A Call to Reformation in the World of Art

Recently I have spoken on the issue of Fatherless sons. I’ve gone around asking people in general what there initial take on the issue is and I have received either diversion from the subject or silence.


Which for an inquisitive person such as I, Silence is acquiescence. I believe in Peace through Strength and don’t believe in appeasement as a sign of agreement. Tolerance of irresponsible choices as allowance for generational disease, to me, is unforgiveable. Not for God mind you.

I’ve asked how do people respond to it? I have found when we are asked to address an uncomfortable issue, be it we are believers or secular, we all know the separation of the family unit, no matter the circumstance, is accursed. Be one a heathen or of Christ one is made to hold their head in shame upon the question.

When a person comes to you and suggests, “You don’t need the father of your child in your life, you can raise your child on your own, you don’t need a man.” Rest assured upon this word;

Flee from all appearances of evil.

I’ve been having a hard time with the believers as of late. They listen to the news~ They are aware of the dangers prescribed from the influences of the music our children are listening to, the movies they are watching, the books they are reading; those that seek to shied away from my truth, suggest, “They don’t know what I am suggesting.”

So I have decided to shout from the mountain tops.


A revitalization in the identity of the people around me and an end to the speech that keeps us ineffective in the education of civilized and productive man. When I say reformation, I am speaking on the rejuvenation in the lexicon of man. Fore when we elevate the power of the tongue, change comes.

I asked a beautiful young woman how she felt on the issue of the fatherlessness in America and she told me, much of what I’ve related to you, from my own experience.

Her step father was not an influence she sought to keep him at bay because of  how negative he approached her life.

I am not suggesting that mothers and fathers are to agree with everything their children do~ I am suggesting that they remember to encourage and guide the spirit that rages in their youth.

Ask any one over the age of fifty what it is the definition of success and they can’t tell you. So as our children wander the world looking for it, how dare we complain when they find the validation they sought from debasing sources.

The words of my father haunt me to this day, “Let him go, let him learn how cold and uncaring the world is, he needs to learn to be a man!”

I see the products of this teaching~ Millions in prison, millions on welfare, millions seeking validation from people who are just as lost as they are. I did not find uncaring from the world, quite the opposite. I found a world looking for a hero. I found nothing had changed since I  was five years old and my gift remains relevant and needed. I found every where I went, when I put my hand to the plow I found a friend. When I gave unconditionally they were happy to give in return as a traveler their was one rule that kept me above water.  Equivalent Exchange.

This is a law that is hard to apply with our children because we believe they are to do as we say and that is the end of the conversation. Then the child grows and because we were so used to having a slave; a naïve; we forget the necessity of teaching our children of a principal that is unescapable. When I give of my heart freely their is an expectation and an accountability required of you. This is how you know you have elevated in my estimations and have earned respect because when I gave, you gave in return. This is the give and take expected from parents-children-employer-employee-love-lover.

This is the key we use to bond friendships and speaks of a dependability expected in the relation of man.



County Legislator Ben Boykin, D-District 5 and DNC affiliates along with the likes of John McCain should find a way to answer this question.

“What is the difference between Communism and the likes of one party making all the decisions when it comes to public policy?  It would seem that because the Republicans will never agree with you on gun rights and the decriminalization of weed you are willing to call in the United Nations, to police the American people?

To all those that have expressed a lack of faith in the response of our present administration to your demands on behalf of the American people, in your extreme politics. To all those that have come to see our democracy as an “unfair,” system in which when the Republicans make a decisions it is only in the service of this deluded idea of a “white majority.” To all those that will perish with this belief of having to clamor the streets in protest. Having to patiently wait for the governmental aid you so desperately desire and feel because you are the only one in the room with problems and America is no better than an Africa.

Most of the major cities have been in need and little thanks to you Boykin or any other black organization can we speak of  has changed the situation and you feel because the Republicans can’t be trusted, it is right to rally people in support of the United Nations to intervene, because of you lack of faith in your government.

(Your words, not mine)

The question remains, “What is the difference between Socialism and the likes of one party making all the decisions when it comes to public policy?”

Voice of the Martyrs is a Christian organization that has set out to find stories of those that where tortured in the name of Christ and share how their faith kept them whole.

One man spent 14 years in a Communist Prison and shares his tale. When we hear his words and men and women in our “Christian country,” have similar stories, I feel a graveness in my stomach.

So many questions burn inside of me.

  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Nigeria
  • Central African Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Iraq
  • Tunisia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Gatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Afghanistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Comoros
  • Maldives
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Kuwait

The list continues of all the countries in which sharing the Gospel is prohibited!

