Three Lost Sheep

There was a time when the mere act of speaking to those we come across was not deemed a solicitation.

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It hurts my heart to say, “Those days are long gone by.” When people speak to me I’m always asking myself, “What are they trying to sell me?”

This is a problem, for now our “friendships” are based upon:

(How much we have: Who we know:) Rarely will you find a case in which people are meeting for the mere sake of fellowship and the joy of being around people. Of course the bible condemns idle chatter:  2 Timothy 2:16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

He asks us to balance out our lives in a fashion that allows our speech and language to emphasis growth. Growth in profit, in provisions, growth in our daily lives.

To envision things that bring peace to a man and builds trust; it is only in the building of trusts can one sustain a marketable business.

I had come across three vagabond travelers over the weekend.

(I needed directions north of where I was, in a days travel, I asked those that worked in that city and they gave me the same backward directions AAA is prone to give everyone.)

I spoke to the vagabonds and the man that worked in the store looked me as if I was crazy because I gave the three “spange-masters,” time of day. They of course decided to barter with me for what I desired of them. I did not allow this to disturb and listened to there pitch. The young woman as the leader of this group because she spoke first. “I help you, then you help me, I need a ride!”

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According to the rules of travelers there are equivalent exchanges for any service provided. Equivalency is based upon the need of the individual, not on the actual product that is being sold. I just wanted directions. They were so kind as to even offer me money for a ride. I said no, I am not going to be in debt to a traveler. I just wanted directions.

After we agreed on the price of information they asked me why would I not take money. I told them: I am Christian. I told them I could identify with their plight: I had been where they are and I know how to get beyond where they are if they want it:

The leader of the group was not going for it.

She tosses her pink hair and would have cursed me if she thought I was lying; only she knows Christians do not lie. She would have no judgments though; for before I could say anything further she sought to justify her life and woo me to her home. She say’s, “If you know so much about us, that makes you family, Christian or not, once in the family, always in the family.”

I gave her a ride because I could, not because I had to.

They went so far as to say, “they don’t like Christians. The world they live in (Christians) is that of snubbing their noses at people that live as travelers, preconceived notions come from there mouths and never help. Never pay, never any work besides what can be gained from cheap labor.”

They had a lot to say, I listened…this is why they like me…

Because I wanted nothing from them…I helped them along the way and offered a service of kindness.

They were confessed how they used to believe in the Church, used to go to church, yet they felt ministries are not working enough to aid people and unless we learn how to help ourselves no one else is going to do it.

I left them my card. Told them to look me up if they ever just needed to talk…

I write about them now, hoping they read this and know that we are connected.

We are family. No matter how tough things get, Jesus will always love them, as I do.

Here’s to the Lost Sheep

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