Low Hanging Fruit that is good for combating diabetes


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A good health sense is important in this day and age of diabetes and obesity.
Diabetes is a disease that has been causing me to question a lot of things lately. For instance, is it true that the sugar in fruit, a leading cause to sugar spikes in diabetes victims? If so, why was fruit so important to the American diet studies. Why were we as children, through out grade school forced to eat one banana and an apple a day to keep the doctors away?
Would I really be wrong if I went out of my way to keep the loved ones I care for alive a little bit longer, if I got rid of all of the oranges, apples, bananas, figs, pears. All of the Low-Hanging fruit; knowing that the sugar is just not good for them.
If I am not wrong for it, why do I feel so bad from doing it.
There is a Nordic diet; considered the best for those that have diabetes or at a risk for it. (whatever that last statement means, I don’t know and never felt good about it. They say when your ACL numbers are above 100, there is too much sugar in the blood and the only way to combat this is to try this intense Nordic diet. Which consist of High protein meals and vegetables, no low-hanging fruit, along with the medications the doctors prescribe)
sure the sugar levels drop, only after maintaining this diet, the moment you have any source of sugar you spike. So I am made to ask, who is this really helping? Are these numbers really accurate and do they fit the mold for every person. Is 100 really the standard of a healthy individual of say 83 who has been not eating low hanging fruit since she was 50 because someone told her fruit was bad for her?
Now, after eating fruit, like mangos etc; and her numbers go up to 225 sometimes 230 only to drop after sleep to 140 the next day can we really say that person is diabetic?
There are so many mystery’s in life that I do not believe have to be that way, we as people just make things complicated for the sake of the conversation. For the sake of the money it takes to combat an illness that we are not sure comes from over eating or low-hanging fruit.

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Yes this is the best marketing techniques, Speaking to those you know in the area to get the ball rolling in the direction best for your life goals.

See I chose the Low hanging fruit of health and thought I would involve you all in the conversation of health studies and how to best save money on diabetes treatment and caring for those elderly around you.

Only I must ask, what about those 8 year old children with health problems…how are we to help them with the Low Hanging Fruit?


2 thoughts on “Low Hanging Fruit that is good for combating diabetes”

  1. You’ve published something that is of great importance for those with diabetes. Although not the main cause of diabetes, the sugars in high-sugar fruits (like mangos) can add to your condition. With that being said, fruits also provide a number of other health benefits as well, so completely removing them from one’s diet may not be the best decision either.

    You mentioned the Nordic diet, which I have never heard of. Can you provide a bit more info on this?

    1. The Nordic diet mainly consists of a High protein diet and high vegetable diet. Elimination of carbs that cause sugar i.e. yeast, white flour, rice, starches from potatoes, starches at all really…No meat is to be fried, not even fish. Increase in cheese. It is called a Nordic diet because in Norway they eat a lot of elk, which is a high protein. Here in America we don’t have elk, so we could supplement that with cattle, deer, chicken, eggs, duck, pheasant. etc. Again the meat would have to grass fed like the elk or deer and not at all processed, which as we know processed meat has been a leading cause of diabetes in grade school children. 

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