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A list of source material and authors that will help place works of our administration into a social context. Hopefully adjusting your viewpoints, just to alleviate any doubts as to if we publish truth here.

What does it mean to be an Advent VOICE?!

Recently I was asked by a believer what did the name of my website mean. What does ADVENT mean?

At first I was put off. Clearly when someone that says, “they believe in the word of GOD,” knows what it means to be the voice of the advent. Clearly when we study the scriptures and look at the state of things in our lives, in our country, and in the world,  we know what it means when someone says, “Salvation is near.”

It was not so clear to this one believer the meaning or the need of the salvation message so I have come to feel that maybe they should know the meaning of the word and how that is to help us as the children of GOD to navigate our lives here on this earth.

What did Jesus really mean when he spoke to the people that wished to follow him into heaven.

Jesus and the rich young man (also called Jesus and the rich ruler) is an episode in the life of Jesus in the New Testament that deals with eternal life[1][2] and the World to Come.[3] It appears in the Gospel of Matthew 19:16–30, the Gospel of Mark 10:17–31 and the Gospel of Luke 18:18–30. It relates to the Evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience.

In Matthew, a rich young man asks Jesus what actions bring eternal life. First Jesus advises the man to obey the commandments. When the man responds that he already observes them, and asks what else he can do, Jesus adds:

If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.[4]

Luke has a similar episode and states that:

When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was a man of great wealth. Jesus looked at him and said, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God / Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”[5]

The disciples then ask Jesus who then can be saved, and Jesus replies: “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”

After I was shown this passage I personally realized I needed to do more to please my Lord, that living a decent life was not good enough and simply talking about him to my family and friends was not enough. That my education and status in life means nothing to GOD. To please my heavenly father I should seek to be his voice and urge others to learn how to hear from GOD.


Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

Prepare your hearts unto the LORD,

—Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. I the LORD have called thee…to open the blind eyes. —Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Hear and your soul shall live. The Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression. —Turn us, O GOD of our salvation. Open to me the gates of righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the LORD. —Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life.

Jesus saith….I am the way, and the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Luke 3.4–1Sam 7.3–Eph5.14–Is42.6-7–Ps.119.18–Is55.3–Is59.20–Ps.85.4–Ps.118.19–Matt7.13–Jhn.14.6

This is to me: the best definition for what it means to have and raise one’s ADVENT VOICE.


Coffee and Cigarettes are all I have to give!

Image result for coffee and cigarettes

I am working on my newest publication!

So excited am I, that I decided to advertise early. One book a year, that has become my desire.  There is such a demand for technical enterprises. There is such a push for entertainment and education through the avenues provided from the internet, that I would feel remiss if I did not take every year as an opportunity to lay a stake in it.

The art is still going strong and I have many avenues in which to promote the art. That’s right, my art is not just floating in free space right here, you can find it @

Along with some of thoughts on business news and how it can be used for marketing art, poetry, music, playwrights, graphic artists, dancers;

I have written a lot about the short comings of the American legal system and I have tried to develop an understanding from the masses beyond the complacent responses, I was born into.

I pray I do enough in this newest publication to address the social damage that has been done in this country since before I was born and where it will all lead to, for the unprepared.

I have come to this point in my life where I just want more for my general public and have found it difficult to express this need for awareness in just a fun protesting catch phrase.

Honestly I am not a protestor.

The word protestor has such negative connotations that most refuse to  be seen as one, but if you are a law abiding citizen and you are robbed for everything that you worked hard for, and you complain to the law that you want everything back and with interest.

:Are you a protestor or a business man?

If I tell my children, do not invest in certain market scams for this said reason and to spend money here for this said reason; am I a boycotting advocate or a teacher?

If I tell you I am in the business of promoting the arts and ask you to invest in say: a piece I call Hold the Line!

Hold the line!

which I hope illustrates what it is like to be on the wrong side of the gun; in our modern America, be it you get the news from Fox or the BBC or NPR; or have lived the life I did, as you will later find in my newest publication.

Then you would call me an  artist right?  That is good, I can only hope to please my audience in this new technical stage of life, by bringing them the world through my white canvases.

This has been your Advent Voice.

Keep smiling folks!



Red Shirts

Red Vs Blue
Red Vs Blue

I illustrated the parts that spoke to me from the book. There is a whole dialogue that goes unspoken throughout the book and you never really get what he is saying until the end. So it made you want to keep reading. After it is all said and done and you take it in, you find that you really can’t get mad at how the man thinks and laugh at his paradise.

