Immorality between man and woman!

I really don’t like going into all the things that is wrong with the world, but I do know what I find disturbing must be spoken of. There is an idea that man and woman can not inhabit a room without wanting to sleep with each other.

Even in the church where people are always claiming to want to help one another have developed phobias to the point in which if a man is alone in the room with a woman and they are having a private discussion then something, “inappropriate may happen.”

Now in the world of secular minded individuals who have no use for God and discretion, I can understand the hesitation. I clarify this by asking,

“When we claim to have witnessed the indwelling of the holy spirit in a man, when we claim to believe in the saving grace of Jesus, why would we profane the spirit of a man or that woman by believing any private affairs witnessed outside of a group setting is temptation for the devil?”    

Why would we commit the same sins of the Sanhedrin that spoke against Jesus for ministering to the women. He met the Samaritan woman by the well. We can surmise that there were people around, though I am of the firm opinion that despite a   crowd the message would have been sent and he would have been found speaking to women as a man, and his purposes on the earth would have been fulfilled.

Point is if the MEN of GOD are to be about the fathers business, I am of the formed opinion that I will not be made to quench my spirit or bite my tongue because the one God has me to minister or speak with is a woman, a woman whom happens to be single and could be seen as vulnerable to kindness. Especially if what I can say can help her and keep her in the faith. I have found very few women to be doing it. They are too busy trying to see her married, and ridiculing men for there behavior in public. I have seen very few speaking to the woman’s soul which desires knowledge beyond the flesh. Men are made to say, “Sorry sister in Christ, I am a man and we can not be seen alone together for the sake of propriety, lest we offend those watching us meet me on Sunday, where all can see us play and converse and in the seeing of it, they can no longer accuse us of sin behind our backs.”

There is this idea that men and women and even if there married; men being the weaker sex and fall into sin more readily than the women, should be always separated. I have found that free will and choice will be among man until the end of days. Man chooses to fall into sin. His reason works against him, he is betrayed, the devil makes a fool of him. These things happen and I will not allow the devil to win the battle of my soul by allowing me to believe I am not allowed to stroll in the afternoon in the woods alone with a woman in the presence of God upon my choosing in friendship. If our world has become so stoic then take me to heaven where I am free to roam.

Your time in prison has made this discussion important to you because you have been away from women too long.

Have you been there? What do you know of it? I tell you there were more women to choose for a bed partner, willing to dive into sin at the drop of a hat, then you will find on any street corner or shopping mall.

I never touched a one, and neither shied away from them either. Gave them the words of God as he would let me and retaining the telling of this story for this moment.

In the defense of my sex and the motivations of my desire to keep the interactions between man and woman civil. In prison the women are made to be guards, given strict orders to not fraternize with men. Does it happen, yes. Do they get married? 95% of the time when the man finishes his time, that guard is there to pick him up at the gates, (Not his family). They no longer live in sin and it was due to that meeting, the same for inmate and state parole officers.

They meet and he strives for freedom and the comfort that comes in the arms of a woman, the very same woman that saw him to be no better than a dog in heat, when they first met.

I never needed it, never wanted it.

There were women on those highways I walked for years at a time, women in those woods I inhabited years at a time. The solider who is made to live on foreign soil for years at a time away from home is surrounded by women at some point and his fidelity is not in question and if it is never is the idea posed it was because he was away from women for far too long and that is why he desires the company of them. It is too broad of a stroke of the brush for the complexities that goes into the beauty that is in the relation between man and woman. It is a beauty that I feel needs to be encouraged, not quenched with the same totalitarian fingers of the Chinese government that believe monitoring the number of children born is easiest when the sexes are separated, in the work place; which is the direction of our American homeland and public sector and pews. It disgusts me; I am not Catholic, I  do not hold onto profane and vain ideas of piety, in which, through the fear and separation of the sexes, God will see me as holy and in order to keep my purity I must marry and never been seen in the presence of any other woman again.

What if your wife is alone with a man?; I pray she has enough holy spirit in her to respect her husband. That is a serious question?? Huh?

Then none of you are ready to witness on the mission field for GOD, none of you are ready to win souls for Jesus and need to become priests for the papacy, whom we all know to be a false prophet.

The Muslim faith teaches if a man touches the finger of a woman in passing she is his to claim.

Christians are not Muslim and should not be made to fear being in the presence of our sisters of the faith and those of no faith lest we fall into temptation, especially if we believe in Salvation.

