A year of Intrigue & Adventure.

This year has been simply fascinating. We have been loved, adored, by many and just as we can count on our hands who loves us, we can count on our hands who scorns us.

Recent Feedback for sites like www.Adventgradepress.com & www.avproductionsblog.wordpress.com

Love the site! It’ll definitely be one that I check out in the future! Although, I did see one or two grammatical errors. The one I can think of is the misuse of the word “whole” where you should’ve used “hole” when you wrote about the drawing of “Son of a Sun” which was a great piece by the way! Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

I am really thankful to all of those that have given such lavishing support. I have been having trouble as of late making my content relatable. It seems, those that I reach out to, asking for their input, regard the information as abnormal and useless conversation; yet I hold onto the idea that there are some that need this information to remain competitive in our forever advancing and divisive settings. I do not ask people to believe off face value, but after seeking answers to the same questions I pose and finding a level of understanding along these roads. Aren’t we asked to regroup and think about how we engage one another?

Feedback from a despondent viewer, who later blocked our ads and promotions: I really tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and maybe have a normal conversation but I’m not playing games with you.

I found the last statement to be very interesting if not disturbing. How can relating information have these drastic responses. I personally live a in world of black and white reasoning. What offends me is wrong and I ask those around me to apologize and seek reconciliation. It is because I hold views of right and wrong that I am allowed to use these words. When I am not offended then it is deemed correct action, even if I do not personally benefit from the decision, as long as the hole of the discussion is built on the basis of education and development why would one assume a “game” is being played.

We here go through great lengths to explain through art, prose, song and laughter our viewpoints of the world as we know it. Never asking anyone to believe us, but to simply think and engage one another. We ask questions like, “How do you justify the separation of fathers from sons and that is where to motivation for the art piece of “Son of Sun” is derived. https://adventgradepress.com/2016/07/son-of-a-sun/ Better viewings of our art work can be had here: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/adventvoice/its-complicated. We go through great lengths to explain the pain of 237,000 men in America, we have many regards for the women of America that might have similar pain, we just don’t hear enough about them, in regards to the stories we are inclined to publish. With stories like: https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/shariaamericaprisons-for-profit/#more-1265 or stories like: https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/09/harvesting-mushrooms/ Where after Technological advancement after Technological advancement there are still minds that believe in regulating and organizing people so that they can not function in there desired fields of study with any healthy economic interests.

Then I am asking to have a, “normal,” conversation. After really reading stories like: https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/03/cats-paw/or letters like; Dear Voice of the Martyrs, 3/1/2018

Last year or two, I wrote to you about the imprisonment of men and women in America; who are being kept in similar conditions that your founder WurmBrand had to contend with in Romania in 1945.

Your response was that due to all of your work in NK, speaking to me about solutions or missions here in America would not be possible.

As the years mount and I study and learn that the institution, G.E.O; which has become a bane to my existence and that of 237,000 other people; of this country and have been active since 1984; (I find this date fascinating because it coincides with that of the NK DPK and their labor camp development.) According to your records and eye witness accounts, we should not be surprised to the behavior of those from Communist countries; The question remains, “How surprising is it when we hear of similar methods of punishment are pressured upon Americans in their own country?”

“What happens when American citizens climb Capitol Hill just like Richard and Sabrina, crowd into the galleries and the great halls floor were four thousand religious leaders are found believing, “The state could count on the church if the church counts on state; Communism and Christianity are fundamentally the same, and certainly can coexist?”

We as Americans, freedom loving people, want to believe the Cold War is over; that the fighting will end when we stop fighting; but the inner core of me suggests we’ve not even begun. Especially when Private Prison Corporations can get away with structural genocide that has occurred in this country for so long and no one questions it.

I am inclined to quote Sabrina every time I get a chance in regard to the standard of righteousness that is supposed to be upheld by the institutions that fuel our economy, “I don’t want cowards, around me.”

If you were to compile every report found @ www.avproductionsblog.wordpress.com in regard to G.E.O and Private Prisons here in America~ “Do you really not believe that there is no room for discussion on the purging of these institutions?”

Using Jailed Migrants as a Pool of Cheap Labor https://nyti.ms/2lv8xxo lets compare notes: https://adventgradepress.com/2016/09/2014/#more-263 … When we are made to look at a map like that we can’t help but ask who in congress can be trusted?