Science is stranger than fiction and the Sci-Fi genre will always find ways to send you on a journey while walking on your grandmothers ceiling. When you are not certain about what is up and what is down then you know you have stepped into someone’s fantasy and he may ask you to be eaten by a large worm for effect.

None of this changes certain dynamics, certain truths. There has always been a Red vs Blue discourse in America and in its satire narratives. So it is not strange to find a bathroom argument in the latest John Scalzi novel.

Now according to the Author, you would think we are all grown enough not to freak out about the bathroom, that in this universe we have tons of things to freak out about, that in our lives we may come across Tax collectors and land lords and Repo-men but instead we concern ourselves with the bathroom. It is such a good argument that anyone else would just let, “The powers that be, do as they like.”

We would mindlessly continue to go down these long roads less traveled by and then everything just POPS, and so what is really important becomes the question.

eh, I don’t like to argue with Sci-Fi writers because they may put me in one of there “Black boxes that serves to fix every problem known to man, without thought.”

Then I won’t be able to write anymore and continue to give you something to live for.

Check out this book though.

It is one wild ride.

Reddit Beeped me!


5 months ago a very big player noticed a very little and humble player. I personally think that is one of the biggest things in this industry to help a movement move forward.

In 2013 a talking robot head decided to make waves in this changing world, published a book and certainly does not need my voice or accreditations, in order to feel good about themselves. I am going to give it anyway. I am going to say that they have written books worth reading and I am going splash all over the place images of the talking robot head and smile as you all become more informed and as inspired as I to always dream big.

Sure it was only a few comments and sure most entities that are considered a Hot/NEW topic, tend to show on the radar and dies as soon as they are born.

Friends that is why I speak, that is why those with an ear to hear let them listen. The Advent Voice is not here for a flaming 15 minutes of fame, but to encourage and promote those that speak the same language. No longer should any of us sit still in awe as the opportunity of any sort passes them by.


Without Their Permission: The Story of Reddit and a Blueprint for How to Change the World (Paperback)

Rated undefined out of 5 stars

Small Business & Entrepreneurship


As Alexis Ohanian learned when he helped to co-found the immensely popular, the internet is the most powerful and democratic tool for disseminating information in human history. And when that power is harnessed to create new communities, technologies, businesses or charities, the results can be absolutely stunning.
In this book, Alexis will share his ideas, tips and even his own doodles about harnessing the power of the web for good, and along the way, he will share his philosophy with young entrepreneurs all over the globe.
At 29, Ohanian has come to personify the dorm-room tech entrepreneur, changing the world without asking permission. Within a couple of years of graduating from the University of Virginia, Ohanian did just that, selling reddit for millions of dollars. He’s gone on to start many other companies, like hipmunk and breadpig, all while representing Y Combinator and investing in over sixty other tech startups. WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION is his personal guidebook as to how other aspiring entrepreneurs can follow in his footsteps.

  • ISBN13: 9781455520015
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00272

Now just cause I was a fan of the book does not mean any of you will be. Honestly I was burning for this moment provided by my talents long before I read the book. I was just glad for the confirmation of such a good idea, through the actions of others of like minded attitudes.

The affirmation is true.

Great minds think alike.

Keep smiling folks.

This has been your Advent Voice!

Before I go though, I am going to have to ask  Arzu1982; I-am-the-lul; areddituser542 &  MGTOW to check out, like I checked out there book

The Unfolding; by R.B. Edwards


To tell there friends about them and give an honest to God report after one wild ride.

Thanks again for making my last 5 months an exciting one!


Black Amethyst is finally here!

The above link is the address, where you can find my newest publication.

I am very happy about this one. Took me a good long time to finally get it out there and here it is. The story behind the art and this whole show!

I would love to thank all those that helped me get this through a medium and all of those that read and buy a hard copy.

remember, everything written or drawn was hand made and original by design and set to teach someone something along the way.

Black Amethyst

Price: $15.00 USD. Words: 55,620. Language: English. Published: May 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Religious
Clive Dawson is a dream weaver, who spent most of his life seeking to answer the question that stunts most in there young lives. Who am I? It is the question that leads many to drugs and debauchery. It is the question that leads one to mal-contentment. In his quest he finds the truth to many questions and a redemption that he never felt he was entitled to, but so grateful to receive.
Once you start reading the first line, you won’t want to stop!
Keep smiling folks and spread the word to all you know!