I quote President Trump when they asked him about his views on managing this war on terrorism and the imposition upon American freedoms. I quote Trump when that asked him about civil rights and the rights of women, his views on abortion, his views on the public sector; in our search for reasonable interaction between man and woman in regards to sin where does it end?

Our news is riddled with the character assignations of fathers and brothers and nephews and uncles, the devil is succeeding in destroying families before our very eyes and the only suggestion is keep the sexes separated because in the bible we read men and women had no interactions lest they were married. The bible speaks of no fornication and abstaining from the appearance of evil, never does it speak of men and women having no interaction what so ever. This battle was lost on man in the development of the church and the giving of marriage; to look upon a woman in lust is sin-not in the speaking with her or visa versa.

Chivalry given to a woman is sin? The man who aids his sister in Christ has designs beyond communal service?

If you answered yes, to the following questions.

Then it is true man is a slave to sin and Jesus died on the cross for nothing and we should go back to being called Jews for their is no indwelling of the Holy Spirit, none are righteous, no not one. It is true  we are hurting people, to remain wallowing in our deceit and distrust for one another and wives whatever seeds of trust your pastor planted for you in the building up of your husbands is a lie and every time he leaves your home and is in the presence of another woman, expect him to fall into sin; Satisfying his flesh, use the woman as a prostitute and to continue to use you, for that is the marriage you’ve been asked to sign up for. GOD forbid:

Do you know where this mind set stems form?

A lack in faith in the Redemptive power of Jesus Christ and the complete ignoring of the words Salvation.

It comes from a need to diminish salvation in the hearts of man and allowing secular thoughts to invade your Christian mind: The mind in which the foundation of our reason is built: man can not condemn you once you understand Salvation and carry that cross for yourself.

I’ve  been pressured countless of times as to why I felt the need to be around a woman, in the presence of women? What am I doing with those children, why are you feeding the poor and eating with them? why, why, why, Did you have thoughts of sleeping with her? With her children?

I’ve been accused of being of a reprobate mind ever since I was old enough to walk with my back straight. I’ve been accused of being of low self-esteem and that is why I’ve always been doing for people.

I am riddled with guilt about my son and daughter and the women in my life that never wanted to marry.

All wrong and have nothing to do with my testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ:

Present thoughts from your Advent Voice


Power of Prayer!

Their are many institutions that believe in prayer. They may call it many things, meditation , positive thinking, seeking oneness with the universe, Reiki (which I have been hearing a lot of lately), they may even call it tapping into the source.

565053_antonoxenuk_mother 209931_etoeto_the-prayer

Their are many institutions that believe in prayer. They may call it many things, meditation , positive thinking, seeking oneness with the universe, Reiki (which I have been hearing a lot of lately), they may even call it tapping into the source.

Yet they avoid the words prayer, lest they presume you will put them in a category. You would not be wrong in doing so. In many sects of culture we identify each other by the actions we take and when we take upon the action of prayer or pulling onto a source of energy for the renewal of our own; when we utter the words we have developed an identification, we have shown the world that we understand the world beyond what we see and we expect our language and supplications to be answered.

Be it our healing, calming of the mind, moving of tornadoes away from our homes, protection in our daily lives. When we begin to acknowledge there is a source to call upon, we are asking people to identify us and we are obligated to tell them the truth.

That is why I feel my book is so important, because while you, who profess, no faith in anything, disregard the terminology and the responsibility associated with fervent prayer. Silently are amazed by those that believe in something, developing superstitions in search of truth for the repetitive knocks on your door;  Then, those that advocate for a seeking and searching and pulling onto a life giving source, fear being identified as individuals that believe in prayer, because of the unending conversation of who’s GOD is the real source. I am under strict authority to believe that anything that pulls on energies outside of the one true GOD is to be deemed as witchcraft.

Those are hurtful words for many, because they believe what they are doing is correct, lest they would not do it. For many, that line between right and wrong does not exist because they do not have a link to anything outside of themselves. Then when they do achieve a link outside of themselves they are wooed by spirits. Now one can not believe in prayer, meditation, Reiki and ignore the spirits that are associated with them. Just as we can not dabble into the works of Indian love making and not be effected mentally by the implications behind them. Many claim it is just Karma Sutra.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if it was to be interpreted under the same guidelines as “witchcraft.” Many believe in incarnations, and believe that when they practice these gifts of the Sutra they are honoring that incarnation or archetype. Now you being English or of the West or a distant traveler dabble into the sutra’s without realizing there is a spirit associated with ever movement, there is a prayer associated with the touch, there is a searching for oneness. Those that practice it believe in the incarnation and you the outsider believe no possession of your spirit can take place because it is an action, not associated with ones spirit.

