Do you believe and know what a miracle is?

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Erga, “works;” the works of Him who is “wonderful in working” ( John 5:20 John 5:36 ).

Miracles are seals of a divine mission. The sacred writers appealed to them as proofs that they were messengers of God. Our Lord also appealed to miracles as a conclusive proof of his divine mission ( John 5:20John 5:36 ; John 10:25John 10:38 ). Thus, being out of the common course of nature and beyond the power of man, they are fitted to convey the impression of the presence and power of God. Where miracles are there certainly God is. The man, therefore, who works a miracle affords thereby clear proof that he comes with the authority of God; they are his credentials that he is God’s messenger. The teacher points to these credentials, and they are a proof that he speaks with the authority of God. He boldly says, “God bears me witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles.”

The above caption is what many, when confronted with a miracle, typically say about them. My trouble is, much like any good thing, we as believers tend to think they don’t last.

When we don’t believe that God gives people the power to perform or work miracles, it could be that we don’t know what miracles are.

What is a miracle? Is it really just a good feeling that passes, or the favor of God in our lives for a specific moment and when it is over with, God is no longer in our lives?  Or are miracles really divine moments that should be marked with prayer and reverence and thanksgiving and a command of God in which he is revealing himself and expects those in the midst of the work are expected to give credence where credence is due?

We don’t believe in dreams or that GOD does not speak to us in dreams because we don’t know the difference between dreams and reality; so again I ask what is a miracle?

In my experience a miracle is the hand of God in our lives, an evident hand, it is the feeling of grace that washes over us when we survive a horrific car accident; When some one has a gun pointed at them and the machine blows up in the hands of the would be killer. Giving that person enough time to get away or defeat the one trying to kill another person.

When 25 men stand toe to toe with one man and with the intent of doing harm to one man, finding it impossible and even more amazing the one man, backed against a wall, puts them all on there knees in submission. Image result for 10 men in a fight vs one man


A miracle is when a police officer jumps out of a vehicle and Tasers a man in the face; the man does not buck at the knees, instead grabs another officer in order to send the man-maiming volts into another, while pulling the charged dart out of his face, and is not the worse for wear. A miracle is when that same officer comes to the man in his jail cell, apologizes for her behavior and asks him to take her out to dinner.

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A miracle was the kiss of memory. ~ No one told that woman to help  me. No one but God.

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No one but God told me in a dream, I would be betrayed and who would do it; how he would aid me in one hand, while seeking to keeping me imprisoned in the other. No one but God told me what to say to the men, when they asked what do we do with the betrayer. I asked the men, “What did Jesus do to Judas, the night he was betrayed?” They all responded in unison, “He did nothing and Judas took care of himself.” So we did nothing and watched as what the man, that betrayed us meant for evil, God meant for our good. We watched God work a miracle in our lives. It was this movement of miracles that made us emboldened and assured of our set paths.  Without them we would have been sure to take things in our own hands and moved beyond the will of God.

a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

These moments are always associated with people. God’s people, at least those that will give him the praise for working favor into their lives.  He does not do these things lightly either. We have come to a stage in our lives when everything is instantaneous. Even to our gratification; we glorify in it at times, when we are not walking with the Lord. We become entitled to things that we forget, he is the one that gives and the one that takes away. Even down to our money.

When we get to the point, where we recognize that it was the favor or the miracle working power of GOD that allowed our money to prosper and grow to the point of our comforts and security is cared for, never again would we ask, “What is a miracle and is God really working in our lives?”

It takes a real humble spirit to associate miracles, “The movement of the hand of God in our lives,”  with money.


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Just a thought from your Advent Voice.

This will not be televised!

I am not inclined to give my whole story out to the world. I will write a tell-all book, that I hope releases some undue stress, and educates people on what is going on in the world based upon my objective viewpoints, but to give all of my banking information, to give my address, and how to reach me etc. etc.

In this day and age, where everything you say is taken out of context, and or is re-interpreted to fit the view points of those not living your life and who wish to tell you how best to live your life minus your socio, economic, and political standing, I have found it is best that I just give the facts as I am given them and move on.

Fact: Sex-offenders are not allowed on Social Media.

They are not allowed in  schools, Business districts, public libraries, town squares, college campuses, or any real main stream markets.

(The underlining question is always after I review this fact with the masses, How would they know?)

There is a long list of “registration procedure” that is conducted after a person is released and placed under these charges.  So Everyone knows, even if they don’t know, they will know. Even the BANKS.

The banks won’t tell a man or woman this is why they are being denied. They will simply cite a person for a nine year credit penalty that does not exist anywhere else say that bank. Some one will take your money, they just can’t be a bank that has been around for the past ten years.

Now because Sex-Offenders are barred from so many avenues of free-market venture, they are going to be made to go to only so many banks and the government can easily keep tabs on there spending and what they do on a regular basis. Not just the offender mind you. The government watches everyone’s money. Especially those connected with Pay-pal.

