Undisputed and Uncontested!

When we leave things undisputed, when we remain silent on issues and allow them to run there course; in the search of a peaceful solution we are believing in ourselves that, we have done the world a favor. When in truth we have left ourselves open to a truth Jesus held very firm to when contesting the scribes and Pharisees, whom had the keys to the Holy Spirit and never used it, nor allowed others the right to it.

When we claim to have truth and hold onto it because others are not ready to receive it; or we feel they will not receive it from us, we stifle the gift of Truth and are made to wrestle as the unbeliever. Did not Pilate ask what is Truth and have the answer before him?

Dear History Channel,                                                                                                                                    3/28/2018


Jesus~ his Life and Story~

Professors of bible studies like Wayne Meeks at the University of Yale; E.P. Sanders; a historian who claims Jesus to be no more than a small rabble-rouser of the gospels; Bart Ehrman, professor of biblical studies at the University of Chapel Hill NC; professing the writers of the gospels probably altered the stories to fit prophecy; Have deliberately spit in the face of GOD and speak as the Pharisees and Sanhedrin and the emissaries of Rome during, “HIS,” time. A time the bible accounts for.

Is this irony? Is this human nature? Did Jesus and his disciples not tell you what would be decided upon the ushering of his coming. Did he not tell you they would deny me?

I pray for the souls of the men that would take the very stance of hypocritical men; that were buried in the rubble of the Roman Empire. If we are made to question the validity of the bible and it’s truths, why do we not challenge the account of every man that called himself king before Brutus, Ete Brute’d Cesar! Deliberately fictionalizing the faith, text, and structure of Christianity will not eliminate it’s truth or relevancy in your very real world. They are the kind of men that would read the account of Luke Chapter 23; witness the mockery he endured and place themselves in league with the very rulers spoken of in Luke 23: 35-37- If thou be the King of the Jews, save thyself.

Why would you blatantly lie on (page 22) and suggest Jesus never came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets of Judaism? Why do you insist Christianity to be a radical religiousness, when both the Torah, the Old Testament Gospels and the New Testament, fulfill (complete) themselves as the proclamations of GOD!

Professor John Dominic Crossavi claims to be a scholar of the Gospels but contradicts them?

Men like E.P. Sanders prove the contextual strength of Psalms 107; his pitiful discourse on (page 29) makes me suggest A wise man answers not a fool according to his folly lest he is seen wise in his own conceit: Proverbs 26: 4-5

In Mark 8: 27-30 Peter calls him “The Christ,” he solidifies his separation of Judaism and the need of the existence of an ideal that encourages rebirth and Christendom. It is that very moment each of the disciples begin to understand immortality through the presence of their Holy God in the flesh. It was more than Messianic indoctrination, it was pure Christendom born, later to be inacted in the book of Acts. Again E.P. Sanders is a fool that believes man dawned from apes or a cosmic speck. Fearing the idea that GOD; the very creator of the universe placed his feet in Israel.

Paula Fredriksen, professor of the appreciation of scriptures at Boston University suggests a very base ideal of Pontus Pilate many would not have gleaned from scriptures; raising questions as to how a man could be as cold hearted and unfeeling toward the cause of Jesus as one that says, “He finds no fault in the man?” Washing his hands clean of a crucifixion he was reluctant to give? (page 38). Interesting how learned men parade around their unbelief and call it truth. James Tabor professor of religious studies at the North Carolina University of Charlotte and his account of the Didache is tiresome, especially for those that can read as well as he. Bruce Chilton of Bard College and E.P. Sanders know very well why the resurrection and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was so significant to anyone that heard it. Because before the testimony of Christ; there was no hope of an everlasting after death. The Greeks in all of their philosophizing could not offer the absolution Jesus offered. Hades and Hell was all anyone ever knew, and there is still no source of immortality offered to those that believe in it as powerful as the Gospel of Christ, given to the Jew first and graciously opened to the Gentile.

(Page 52) is the very reason you have sought to write. Supplanting subjective lies about Christianity as a whole. With the sole purpose of ebbing it out of existence. For Christianity proclaimed the earth to be a circle while you remain in the past debating if the world is flat!

(page 71) Religious Autonomy?!

Elaine Pagels, professor at Princeton University, suggests 85% of literature was destroyed throughout history. Making me ask, “But Christianity survived, and Israel still reigns?!”

The Gospel of Mary, does not agree with the second coming of Jesus?! Carl Schmidt is not accused of losing anything in the midst of translation as modern Christianity is, but A Gospel only published since 1955 is an accredited source of knowledge?!

(Page 78) please explain to me how a Catholic Pope; Pope Gregory is to be considered a spokesperson for Christianity?

(Page 84) is the worst depiction of history I’ve ever heard!

Paganism, unlike Christianity, was tolerant of other religions and often incorporated elements of other religions?! Pliny the Younger proposed execution but it was the fault of the Christian’s because they would not honor false gods?!

Robert W Funk of the Jesus Seminar seek to unify the canon’s of Thomas with the Gospels for the past 30 years in search of unifying the Homosexual Community with Christianity, but for years the BOOK OF ENOCH has been ignored by ALL?!

You have been an affront to the decency of REASON, the path to knowledge and sponsors of a the very confusion that is our Liberal present. Where the BIBLE rights the oars of the lost, you’ve sought to keep men and women floundering in vain discussions of what has already been proven to be sound judgment. With no other motivations besides purging the world of the one hope to peace and forgiveness.


A humble servant,

Advent Voice

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