Prayer is reserved for the believer in Christ. He taught the world to pray. Before when they sacrificed goats and sheep to God, they prayed for his blessings and to receive there penance.  Then he freed them, he came down to earth and lived among us and taught us we could commune with him in the quietest of moments and he would hear us. We would fall to our knees and supplicate to GOD and he would comfort us. It is this belief in prayer that is to build our strengths when we are weak.

Learn to pray to the one true GOD and have the faith that he hears you.

This has been a message from your Advent Voice.



The Invisible Party

How to prove Occupy Wall Street protesters are not Communists or liberal fascists?

Instead, lets just say they are people that don’t believe in Government oversight just like everyone else. In America we now argue over the definition of terrorism and it’s origins. This has only occurred because we have become too tolerant towards the belief between what is moral and what is amoral.

Abandonment can be haunting:   The New York times and any media source set to cover this group has been clouding the aims and truth behind this Third party, in hopes of washing away a voice designed to give an open door forum for the American people to get involved with public policies. Playing on the emotions of the American people.

The likes of activists Micah White and editors like Eric Westernelt, who decided to spend money with NPR have not helped the issue of publicizing this movement either. They are the very reason people are confused and have never heard of the organization and never would think there was a third party that moves the American democratic system.

These individuals have a foot in the media and speak with the same botched rhetoric of Glenn Beck; while mouthing off about a Revolution, that none of have the back bone to see successful. If they did they would not lie about the aims of Occupy and rely on the scripted demos of speeches from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Completely ignoring the occurrences of the 80’s and 90’s. The 90’s is what tipped the scale and gave birth to this “invisible,” party movement. Occupiers where born from the Millennial wealth of the Middle Class American that was lied to by their Government.

I apologize, lie is too strong of a word. Disillusioned by: in regards to where tax-paying dollars where spent and why soldiers where dying in overseas wars and not a single American was compensated.

Anyone that asks those questions loves their country and desire to profit from their homeland; not allow it to be outsourced for material fueled by foreign oil.  When Republicans or Democrats begin to speak on these terms, they sway votes from the independent party members that believe in these agendas and for the past 30 years it has been the Democratic Party that has had the trust of the people. That all turned during Obama’s era when the American people were shafted and that is when people began to see the faces of the 99%.

Occupied failed because as fast as a person can rally for change the government would pass laws that silenced speech. They failed because they had not control over what people read about them.

“They were American’s looking for the very things any constitutionalist desires.”

 None of them had money or were organized, certainly not enough to run for office, their views were laughed at on SNL and any other leading voice that mattered. Any lawyers that defended the protesting group was called homosexual, hippie, vagrant, any other disrespectful name in the book and any retaliation was pushed under “Political correctness-rugs.”

They became the scape goat for any “terrorist attack,” in America or Syria: Gofdt was written up as a fool who just walked into a bullet, survived by a wife and child.

Leaders are mouthing the rhetoric of old books they have read instead of understanding what they seek to build and mold it as any artist, from scratch.

They are demonized as anarchist and ACLU supporters when not a single protester in 2005 to present was paid. These were people that believed America needed to care for it’s own and to be governed by it’s own and to keep it’s free market, organic system; opposed to the self-imprisonment it was moving towards, under its current Democratic and Republican control.

As a traveler and scholar and one of the 99%, I can tell you none of the people that believed in individualized liberation received funds from a political ladder climber. Nor did they supply guns to the KKK, nor did they earn music rights on MTV.

The world can spin any narrative they desire, unless you were on the ground floor, you can’t say you understand the purpose of Occupy or can take seriously what was written about their motivations.

Occupiers are accused of desiring the legalization or weed, when that is clearly a Democratic monologue, Now they are implying their is an Occupy Democrat Party, that phrase alone should tell you how far “those in charge of the dialogue,”  are willing to go to deceive the American people. I am surprised I’ve not heard of an Occupy Republican party. Do you see the discrepancy?

When we understand the history of everything Occupy, we must understand that this group was a movement all it’s own. Underfunded, underpublicized, because the idea was to effect public policy beyond Republican and Democratic influence.

That does not make them Communist either, mind you. “Now you are asking, What else is their?”

There is Occupy, which has biblical, social, political, economic, and historical relevance all it’s own.

