What is Truth?

Months ago my son’s mother made contact with me via our affiliated broadcasts; yet she made no acknowledgment as to weather or not she knew she was corresponding with me; I was amused because well she could not let go of something I said and had to defend the idea of failure in this life as being acceptable; though we all know the contrary to be true.

I have been truthfully seeking if people can take the things I say and engage with my questions or are they silent because these are things they really don’t want to think about and refuse to talk about. I am amused when CoSplayers, “like,” some of the things I have to say about them, they place little hearts of appreciation around a comment or an article; I know they never read a word because they are, “liking,” the words of a man, an artists, that has some harsh things to say about their chosen profession.

I really want to go one time to a Comic-con. Just to see if it’s true, after an hour you’d not know the difference between Barnum & Bailey Circus and a Convention.

Something truly wonderful has happened. After all the work, a year and a half of work on my anthologies and written material an influential source of information set out to correspond with me. Honestly it is nothing, people follow interesting conversation all the time; I am really a passing fad~ soon to fade in memory as so many other ideas have. Ideas that suggest prison reform is relevant, weed is destructive, prostitution is not a viable source of income, imitation is not innovation, failure is never to be appreciated, the modern welfare system has been abused for so long, government spending has been denoted equivocally, to be as satisfying, as the strength given from the Holy Spirit; and we know that to be a lie.

While world leaders seek to find productivity from a plant that poisons the mind and stunts the American potential, a potential each and everyone of us is born with; Our universities are filled with the by-product of corruption and sins one reproducing SIN.

You can dress it up, you can give it another name, but it will have the same sound, as the sounds Moses heard when he went to the children of Israel after being given the law by GOD; the sounds of war against the very essence that created them!

I wrote to Mat Staver on issues of G.E.O and some of the things I felt he left out of the conversation that will convince people of how wrong it is and wanted to know what he thought about G.E.O. In return he sends me a parchment with information about a book~ One parchment~ I can speculate all day on how I am suppose to feel about it. Am I to believe that the connection as to why our country has decided to accept certain legal procedures because of religious beliefs and if so, “What beliefs, are guiding our legislation and how does this information correlate with G.E.O?”

I will write to him again and maybe he will have more answers. Maybe he told me all I need to know, by sharing this one book?

I had the privilege of meeting a young woman the other day who is named Jordan. She loves the Lord but like so many of us desires a way to truly apply the precepts of the bible; but is made to feel uncomfortable at work and at home when discussing issues that effect our lives. So Beulah is to provide this direction yet none here desire to build the relationships needed to teach people prolific messages. Sometimes I feel we have confused the idea of the Holy Spirit guidance with that of (heartfelt) desires and actions of the moment that produce no long lasting change.

I am daily ripped in half at the idea of tales like “Kiss of Memory,” “Sharia-Law,” “Voice of Liberation,” “Scorn of Woman,” “The Devil Loves Apples,” “They ask us not to be politically involved,” “God’s Love,” and “Death is only the beginning,” are not attracting the questions of reform in America among those that can relate or simply have an imagination: I am asked to place my cares upon the Lord, as if I don’t, as if I have not. I am the one that has to remember and can recite the names and faces of men set to remain the fodder of the American landscape. I am asked why do I not care for the meanderings of those around me and my mind is always so far off? Because I am made to ask and still receive no answer,” What did you do while I tramped across America to survive the Great Recession?” “How  many homeless did you feed and clothe while a nation cried for a GOD and mercy a government was eager to deny existed?”

“How many souls did you gather and supply with the armor of righteousness and accountability that was needed so that mothers and fathers did not have to seek justification from GOD for the actions taken to serve the materialistic god of MAMON?”