A Call to Reformation in the World of Art

Recently I have spoken on the issue of Fatherless sons. I’ve gone around asking people in general what there initial take on the issue is and I have received either diversion from the subject or silence.

Which for an inquisitive person such as I, Silence is acquiescence. I believe in Peace through Strength and don’t believe in appeasement as a sign of agreement. Tolerance of irresponsible choices as allowance for generational disease, to me, is unforgiveable. Not for God mind you.

I’ve asked how do people respond to it? I have found when we are asked to address an uncomfortable issue, be it we are believers or secular, we all know the separation of the family unit, no matter the circumstance, is accursed. Be one a heathen or of Christ one is made to hold their head in shame upon the question.

When a person comes to you and suggests, “You don’t need the father of your child in your life, you can raise your child on your own, you don’t need a man.” Rest assured upon this word;

Flee from all appearances of evil.

I’ve been having a hard time with the believers as of late. They listen to the news~ They are aware of the dangers prescribed from the influences of the music our children are listening to, the movies they are watching, the books they are reading; those that seek to shied away from my truth, suggest, “They don’t know what I am suggesting.”

So I have decided to shout from the mountain tops.


A revitalization in the identity of the people around me and an end to the speech that keeps us ineffective in the education of civilized and productive man. When I say reformation, I am speaking on the rejuvenation in the lexicon of man. Fore when we elevate the power of the tongue, change comes.

I asked a beautiful young woman how she felt on the issue of the fatherlessness in America and she told me, much of what I’ve related to you, from my own experience.

Her step father was not an influence she sought to keep him at bay because of  how negative he approached her life.

I am not suggesting that mothers and fathers are to agree with everything their children do~ I am suggesting that they remember to encourage and guide the spirit that rages in their youth.

Ask any one over the age of fifty what it is the definition of success and they can’t tell you. So as our children wander the world looking for it, how dare we complain when they find the validation they sought from debasing sources.

The words of my father haunt me to this day, “Let him go, let him learn how cold and uncaring the world is, he needs to learn to be a man!”

I see the products of this teaching~ Millions in prison, millions on welfare, millions seeking validation from people who are just as lost as they are. I did not find uncaring from the world, quite the opposite. I found a world looking for a hero. I found nothing had changed since I  was five years old and my gift remains relevant and needed. I found every where I went, when I put my hand to the plow I found a friend. When I gave unconditionally they were happy to give in return as a traveler their was one rule that kept me above water.  Equivalent Exchange.

This is a law that is hard to apply with our children because we believe they are to do as we say and that is the end of the conversation. Then the child grows and because we were so used to having a slave; a naïve; we forget the necessity of teaching our children of a principal that is unescapable. When I give of my heart freely their is an expectation and an accountability required of you. This is how you know you have elevated in my estimations and have earned respect because when I gave, you gave in return. This is the give and take expected from parents-children-employer-employee-love-lover.

This is the key we use to bond friendships and speaks of a dependability expected in the relation of man.


2 thoughts on “A Call to Reformation in the World of Art”

  1. In this world a lot is happening for sure , people are turning from good to bad .Guidance is always needed , of course a mother can guide a child but the hand of the father is a need when it comes to leading the youths through the right path .My dad died a year ago and I can feel a big gap in my life which I can’t cover up .He was my motivation and all and I’m proud that at least he showed me something about life .

    1. I am glad this blog and viewing of our art work gave you that chance to share the love you have for your father.

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