My View of Heaven

For a month now I have been going around town asking people about there perspective about Heaven and what it means to them. Many did not know; many remained indifferent to the conversation; many felt it was too personal to discuss; some to my surprise did not believe they would be there.

Now you could say, I should not have been surprised by these responses. You might say heaven is singularly reserved for those of the Christian faith and those that believe in Jesus Christ or one monotheistic principal.

Which if you are inclined to believe that; then I feel sorry for you and the art associated with this topic will continue to leave you as the latter of the many responses to this question; doubting that Heaven is even possible for men and women like us.

I began this piece because I felt their was a lack of understanding in the world of how important the thought of heaven really is. What we will find there and how secure one must be that no matter what we do in this life; if we seek to help others there is a place under the tree of life for each and every one of us.
A place where we can laugh with our children, sing with our loved ones and cheer for the victory that awaits those still willing to dream.
Yes, what a wonderful view of a world just over the mountain of life.

I was very satisfied with the turn out for the final display of my artistic vision: though this vision can not be said to fulfill everyone’s ideal heaven or paradise; it can be said to have the inclusive appeal that is centered around the message of redemption and renewal that all who struggle in this life; with anything, desperately seek.

In the matter of 6 hours I had 19 views and 3.50 votes of approval for this depiction of heaven.

Upon the banks of heaven, there is a river in which we all can love, dance and sing.
I look for that place when ever I desire to get away from the troubles of the day. There are times when I have many troubles and the waters of life just seem to be endless. A project just takes for ever to come together and I become impatient and then I remember the pool in heaven and all the wonderful things I can do there. The things I see when I get lost in my mind, bring me peace.

Those ratings are what are found online and really have no reflection of the amount of people who viewed and could not tell me how it made them feel; simply because they are not apart of the artistic community. My view of Heaven received more in a matter of hours then, “Hold the Line!”  Which was well produced and tells a wonderful story in it’s own regard; but does not get anywhere near, showing people what is given to the righteous for there dedication and stance upon virtuous actions in this life.

 ….the things I’d do if I had the time.
I’d call forth the tempest,
Stretch my hands wide,
Fly to Venus and Saturn,
Watching the world’s collide!
The things I’d do if I had the time….
I’d turn my wife into a countess, set up rules that would make us exclusive
I wouldn’t be living inside of my mind….
The things I’d do if I had the time….

There are a few people I really desire to show this view of heaven to. In showing it; I am hoping they can live there lives with a new assurance at the possibilities that are always in front of us. I have found with the acceptance of the idea of heaven and our place in it; we must change how we speak to people and interact in this world; if we believe we are to keep a place in glory. It is the most basic of human rights and when we respect this golden fact: when we realize that the actions in life correlate with my reward and placement in the next; Things change don’t they.

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I thank all those that took a minute with there favorite Advent Voice.

2 thoughts on “My View of Heaven”

  1. Hello,

    finally a Christian website! I enjoyed your post presenting your view of heaven. For me, heaven is the place where all the people who believed in Jesus Christ, kept his commandments and his testimony will gather to worship the Lord and His Christ forever. Also, it will be a place of comfort for those who suffered on earth since there will be no tears anymore. Stay blessed!

    1. Thank you for your approval on our Views of Heaven!

      We found it rather amusing that you were so surprised by our views of the world; Are there really not enough Christian websites? I hope we are able to continue sharing similar views and supporting viewers like you; on your journey through the faith.

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