Sound the resistance for the men and women that have no voice! https://avprodcutionsblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/19/the-rage-of-landslide/ … Those that deny the Holocaust would be the ones that pool their money for institutions such as G.E.O. and CoreCivic!

Under Mr. Trump, Private Prisons Thrive Again https://nyti.ms/2lFd91O If Trump knew the truth: I know he’d do more than Obama would have done. It can’t be said he had anything to do with it, when to government has gone rouge since ’84.


I feel an intense level of exasperation with people that suggest “Time in Prison,” is a learning experience for most young men, it teaches them how to experience “Oneness With Self.”https://twitter.com/Maggie_McNeill/status/966084465171734528

Except that NPR supports the War on Whores, which is the new War on Drugs and will keep the prisons full. Because of THE CHILDREN!!!!! H

                                                                                                                    Your Advent Voice

I am still waiting on a response.

Is it even possible to have a, “normal,” conversation ever again? I would like to just reiterate what has been said in my previous posts: https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/knowing-the-difference-between-fact-and-fiction/ What did you do while I tramped across America to survive the Great Recession?” “How many homeless did you feed and clothe while a nation cried for a GOD and mercy a government was eager to deny existed?” “How many souls did you gather and supply with the armor of righteousness and accountability that was needed so that mothers and fathers did not have to seek justification from GOD for the actions taken to serve the materialistic god of MAMON?”

A song I like to promote that I feel really helps the masses see the world from my eyes, is what NightCore produced: Nightcore – Middle Finger https://youtu.be/DBbrNfRSllQ via @YouTube OMG this song had me so excited, because I felt there was someone out there that was singing my anthem!

Thank you again to all of those that have taken the time to listen.

After having read https://avproductionsblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/shariaamericaprisons-for-profit/ This viewer wrote to me: I understand what you are saying in your post, but why struggle with that idea? Why be in a place that is not for you? Be like a beaver and go find a place of your own and claim it without it being taken away from you. Find your own land, your own space, and be you! Once that is complete then you help others like yourself find their own land and forget about the background noise and enjoy life!

When Christian Appalachian Project was founded in 1964 I wonder if they received as much flack, about feeding starving children, as I receive about feeding starving souls. I want to write to them at 485 Ponderosa Drive. P.O. Box 1768 Paintsville, KY 41240 and ask how have they been able to cope over the years off of gifts ranging no hiring than $34.20.

We here in America know it is a fact that Appalachia is a place where only the most fortunate have jobs, where once-thriving coal mines have long ago closed and manufacturing jobs have since been moved overseas. Still many look at these ads and appeals of support with the same callousness as the viewer that asked me, “Why don’t I forget the background noise and enjoy life?!”  

I would like to say, it is because of moments like this:

Our affilates and marketers: those that assist in getting the word out about our art and keeping up with pop culture and it’s relation with the world were verbally abused today.

Normally we like to hold onto the notion that any publicity is good publicity. Today we will have to say, Foul language is never necessary.

THIS IS WHAT START THE VERBAL ASSAULT: We are sorry if you are further offended.

NowThis‏: publicized Eminem as he went after the NRA in this powerful performance from the iHeartRadio Music Awards. An interesting question was poised by an anthologist known as Advent Voice who is assisted by numerous broadcasters in getting his art out to the public. He asked in light of his observations over the years. ” What do you do with people that refuse to see obvious political propaganda, especially when it is displayed in our Pop Culture? Doesn’t the artist begin to feel they are being ignored or unappreciated?” When he saw the show of rappers using the voices of today’s youth to help bolster a very serious argument, which has been ongoing for a long time now, “Freedom of Speech and 2nd Amendment rights,” he and so many others must ask, “Who’s side are these American performers on, why are they not educating the public on the real problems if they have chosen to speak, why do they continue to dance under cryptic lines and use inclusive language such as, “THE NRA is Standing In OUR way.”?? Who is Our? Who is he speaking for, certainly not himself who is the promoter of the movie 8 mile which is supposed to be the story of his life and those he knew growing up, whom never understood real gang violence but set out to promote it, if not encourage it. Of course you can not phase Mr. Shady he is whatever you say he is, if he wasn’t then he would have told you of some other way to incorporate him in the limelight of the world. Right now he poses as the mentor of our youth. Very interesting. And they have the nerve to say music has nothing to do with how people feel about politics. It’s just a mode of expression. I agree in freely expressing ourselves but where do we get off claiming one organization cares more about hunks of metal verses the lives of their children. It is in the protecting of these rights that our politicians feel they are doing their part, I wonder besides polling strife, what has Mr. Shady done for the positions of his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights?