What they don’t tell you is the same venom that is spread against Christianity in those countries has touched America and is paid for by Neo Nazis~ Who did not vote for the President, Black Nationalists ~Who did not vote for a President that says he is a Christian. ~Black Lives Matter supporters who did not vote for a president, socialist witch and warlocks~ who seek and sing about a, “New Americana!”

Individuals that believe this prosperity of a new world order most come through the development of a new liberal doctrine. What they don’t tell you is, “reformed,” prostitutes and gang bangers who have no allegiance to GOD or man seek to run your country and while they joke and snicker about the prospect of the American people allowing individuals like Boykin, Al Franken and Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton , Chris Epps, Chuck Schumer to hold down some ones podium, they seek to re-educate the masses on the definition of what is criminal.

Recently I was asked, “What constitutes criminality?”

Considering how I’ve said before none of the men or women I’ve come across were, “criminals,” to me, I was asked, “what do I deem to be punishable under the law?”

Because I believe in the Judeo-Christian ethic: The ten commandments are first and foremost upon my lips.

Sodomites(Homosexuals), prostitution, drug dealers(Illegal dealing), murder, rapists, gangbangers, bullies, amoral individuals, Cut throats, ruffians etc. All the things that leave a foul smell in the room. But it is because I believe in the tenets of the bible that I find the very people that have filled the prisons are the ones Jesus (God) came to save and burdens his emissaries to educate. Never are we to propagate for profit.

When I think of criminality I think of issues that leave me to have  a need to prove justification and a need of redemption and I believe each offense against my person is to have a measure of grace reflective of my GOD. In every society there is the propensity of covetousness and is manifested through thievery. In the old days you chopped off his hand. We deemed that unnecessary as the years have gone by and to this day the civilized action for theft is the return of the item and restitution, or community service. Yet I have found that our decent society has forgotten the tenets  of  community service and it is not asked of men.

No, I never met a criminal in prison, never a killer among the bunch, sure liars, slanders, double dealers, uneducated men, gamblers~ who mind you when they are released go to the gas stations and feed into this desire of winning the lottery. None could fight or would kill me if they could. They were useless husks that needed a profession, were denied a profession and decided to obtain riches  by any means necessary.

Now, someone who would tell you Homosexuality in any form is appropriate has committed a crime against humanity! To me the issue of criminality has become as extensive as slavery~ Only because each is based on the profit of debased souls. I still desire to know what happens to the women of these GEO camps. which can be compared to the ICC camps. This is not about the environment, this is about those that reside there. Aside from biblical standards I can not ascertain what else you desire from me. So many have preached and held onto the idea of children honoring their mother and father as a panacea for the rise of criminality in this country, yet because of this honorable decree they miss when the Lord admonitions parents not to tempt  the wrath of their children. My righteousness has been in question because I keep my distance from those that wrong me. “I turn the other cheek and keep my face turned from them, until compassion can be received.”  Once received sure we can speak civilly but not on matters in which they were wrong.

Those that betray loyalties are criminals. Those that betray vows of marriage are criminals. Those that commit a wrong and seek not to show any sign or repentance or understand how they have to mend something and suffer the mind of a reprobate, to me that is criminal.

Those that seek to hold a gun to my head and take what does not belong to them are criminal. Though these extremes are so rare, it is only because of our need to highlight every violent crime do we believe the world is filled with hate. The masses have assigned a normality to the violence we are witnessing and have a misconception of the word, “civil protest,” and act of terrorism, thus confusing the common man who voices an opinion as a criminal and feel free to lock him/her up for their propensity towards violence, or sin.

The laws decreed by God are explicit in Leviticus 18-19 about the relations between men and women and decrees against prostitution are laid bare for all to read. Yet our American legal system is being built to develop allowances for many practices that are considered detestable to God. All in the name of a clemency our legislation would not give to a person because it is deemed fit by the law to cast a judgement. I reference the sell and purchase of pornography, I reference the continued sell and purchase of illegal substances, baby body parts, the continued sell and purchase of signature identifications of free men’s social security and the theft of Identity for the propagation of funds for the beds the state requires to run and operate these makeshift labor camps.

What about the women that choose prostitution as a profession; are they not accountable?

Certainly~ it is all criminal, but if you know she is selling her body and you do not seek to change her environment and SAVE her mind and only develop laws that reinforce the behavior, delivering only concessions to appease the mob and observing the rights of the, “criminal,” to continue in their unsaved behavior you are not solving the issue and never intended to.

