Silence is Acquiescence

I wrote an article that I really wanted to save for April Fools Day. I wanted to publish it on the very day and honestly I wanted to have another publisher take the lead and showcase the story to the world. In hopes that more would read it and not feel I held any biasedness or there was something untoward in the discussion.

I reference

Nothing happened.

When I say that, I mean no one from those companies that I spoke of had anything to add. They did not answer emails. There was no discussion of false accusation. There was no defense given on there behalf and they did not even seek to rectify there behavior. No apologies where given for the misunderstanding. Why?

Nothing was misunderstood. They robbed, felt they got away with a scheme and who will believe the account of one individual, one publisher, once source of knowledge?

It is the very same issue the writers of the bible face to this day, with entities such as the History Channel and leading minds in the institutions dedicated to knowledge.

Can you see how everything falls back to a righteousness singularly equated to the tenants of the BIBLE.

Usury is inexcusable but somehow we always justify it and when we are asked about it, only our shame can answer for us.     is quoted in suggesting she feels like a trash person. When if truth if she never decided to live the life she is living, she would not feel like a trash person. There are many that feel they have to live a certain way and feel like trash because of their behavior, never coming to realize to amazing power at their finger tips; in the power of “REPENTANCE,” “FORGIVENESS,” & “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.”

These where to gifts offered by Jesus when he died on the cross for us. A death none of us would have been willing to do for a single person. Not even our own family.

I was really expecting some sort of retaliation. This is a very human response. To hear nothing from a single person, who is liable and accused of robbing a man of his time and patience, that shows forth a callousness I was not ready for and why I entitled this page Silence is Acquiescence. If they are not set to defend themselves to change the course of the accusation, then by all means one should continue on the path of truth and declare with all joy how the Lord shall fight for me and when he takes hold of the situation, woe to those whom touch GOD’s anointed.

Nothing good comes from these methods we decide to take upon ourselves for the sake of a pride that so easily besets us. We suggest that when we are wronged; all we can do is pray for those that persecute. As if it is the least action one can take and nothing else will avail you. When in truth it is the first action any believer must take and it is the best. When we can watch the hand of GOD move in our favor; then can we be like Joseph and profess what our enemies meant for evil, GOD meant for our good.

What a joy our reason Lord truly is.

With God there is never silence.

Only peace.


This has been a moment with your Advent Voice.

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