I am inclined to believe that they even deny the Sex-Offender avenues to market online, which is the Progressive way for anyone to have an at home business or start-up firm, or as we say in laymen’s terms, make non-taxable revenue through self-made means.  If Pay-pal is linked to the government and all banks are linked to this same database, they can easily deny a person access to there company.

Would they ever admit to doing this?

Not if they want to keep people believing they are fair and an equal opportunity “Mom+Pop Shop,” creator. They will just say, “An unknown service error occurred.”

Leaving you clicking Link and Confirm, over and over again like an idiot. Making one want to create a new book, “How to make Pay-Pal work for Dummies!” I am no dummy though and I know when a computer tells me that it is unsure as to why I can not access something, it is because there is fraud on the other line. Much like when I go to the bank and they say, “We don’t know what happened to your money sir.” I know there is fraud somewhere or I am over spending. Life is meant to be cut and dry and when complications come about, it is because there is an unseen hand somewhere.

Fact: Because Sex-Offenders are not allowed on Social Media and there are 237,000 of them in the country, there is a potential market base of lay workers for several lay jobs. City work, etc. etc. Only, these jobs are subjected to 18 month cycles and HR hiring and firing, which is why there was such a demand upon people not to go to college and earn a degree but to work for themselves. If you get a degree in anything let it be Business Management, or engineering. They are not going to be your teachers, they are not going to be your lawyers, or social workers. They are going to be the guys and women working in department stores and in the fields.

There is always an anomaly though. That one that will find a whole in the system. My question is, “Would companies really discriminate against a person, because he or she did there time and are only looking to get paid from there fruits of there labors?”   

Today’s Music

From the 70’s; to this very day, fathers of all ethnic persuasions have settled with leaving their children with names only.

If you don’t believe just check out Everclear’s album.  The song is called Father of Mine It has been popping up on the charts for a long time running now. Meaning people are relating to this music and this is a real  limitation and concern among today’s youth.

I hear this song and it reminds me of when The Temptations sang the song, Pappa was a rolling stone.

Point is fathers have been dragged through the mill for a long time in pop culture, which we can not hide from the fact is a reflection of our American culture. They have been singing songs glorifying this nature of man~ I never want my son to relate to these things of the world or to hear he believes these to be his anthem or how he remembers me. Besides this letter I don’t know how to end this “generational curse.”

I can shut the world away and pretend son’s are not out there ruining the names of their fathers and completely ignoring heritage or I can sing better songs, I write better stories, I can map out better paths for those I care about.

I have found that very few have songs that they have developed to carry them through life. Those that do are very blessed.

Music and praise, when generated and aimed in the right direction is a manner of worship that we can use to help guide the sails of our lives: what is the right direction?  Music that uplifts: makes all those around us focus on the GOD that blesses his children with thanksgiving. Music not centered upon self-gratification~ instead focused on recognizing and glorifying a power grander than ourselves.

There was a song I used to sing all the time:

The sky is my roof, The ground is my kitchen.

Never heard it before huh?

I sang it to always remind myself of my own mortality.

There is another line in the song that goes like this: you yuppies look at me and don’t know what you’re missing.:

That was an acknowledgement of the level of freedom I experienced when I began to live by faith and not the man made rules that so many take upon themselves, simply to create conflict.

It was a simple song that had a nice rhythm and gathered a lot of people to a message that I felt could heal the diverse ignorance associated with why people chose to live as I did.  “A Traveling Kid.”

Honestly I have not stopped traveling, I may have a home now but my heart is still out there for the young believers, who felt all the plans they had for greatness where thrashed by, bad judgement, bad business deals, false expectations, lack of people to trust in, homelessness, government dependency, hopelessness, betrayal, the spiritual crab effect of family, destructive words spoken over the lives of people.

There is a spirit of witch craft upon the land of America that I have come to believe can only be healed through music, arts, books, through language as a whole.

This is more than positive thinking I am prescribing;

This is seeing evil and calling it what it is. Taking the banner of Jehu 2 Kings 9:16-24 and making a song out of it that will keep that spiritual depression away from any that believe.

What peace?

I drew a bow,

to end that suppressing sound,

smote, between the arms,

pierced the heart, and he sunk down.

Raised my eyes as they call for peace, calming me with there pleas of no treachery; They see me pass asking, “Is there peace?”

What peace so long as there is witchery, depravity, things in the air to end my singing!

Raise upon the horses back, present the kings Cavalrymen, thus saith  king, Is it peace?

What has thou to do with peace? turn thee away from me.

The driving of Jehu is he that drives furiously,

Make ready, make ready, close the gates for the hounds of heaven have begun to ring, can’t you hear the bell, the bell, the sound of his coming.

Is it peace?

What peace is there as long as you deny his name, live among the depraved, circumvent correction, repent not for your transgression, live for vain glory, dance with the ungodly, express contempt for sovereignty, deny the crucifixion, claim there is no forgiveness!

What is peace!?    

This has been your Advent Voice