The Invisible Party

How to prove Occupy Wall Street protesters are not Communists or liberal fascists?

Instead, lets just say they are people that don’t believe in Government oversight just like everyone else. In America we now argue over the definition of terrorism and it’s origins. This has only occurred because we have become too tolerant towards the belief between what is moral and what is amoral.

Abandonment can be haunting:   The New York times and any media source set to cover this group has been clouding the aims and truth behind this Third party, in hopes of washing away a voice designed to give an open door forum for the American people to get involved with public policies. Playing on the emotions of the American people.

The likes of activists Micah White and editors like Eric Westernelt, who decided to spend money with NPR have not helped the issue of publicizing this movement either. They are the very reason people are confused and have never heard of the organization and never would think there was a third party that moves the American democratic system.

These individuals have a foot in the media and speak with the same botched rhetoric of Glenn Beck; while mouthing off about a Revolution, that none of have the back bone to see successful. If they did they would not lie about the aims of Occupy and rely on the scripted demos of speeches from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Completely ignoring the occurrences of the 80’s and 90’s. The 90’s is what tipped the scale and gave birth to this “invisible,” party movement. Occupiers where born from the Millennial wealth of the Middle Class American that was lied to by their Government.

I apologize, lie is too strong of a word. Disillusioned by: in regards to where tax-paying dollars where spent and why soldiers where dying in overseas wars and not a single American was compensated.

Anyone that asks those questions loves their country and desire to profit from their homeland; not allow it to be outsourced for material fueled by foreign oil.  When Republicans or Democrats begin to speak on these terms, they sway votes from the independent party members that believe in these agendas and for the past 30 years it has been the Democratic Party that has had the trust of the people. That all turned during Obama’s era when the American people were shafted and that is when people began to see the faces of the 99%.

Occupied failed because as fast as a person can rally for change the government would pass laws that silenced speech. They failed because they had not control over what people read about them.

“They were American’s looking for the very things any constitutionalist desires.”

 None of them had money or were organized, certainly not enough to run for office, their views were laughed at on SNL and any other leading voice that mattered. Any lawyers that defended the protesting group was called homosexual, hippie, vagrant, any other disrespectful name in the book and any retaliation was pushed under “Political correctness-rugs.”

They became the scape goat for any “terrorist attack,” in America or Syria: Gofdt was written up as a fool who just walked into a bullet, survived by a wife and child.

Leaders are mouthing the rhetoric of old books they have read instead of understanding what they seek to build and mold it as any artist, from scratch.

They are demonized as anarchist and ACLU supporters when not a single protester in 2005 to present was paid. These were people that believed America needed to care for it’s own and to be governed by it’s own and to keep it’s free market, organic system; opposed to the self-imprisonment it was moving towards, under its current Democratic and Republican control.

As a traveler and scholar and one of the 99%, I can tell you none of the people that believed in individualized liberation received funds from a political ladder climber. Nor did they supply guns to the KKK, nor did they earn music rights on MTV.

The world can spin any narrative they desire, unless you were on the ground floor, you can’t say you understand the purpose of Occupy or can take seriously what was written about their motivations.

Occupiers are accused of desiring the legalization or weed, when that is clearly a Democratic monologue, Now they are implying their is an Occupy Democrat Party, that phrase alone should tell you how far “those in charge of the dialogue,”  are willing to go to deceive the American people. I am surprised I’ve not heard of an Occupy Republican party. Do you see the discrepancy?

When we understand the history of everything Occupy, we must understand that this group was a movement all it’s own. Underfunded, underpublicized, because the idea was to effect public policy beyond Republican and Democratic influence.

That does not make them Communist either, mind you. “Now you are asking, What else is their?”

There is Occupy, which has biblical, social, political, economic, and historical relevance all it’s own.

When cells of Occupiers decided to organize shanty towns, live in tents, rent Mansions that were foreclosed, and play music in the streets for pennies, to pay rent; in protest against Government oversight and it began to work; when cities and county boards convened and saw economically these “grown people,” could manage in dilapidated mansions for 30% of the value of the home during the housing bust: It became the Governments and City Councils idea. No credence given to the Occupiers that had to dig through the grim in order to earn their bread.

This will be the same failure of current leaders of the movement, if they can’t agree on what it was they desired from themselves or their country. They will fall to the, “staged lines,” of JFK who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country!”

In the same manner they will be given there agendas by the government of what it is they can do and they will do it, because they have not effectively shown who and what they are.

Occupy failed because those in charge were reading from old books and thusly plagiarized their lives. In so doing, toyed with the lives of the American people.

They began in 2005, as a Socialist Proselytizers of the 60’s and 70’s and thought they would do something new? It was laughable and the fact that some dweeb, who claims since he was 13 he dreamed of effecting policies has decided to run for Mayor in Oregon did not know running for office, controlling media, not allowing other people to define you, setting goals and meeting them, not being blamed for Syrian bombing support or senseless deaths of non-trained children is how you run a successful  campaign and you don’t need to start another party to do it.

Especially since we have had an Independent Party  since Nader.

They ended in 2012 upon the same trail of Christians when they effectively became silent because they told Americans to vote for Trump, why would they do that?

Because they don’t have money, they need Republicans to do what they do best, cut taxes to help fuel the economy.


4 thoughts on “The Invisible Party”

  1. i always look back in regret over how occupy wall street went down. I felt like it had great merits but not much of a clearer purpose that is needed to enact such an impactful social change as they were going for.

    who knows? It might have failed in the short-term, but perhaps it’s longer term effects are still to be seen…

  2. I completely agree on a lot of your points. It’s so easy to throw labels around like liberal, fascist, communist but at the end of the day we are all people motivated by something and those labels are just rough guidelines and rarely speak our whole truth.

    Many people who the media tells us are against us or opposite from us are in fact very similar and we often have the same grievances but worded in a different way or seen through a different lens.

    I definitely think it’s a ripe time to overturn and progress our ingrained social institutions beyond these base ideas that divide us more than inspire us.

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