It’s been so quite you can hear a pin drop!

The men of God of today have spoken against THE INTERNET!

This is truly a brave endeavor because there are so many that have their lives invested in it. Very hard it is for me to condone a lot of the messages that speak against the marvel that has, ‘saved corporate America.’ To speak against an instrument that has given people such advancement should be honored, not condemned.

These men of God will dance around the issues of sin and how it is glorified through our use of the internet. They are not wrong in speaking against it. Pornography is a sin; the very tool destroys trust in marriages and creates all sorts of chaos in the home. I would tell a lot of people to stay away from it. The phenomena is so inclusive and has raised so much money for those of California and Utah and Seattle that of course they would speak against this letter and deem my words against the internet to be hate speech.

When we mess with someone’s lively hood or means of an income, we should expect people to stand up for themselves.

Sexting has cost Anthony Wiener years of his freedom; and still our children have a hard time understanding why use of our technology in this way is wrong. The man stood on the podium and was crying while they sent him to the feds and it will always be remembered that he was sent to the feds for, Sexting! Eliciting favors from a woman via the internet for pay-dirt. A crime no different than prostitution just done virtually.     Cyber security is just as intense virtually as it is in reality. This being considered, if in reality our endorsing of the secular lifestyle has proven to be wrong and a sin against GOD; we should not be surprised if and when the virtual world, begins to mirror our own.

I yawn at these matters mind you. As a child of GOD I find none of these issues affecting my walk with GOD; nor do I truly believe the evils promoted through the internet to be anything any real child of GOD would truly be fooled by.

My issue is the lack of communication:

A sensory has been implemented upon the internet, in which the moment you begin to give inerrant truths, you have been Censored!


That to me is the real danger of the internet. The lack of communication: The globalists insist the “Internet” is the wave of the future for all to buy and sell.


I have become the invisible voice in a world of voices~

Now if you are reading this message, Bravo!~ Does not change the fact that many can tell you they have not and there is no other cause besides an eerie silence among those that have an ability to cut off voices for 11 minutes at will!

 Do you remember what happened to President Trump a few days ago? His twitter account was disconnected for 11 minutes by an employee of the company who was immediately laid off! As the story goes, they were laid off and then pulled the plug on the President. Call it what you will, there is an encroachment upon speech that is not being talked about.

To me personally that is the greatest sin of man kind. The silencing of the internet and the ability to hear from influential voices in this country or abroad.

Another issue not commonly spoken of is our excessive reliance upon Artificial Intelligence.

There is a diagnostic system set into the hard drive of most Social media sites that assists in allowing the words of most authors to be spliced and help, “group” people together. Thus silencing individual and or Human influence into the conversation.

You may think that a 133k people are listening to you when you post something on twitter, or any other social media site, when in fact it is a spam company or Bot advertising branch, likably government supported with no other interest in your brand, besides market research. No real trade endeavors, just time wasters.

i.e. I type in the words {thief} and because the computer can not decipher context, decides to route a “Simply safe programmer,” to my site or every cut throat in town.


Makes it so every publication written is scrutinized with a fine tooth comb and ones Freedom of speech is held in question.

I am an American that has a real issue with this.




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