Science vs the Bible

I have had the pleasure of some of the best studies and have found that all that is said to be held against a person in this life.

Lack of education , Social standing, Economic birthing, are truly not hindrances and that when one applies themselves; well then we all can achieve.

This is something that science and all of its theorems, will not afford you and if one allows it, the Math will drive one to depression, or to question everything. As Bill Bryson does.

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They tell us not to become Politically involved! So I smile.

The year was 2014, when the Lord reminded me of all that I was given. Reminded me of my potential and how  I squandered it. I asked the Lord if he should release me, If he should grace me to please be patient with me; to keep to the promise we made when I was 18, not to kill me until I learned what my purpose was. Surviving a car accident makes one re-evaluate what is important. So he spared me and spared me and in 2014 he dared me.

Correlations are funny, I had not realized until this post that Mr. Chalker died in 2014. No telling his political involvement, I never knew the man, so I cared not, I only understood that in his writings, he underscored things that most would never dream possible, if not possible that man would consider doing that to man.

Jack Bridger Chalker (10 October 1918 – 15 November 2014), was a British artist and teacher best known for his work recording the lives of the prisoners of warbuilding the Burma Railway during World War Two.[1]


Chalker was born in London, the son of a railway stationmaster who had been awarded the MBE for his work in World War One. After attending Alleyn’s School in Dulwich and training in graphics and painting atGoldsmiths College, Chalker won a scholarship to the Painting School of the Royal College of Art in London. However, Chalker was conscripted into the British Army before he could take up his scholarship.

A Ward in the Chungkai Hospital(Art.IWM ARTLD 6652)

While serving in Singapore as a bombardier with the Royal Field Artillery in February 1942, Chalker was captured by the invading Japanese forces during the fall of Singapore. Chalker was held as a prisoner of war, first in Changi prison then two labour camps before being sent to work on the Burma Railway. On a part of the line in Kanchanaburi, Chalker used stolen paper and other materials to record the torture, malnutrition and illnesses endured by the prisoners. Although he risked being badly beaten, or worse, for doing so he managed to produce, and keep hidden, over one hundred paintings and drawings during his captivity between 1942 and 1945.[2] He met the Australian surgeon Colonel Edward Dunlop in 1944 and agreed, again at great personal risk, to make detailed records of the prisoner’s medical conditions to help Dunlop in his work.[3] When released in 1945, Chalker spent some time at the Australian Army HQ in Bangkok working as an official war artist. Chalker’s works, together with those of fellow POW artistsPhilip Meninsky, Ashley George Old and Ronald Searle form a unique record of prisoners’ suffering during the building of the railway and were used in evidence at the subsequent Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal.[2] Many of these paintings are now located at the Australian War Memorial and the Imperial War Museum.[3] In 1995 an exhibition of the works of the four artists was held at the State Library of Victoria under the title ‘The Major Arthur Moon Collection’.

Chalker returned to England at the end of 1945 and he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1946. He was appointed Director of Art at the Cheltenham Ladies Collegeand also worked as a visiting tutor at the Cheltenham College of Printing. In 1950 he became the Principal of Falmouth College of Art and after some years working as an advisor in local government Chalker took the same post at the West of England College of Art in Bristol in 1958. When that college became part of Bristol Polytechnic in 1969 Chalker became Head of the Faculty of Art and Design in the new institution and retained that post until he retired in 1974.[2][4]

Chalker also worked as a medical illustrator, made anatomical models for a medical company and was elected a fellow of the Society of Medical Artists of Great Britain. He was awarded an honorary degree by theUniversity of the West of England in 2003.[2][4] Ill-health resulting from his wartime treatment led to Chalker selling many of his Burma sketches in 2002 in an auction that gained worldwide attention.[5][6]

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The Unfolding; by R.B. Edwards

Below is the synopsis of the book written by a long time friend of mine. Who being a seeker of truth I felt the need and honor to uphold her words here on the site. This wonderful book can be found online at Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.  


The UNFOLDING Volume I reveals in novel form what many have longed to know. This is the generation that will see the fulfillment of events prophesied in this book. The UNFOLDING is a must read for you if you want the truth regardless of your personal prejudices. Continue reading The Unfolding; by R.B. Edwards