When cells of Occupiers decided to organize shanty towns, live in tents, rent Mansions that were foreclosed, and play music in the streets for pennies, to pay rent; in protest against Government oversight and it began to work; when cities and county boards convened and saw economically these “grown people,” could manage in dilapidated mansions for 30% of the value of the home during the housing bust: It became the Governments and City Councils idea. No credence given to the Occupiers that had to dig through the grim in order to earn their bread.

This will be the same failure of current leaders of the movement, if they can’t agree on what it was they desired from themselves or their country. They will fall to the, “staged lines,” of JFK who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country!”

In the same manner they will be given there agendas by the government of what it is they can do and they will do it, because they have not effectively shown who and what they are.

Occupy failed because those in charge were reading from old books and thusly plagiarized their lives. In so doing, toyed with the lives of the American people.

They began in 2005, as a Socialist Proselytizers of the 60’s and 70’s and thought they would do something new? It was laughable and the fact that some dweeb, who claims since he was 13 he dreamed of effecting policies has decided to run for Mayor in Oregon did not know running for office, controlling media, not allowing other people to define you, setting goals and meeting them, not being blamed for Syrian bombing support or senseless deaths of non-trained children is how you run a successful  campaign and you don’t need to start another party to do it.

Especially since we have had an Independent Party  since Nader.

They ended in 2012 upon the same trail of Christians when they effectively became silent because they told Americans to vote for Trump, why would they do that?

Because they don’t have money, they need Republicans to do what they do best, cut taxes to help fuel the economy.


It’s been so quite you can hear a pin drop!

The men of God of today have spoken against THE INTERNET!

This is truly a brave endeavor because there are so many that have their lives invested in it. Very hard it is for me to condone a lot of the messages that speak against the marvel that has, ‘saved corporate America.’ To speak against an instrument that has given people such advancement should be honored, not condemned.

These men of God will dance around the issues of sin and how it is glorified through our use of the internet. They are not wrong in speaking against it. Pornography is a sin; the very tool destroys trust in marriages and creates all sorts of chaos in the home. I would tell a lot of people to stay away from it. The phenomena is so inclusive and has raised so much money for those of California and Utah and Seattle that of course they would speak against this letter and deem my words against the internet to be hate speech.

When we mess with someone’s lively hood or means of an income, we should expect people to stand up for themselves.

Sexting has cost Anthony Wiener years of his freedom; and still our children have a hard time understanding why use of our technology in this way is wrong. The man stood on the podium and was crying while they sent him to the feds and it will always be remembered that he was sent to the feds for, Sexting! Eliciting favors from a woman via the internet for pay-dirt. A crime no different than prostitution just done virtually.     Cyber security is just as intense virtually as it is in reality. This being considered, if in reality our endorsing of the secular lifestyle has proven to be wrong and a sin against GOD; we should not be surprised if and when the virtual world, begins to mirror our own.

I yawn at these matters mind you. As a child of GOD I find none of these issues affecting my walk with GOD; nor do I truly believe the evils promoted through the internet to be anything any real child of GOD would truly be fooled by.

My issue is the lack of communication:

A sensory has been implemented upon the internet, in which the moment you begin to give inerrant truths, you have been Censored!


That to me is the real danger of the internet. The lack of communication: The globalists insist the “Internet” is the wave of the future for all to buy and sell.


I have become the invisible voice in a world of voices~

Now if you are reading this message, Bravo!~ Does not change the fact that many can tell you they have not and there is no other cause besides an eerie silence among those that have an ability to cut off voices for 11 minutes at will!

 Do you remember what happened to President Trump a few days ago? His twitter account was disconnected for 11 minutes by an employee of the company who was immediately laid off! As the story goes, they were laid off and then pulled the plug on the President. Call it what you will, there is an encroachment upon speech that is not being talked about.

To me personally that is the greatest sin of man kind. The silencing of the internet and the ability to hear from influential voices in this country or abroad.

Another issue not commonly spoken of is our excessive reliance upon Artificial Intelligence.

There is a diagnostic system set into the hard drive of most Social media sites that assists in allowing the words of most authors to be spliced and help, “group” people together. Thus silencing individual and or Human influence into the conversation.

You may think that a 133k people are listening to you when you post something on twitter, or any other social media site, when in fact it is a spam company or Bot advertising branch, likably government supported with no other interest in your brand, besides market research. No real trade endeavors, just time wasters.

i.e. I type in the words {thief} and because the computer can not decipher context, decides to route a “Simply safe programmer,” to my site or every cut throat in town.


Makes it so every publication written is scrutinized with a fine tooth comb and ones Freedom of speech is held in question.

I am an American that has a real issue with this.