42 million and counting!

According to numerous journals and MD  research, in America there is a growing need for charitable support from concerned citizens.

In 2008 there was a massive job loss crisis that left more than 42 million out of  a means of income to feed themselves.

These millions ranged from the very poor to the well to do middle and upper middle class citizens. Rendering the wrath of famine to be no respecters of  person. Revelations 6:5

Here it is 2017 and according to FA (Feed America foundation) and many like it, there is still a need to end hunger in America.

When we consider the problems in other continents like Africa, Europe, Eurasia, Australia, or the Islands, we may begin to feel overwhelmed and that the little we do to make the world a better place in our own worlds is enough.

Except, that mentality has not ended the hunger in our homes here in America, that mentality of doing what we can with what we have has left us to believe that things will not get better and that there is no use in talking about it.

I suppose I am writing this, because it shocked me as  to  how people will catalogue devastation after the earthquake, call for aid for the millions that are suffering and then as the years go by, pretend it was not due to negligence that what happened to them was indeed the issue. I suppose raising awareness is all I can think to do, so I don’t mind talking about it, but I am shocked when someone tells me they did not know homelessness was the direct result of joblessness which then led to the devastating demands of hunger in America.

There are some groups that are inclined to believe that if someone is hungry in the Greatest Country on Earth, it is their own fault, for here in this country there is always work, there is always a means to feed oneself.

This above statement is a misconception and this need of Americans to ignore what has happened in this country and not develop a means to employ people to something more lucrative than a raised minimum wage of 15.00 an  hr; for an industry their neither needed to collect a  degree  for employment, or to render businesses to be developed in the homes of starving Americans who now must rely on friends and relatives as a support basis.  To turn our city residences into shanty towns to support the needs of the many that can not afford to pay rent, which was a problem in 2004 to present. As this cascading development remains ongoing so does the cry of the many as to how can one live in an increasing pressing danger of Revelation 13: 13-17 

     I hear songs on the radio advertising a NEW AMERICANA. My friends come to me shocked and surprised that anyone could ever dream of turning from ideas that they know work to rely on godless standards of living. I witness people getting paid to exploit the pains of others without giving them any means to better themselves and I am made to pray for my country that one day she will awaken from her sin, repent and begin to move in the manner that she has always known to be truth.

I want the world to know that they shall not live by bread alone, that when man decides to deny you something GOD will give you everything, just remember it was him that gave it to you, reverence him, do not ever deny him, and in the name of Jesus, teach the world that the healing comes not only from the inside but can be witnessed in your daily lives, through a constant supplication to a holy Father that cares for you, beyond your wildest imaginations.

This has been your Advent Voice, just wanting to share a thought.

2 thoughts on “42 million and counting!”

  1. AMEN! This world is suffering and it is because of our own doing. Not a lot of us put our trust in God. We think that everything is going to be “ok”. But is it?
    My believe is that God will help us all if we ask Him for it. The world desperately needs it. Thank you for the post, very insightful. I get inspired by your words, so again thank you.

    1. Be sure to tell all of your friends about me. 

      I would love to share more.

      I would love to inspire more.

      Everyday that I draw breathe I will share what I believe! I encourage others to do that same. 

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