The Devil Loves Apples

November 6, 2017:

What is Martha Stewart doing, endorsing “Sexting?”

The very issue that sent a man like Antony Wiener to a federal pen for three years. What does the “marijuana endorsing,” Snoop Dog, Quincy Jones ~tell all~ of the image of the entertainment industry~ Oprah Winfrey’s public bashing of President Trump and the DOJ system still debating over the manufacturing whole sell of marijuana have in common?

All of it is a hypocrisy.

2 Peter 2:2-3 And many shall follow their pernicious ways: by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.  And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Peter later goes on to talk about false teachers who speak evil of dignities.

The root of this language is hypocrisy. Where influential voices will tell you that you have a problem and are a bad person for a particular act. Will go so far as to claim you have committed a “sex-crime,” from the simple association with a strange woman, while at the same time endorsing the behavior.

My question is, “To what end?”

I have seen that the Devil does not only wear Prada, he loves apples as well, especially in New York.

I just never thought I would see the day that Stewart~Clinton~Oprah  would present the same picture to American readers and special interest achievers, wishing to bash the idea of male success and send someone to prison based on what is “texted,” and was clearly a consensual conversation.

Does anyone know what the definition of Blackmail is?

What is being presented to those that read mainstream publications and many of what is owned by these three and those affiliated with them is the accreditation and education on how to blackball someone.

I was reading through articles written by well named individuals and some have spoken out on how it is a shame people lie to the government about disabilities just to receive money. They went on to talk about how long the lines are and how grueling a process of receiving funds from the government can be.

I responded with quotes like “Take me to church, just so I can say Amen la-da-dat-ta-da.” The person did not appreciate my comments and well is it not true?

As I write on key issues that remain undiscussed, like, the judicial system we rely on to maintain order has three characteristics I can not abide: (1) Guilt till proven innocent,  denying reasonable doubt, (2) zero justification policies and Clauses named Parry Mason; (3) The lack of effort in keeping people out of prison.

I speak on the issues that arise from a fatherless home, I’ve asked people what good reason can be given for the refusal of a father seeing~ simply seeing his child?

All of which receive no response.

I’ve asked of the defense set for man who aid in the trade, WOMEN, fight to decriminalize and many concede the point through the amount of crickets that enter a room.

Those born into this generation denoted with a “Z” have an interesting moral line to consider. They don’t really have to, but they are made to.

Weather or not weed is a drug any of us can admit is worth dying over? Worth going to prison over? Worth legalizing~ To those that enjoy locking black people up and continuing the people farming process, “YES!” The more families that are destroyed by this narcotic, the more man can be carted off to fill prisons. The legalization set by party members is a disguise. As I have said before those that perpetuate debauchery have no intention of reforming institutions that have had a history of debasing men and the monetary system used to keep man comfortable. It is no different than the legalization of alcohol and the horrendous restrictions placed upon it’s use. A man is breathalyzed and if he is caught with more than .05 ~ that is half a beer~ upon his breathe and is pulled over he is sited with a DWI that can range to 25 years in prison; and that is a first time offender.

You might be asking at this point, ‘Why do I get so upset about dates, rates, and expense?”

Because while party members and stock brokers keep playing with the idea of weed being a cash crop, I have to remember the number of men and women that fed and continue to feed the penal system for the sake of mineral values around the country.

I have to remember 18 year old Hispanic children who was shot in their beds by sheriffs of my small birth town in Texas that believed he and his brothers were manufacturing and selling; this cash crop.

I have to remember Trevon Martin who was shot and accused of being “High” by those that never got the full story but felt that because he might have been smoking, “pot,” he deserved to be shot.

I have to remember all the men and women who might have been shot behind this stuff and I hate to say it, “But no amount of money or legalization can take away the pain associated with the deaths behind that plant!”

It is a pipe dream, A dream as far fetched as Man living on Mars.