The battery charge stems from an incident this month involving a current N.C. Central student who told authorities Whitehurst touched her buttocks, thighs, legs and feet “by force” and against her will.

Whitehurst hadn’t attended classes at N.C. Central since fall 2009, and “is not a current student,” university spokeswoman Myra Wooten said. Because of the new charges, he’s been barred from campus.

UNC system policy, developed following a pair of 2004 homicides of students at UNC Wilmington, requires criminal-background checks of applicants who answer yes to any of six campus-safety questions.

Lying on the application is grounds to deny admission or for dismissal from the university after admission, N.C. Central’s application warns.

A conviction or pending charge doesn’t automatically bar a student’s admission.

System policy allows schools to admit people despite those problems, after making “an individual determination that [an] applicant does not pose a significant threat to campus safety.” Campuses do, however, have to document the decision process.

Davies conceded that the screening effort depends on would-be students “telling the truth on applications,” although admissions officers sometimes notice other clues that trigger background checks.

He also noted that the campuses don’t background-check every applicant — an option university leaders rejected in 2004 on cost grounds.

For the 2008-09 academic year the system’s campuses processed 127,808 freshman-class applications and offered admission to 74,720 would-be students. Of those, 31,927 eventually enrolled in classes.

Davies said it was “too early to tell” whether officials would modify policy or procedure because of the N.C. Central incident.

“I think our campuses do an admirable job of adhering to policy and making admission decisions properly,” Davies said. “Campus safety is our highest priority. Whenever something happens, we need to look carefully at what has happened to see if we need to amend our practices.”

After 6 months of rotting in jail and 3 years of quietly waiting for freedom, no one could say if it is important whether or not he touched the woman without her permission, after all was said and done it did not seem to matter any more, He was still looked at as a LIER, even though all that knew him, knew him to be an upright person. What made the girl LIE? What made the University rip the young mans life apart when he was only a year from completion of his BA in political studies?

According to

In Niamh McIntyre’s article these are not new developments among DOJ operatives. 

This is something that has been going on for years and should have been taught in the lives of our youth long before they go into our world of professionalism. The word of another can condemn or it can bless. The power of the tongue has the ability to create or destroy and we as a people have this need to destroy. Ms. Dangerfield’s LIE cost a man his lively hood. The young man’s lie of omission cost him his college career but should he have gone to Prison? Nothing can be said about the woman that was caught in her lie. The trauma of the court proceeding was too much and she never received any repercussions. The man did his time of 3 years silently and upon release became a wandering vagabond because we all know what happens to people tagged with these SCARLET LETTERS  Innocent or not, they are made to seek the voice of THE ADVENT.   

Ten years after that horrendous day, what can you ask a man that can not risk to be shot down as a mocking bird? They tell him if he is convicted one more time of any case of similar offense he will have to Opt for castration. He asks all the time who in there right mind would be caught for a, “sex-crime,” more than once. What classifies as a, “sex-crime?” The here-say of a spoiled child or a scorned woman, cause that was what Marcy Dangerfield was, she was a scorned woman and nearly got her a mocking bird. This one was just smarter than most. What sort of world do we live in, where a man’s livelihood and manhood is threated in some archaic means of justice. It was because of what happened to me that I wanted to fight crime. Only they did not want my brand of justice. I wanted to rip the Parry Mason Clause to shreds. For every man upon the freedoms given to us at birth have a right to justification and peace.

The dismissal of a case is supposed to mean that it never happened, instead journalist and the DOJ will keep someone’s file riddled with half true information that is available to anyone on the internet and because no one wants to go through to deliberations of proving, “Beyond reasonable doubt.”  They are made to plea guilty, settle out of court, or sign for deals that will make them slaves to society in short order. If not slaves.

Eunuchs, with no other motivation besides food in the belly, shelter, and peace.

Mr. Whitehurst is not bitter, his language is rough and pure and full of innocent love for his country and fellow man. He is just baffled at what people claim to be liberty or free will. He finds the definitions man places upon there words to be fickle and self-serving and does not excuse human nature for their folly. He lost the respect of many, gained the respect of many. He has fought the good fight, has seen many prisons and many high places. He will not separate himself from his story because he sees a day when many will need his education, even when they don’t want his truth and claim him to be a lie. He smiles. Only to be found whispering,

All in due time.

One day the world will wake from there slumber, Count me as one of that number. 



Made to feel Special!

That is, in most business franchises, the one that has the newest idea, or newest sales gimmick will generate a new audience.

The business that keeps up with the market and what the consumer wants to see has a better chance of generating the larger audience and earning the most sales. The business director that can create a brand or image that will hold the attention of the buyer has to do very little in order to keep their premiums up.   This is all in line in making people feel special and keeping customers happy. Very little market share is available to the franchise that refuses to change there marketing strategy with the times.

There is a fundamental problem with being special though. Those that have new ideas or are faced with new problems in the market have the off chance of being the only ones to face an obstacle and no one in the business of sales or marketing may have faced this issue so no one in their trouble-shooting department can be of assistance to the up-starts.

Case in point: When you begin a new business model and use the same banking methods as any other company, be they a personal or corporate entity and are faced with the challenge of getting pay-pal to recognize your bank accounts, who continuously send you error remarks.

   This small business is set to face the challenge of telling their consumers who are continuing to buy into their product that they can not deliver on a product because payments have not been secured by pay-pal neither the bank, that has not been able to link shareable account information.

When contacting the bank> They claim, “You are special,”  this is the first time they have ever received calls about pay-pal or any online data base not linking with any bank system before, corporate or personal.

When contacting pay-pal> They claim, “You are special!” Since this is the first time this has ever happened we don’t know what to tell you on how to secure the funds that were promised to you.



 Economic and social system in which all (or nearly all) property and resources are collectively owned by a classless society and not by individual citizens.

That is how a small or corporate business is made to feel when there banking or product shares is held in contempt by another organization or entity. The above definition is that of communism not to be confused for consumerism.

Now who owns Pay-pal and there associates? “Someone made to feel special,” this someone made others feel special as well, when neither the banks or corporate entities can explain why when a small business franchise can not seem to convert banking information and assist their consumers in financial transactions.

Digitized receipts are made and the, “promise of funds,” is delivered but when time comes to actually reap the benefits of hard work, it may be better to invest in a trade or solicit door to door sales of baked goods, because the reliance upon the irrational behavior of artificial intelligence may just cost you a years supply of reusable dividends.

This has been a letter to all of those that want to feel special!