Made to feel Special!

That is, in most business franchises, the one that has the newest idea, or newest sales gimmick will generate a new audience.

The business that keeps up with the market and what the consumer wants to see has a better chance of generating the larger audience and earning the most sales. The business director that can create a brand or image that will hold the attention of the buyer has to do very little in order to keep their premiums up.   This is all in line in making people feel special and keeping customers happy. Very little market share is available to the franchise that refuses to change there marketing strategy with the times.

There is a fundamental problem with being special though. Those that have new ideas or are faced with new problems in the market have the off chance of being the only ones to face an obstacle and no one in the business of sales or marketing may have faced this issue so no one in their trouble-shooting department can be of assistance to the up-starts.

Case in point: When you begin a new business model and use the same banking methods as any other company, be they a personal or corporate entity and are faced with the challenge of getting pay-pal to recognize your bank accounts, who continuously send you error remarks.

   This small business is set to face the challenge of telling their consumers who are continuing to buy into their product that they can not deliver on a product because payments have not been secured by pay-pal neither the bank, that has not been able to link shareable account information.

When contacting the bank> They claim, “You are special,”  this is the first time they have ever received calls about pay-pal or any online data base not linking with any bank system before, corporate or personal.

When contacting pay-pal> They claim, “You are special!” Since this is the first time this has ever happened we don’t know what to tell you on how to secure the funds that were promised to you.



 Economic and social system in which all (or nearly all) property and resources are collectively owned by a classless society and not by individual citizens.

That is how a small or corporate business is made to feel when there banking or product shares is held in contempt by another organization or entity. The above definition is that of communism not to be confused for consumerism.

Now who owns Pay-pal and there associates? “Someone made to feel special,” this someone made others feel special as well, when neither the banks or corporate entities can explain why when a small business franchise can not seem to convert banking information and assist their consumers in financial transactions.

Digitized receipts are made and the, “promise of funds,” is delivered but when time comes to actually reap the benefits of hard work, it may be better to invest in a trade or solicit door to door sales of baked goods, because the reliance upon the irrational behavior of artificial intelligence may just cost you a years supply of reusable dividends.

This has been a letter to all of those that want to feel special!