We were called all sorts of names and the art was ridiculed because we decided to ask a question. Instead of feeding into the bait of being called an *asshat* we rebutted with this latest post on ethics:

The internet has become a volatile place. If you support an opinion different from the mainstream thought you will be tagged as a “backward thinker,” retarded and targeted by mean spirited people who when confused or frustrated or have no answer for a question will become violent in nature and speak horribly to you. I happen to like the responses of people that disagree with me. I don’t claim to be right about a thing. I just like to talk and think. What I don’t like is when someone calls me an asshat on Twitter because I or my affiliates asked a question? “Who’s side are these American performers on, why are they not educating the public on the real problems if they have chosen to speak, why do they continue to dance under cryptic lines and use inclusive language such as, “THE NRA is Standing In OUR way.”?? Who is Our? Who is he speaking for?” We feel anyone that is willing to ask for spare change from the government (SpangeDGov) every chance they get should only speak on the viability of the amount of pot they smoke and have to sell to make ends-meat. @Scope2Mars was verbally attacked today for saying (this) in response to our previous posts: Leave it to a supporter of marijuana & #TheSimpsons to disagree with me. (Me was in reference to everything associated with avproductionsblog.wordpress.com and this reddit forum) Anyone with a college degree in anything outside of #Memes please feel free to respond. Do not feel discouraged by anyone who has already apologized for the mental illness they carry & use to #SpangeDGov. It should be understood that because we value the rights of free speech and desire to express how we see things in the world, that respect is in order when discussions are to be had on topics that bring up controversy, not to go around calling people, asshats. It is language like this that gets you “Fired,” from work or “Blocked* on Twitter. Because the world is changing and we the consumer is making a mass majority of what is seen and desired on the internet, there really needs to be a discussion as to what is to be excepted and what is not. If we don’t want to talk about it. The least we can do is take proper steps in safe guarding our own presence on the internet and make sure we are doing our best to keep open minds and forums free for those that desire to simply ask a question.



There is a little piece of us that is happy with the outcome. Our art is doing more than we ever dreamed.

It is making people think.

What motivates me and drive all this work home is the idea that I will not die with my music still inside of me.  I have people coming to me after viewing my work, wanting more:

I did get a chance to review your blog, I think some of the topics of discussion are very interesting ,your outlook on life it’s very open-minded and I applaud that, alot of people do not live there life that way or even understand how an open-minded point of view can change your whole logic an existence in the world we live in!

Is there a market value for open-mindedness?

Yes open-mindedness is sellable or profitable whichever you choose! you have to know what crowd to be open-minded with it though, what region, what area to share your thoughts and opinions, but in my opinion the best way to reach more people nowadays is a YouTube channel ,Twitter ,Facebook Etc, try advertising some seminars in local areas and see what the turnout of the crowd is going to be about don’t give full details of exactly what you’re going to talk about just make the topic an attention-getting topic on the Flyers or the statuses you post look for small venues that seat no more than 50 people as a startup

That way is very cost-effective ,to see how affective you are to your community and the crowd you’re trying to reach just my opinion. Anyhow have a blessed and prosperous day.

Thank you again for your input and I hope to see you in person one day. Talk to you later

  1. Looking forward to it.

    It pays to do deep research on any topic you’re going to talk about ,make sure you’re always quick on your feet, because you never know what questions may be asked on any topic of discussion, you have to make sure you give a logical answer and a very analytical answer when questioned, knowledge pays when you have the right insight a person is seeking, you want to know is open-mindedness is profitable answer me this one question,” do people pay to go to seminars where there is a motivational speaker speaking informing or enlightening them on things they want to know?”

     This entire conversation really allowed me to see the potential of my work and how far AdventVoice can really go. I thank all of the fans I have made over the year.