Asking me about criminality is like asking me about sin~ yet the very same judges that believe in criminality fight against Christian theology in hopes of not having to talk about the principals of mercy, compassion, redemption, and justification~ given by God to the criminal and sinner. People ask about criminals from the dictionaries definition and I find their definition to be a problem. To define a word by the same word is not a definition.

Harvesting Mushrooms

I’ve been having trouble with the functionality of the minds of people when it comes to economics~ the theory of garnishing funds for comfortable daily living. Months ago an associate came to me about how to earn some money. This was after ingesting all the information she could about the demise of the American dollar. I had asked repeatedly:

How did you manage throughout the Great Recession?!

Only to be ignored and having to gather a vague blueprint into her fiscal theology by her, “lifestyle.”

It was only after considering how much the government will pay a person based upon their sexual orientation, did it dawn on me, she was only interested in a woman because of the amount of social aid one is promised if they are poor and homosexual. This same demented idea of fiscal security was pitched to me as I’ve traveled the country. I found this to be no different than a person seeking financial aid   from the government because they are, “deemed,” mentally unstable and receive what is known among laymen as a, “crazy check.”

~Take the red pill and this will all be a bad dream and you can go home, take the blue pill and experience how far this rabbit hole goes.~

This account is not judgement on the ways of America, it is simply an observation and an intrusive one.

To continue my tale. I will return us back to the woman who received a shock from heaven for her, “lifestyle.” As we spoke about money and the ability to garnish what is considered acceptable daily bread, this now renounced homosexual suggested the Harvesting of Mushrooms. Which come at about $350.00 per pound for a rare type.

Not considering the man power it takes to farm anything, any crop take a certain stick ability that is only appreciated through godly principles i.e. Patience is a virtue.

I must have patience as I relate this account of “sound fiscal policy.”

While the accursed “liberal community,” those that don’t believe in God, propose the grandest of ideas; from BurningMAN to Golden Globe smashouts, to telecast showings of Lady Gaga renditions of the Sound of Music, every event promoted as a means of supporting the thousands of starving people in the world; while millions are funneled into policies that support the numerous avenues of entertainment in the Greatest Country on Earth, I have to listen to the shallow proposals of Harvesting Mushrooms as a means to acquiring wealth. This women is shocked at my contempt of her mouth  and the sod that refuses to remain quite. The newest reporter who replaced Matt Lauer is receiving $7 million dollars. She is paid to report what she is told and people will listen to the sources of information that support and are supported by the likes of Oprah and this same media source will continue to sell the idea that anyone who supports the policies of Trump, and or republicans and anyone not willing to propagate the image of America as seen on MTV and BET.

They are better off Harvesting Mushrooms.

Why didn’t I become that lawyer I wanted to be?

I realized the state is not paying the defense lawyer enough of an incentive to have them do their jobs. Each man or woman that is locked up is, “Guilty until proven innocent.” When they should be seen as innocent until proven guilty. This being a fundamental foundation for every, “criminal,” sets the dice against them. It would behoove the defense attorney to be asked to do more; Prove the media, prosecutor, and state wrong. Lets say he does. Guess who pays the defense attorney for the victory? The Criminal. If he can’t pay the bill for his freedom, the defense attorney hired by the state is then poised with the question, Why set him free? The attorney is not paid by the state because he did a good job of being a lawyer and he is not asked to be. The broke criminal is asked to pay the state defender more if not equal the amount of 10% of an average bail. Pay to play in laymen terms.

Even if you don’t believe this sentiment nothing will erase the fact that some one is going to ask you for money for something circumstance can prove and if you don’t have it, “they’ll ask you to do something for nothing is free.”

I was personally appalled at the idea that people would stoop so low for money. It was like Harvesting Mushrooms. I rode hard in life looking for something in life that would make me proud of my home.

Did you know there are 237,000 men in this country and the number rises every time a young man graduates high school and is accused of a sex crime after prom; that will follow him socially until the day he is seen innocent of he dies. There are lawyers that will charge a man or woman $150.00 or more; depending on the case and how old it is, older cases are harder to fight. $150.00 for consultation fees alone and knowing the person is either broke, or so desperately desires a life beyond this Scarlett letter and will sell him or her the idea of freedom from the burden of the charge and everything that comes with it. “ClearMyCase.com” In most cases they don’t or you would have heard more about them, and Law and Order SUV never would have made millions on the idea that every father, every conservative father was a pedophile.

I ride harder still looking for the righteousness of man, looking for people willing to support the ideas of justice, literature, education, employment, entertainment, and social function that makes   any society one that inspires people to invest money in more than Harvesting Mushrooms.