Zip Codes should not determine our destinies?

This is the new campaign structure of many social movements. For a decade it was the health care bills, or quote on quote, “The lack of fairness in the industry on who is seen by a doctor and who is not seen.”

The argument got so bad, most physicians and pharmaceutical companies were seen as, “dope pushers.”  Surely you remember when our last President thought the average American’s medicine closet and the use of those pain medications  was no different then the drug addict using in the ally ways of Washington D.C.

Well because the campaign against drugs and health care and the deliberation about who supplies America and who does not supply America with the codeine or opioids needed for pain medication that is either used by responsible Americans or addicts, has not been defined and neither party really wants a definition. We call it a stalemate.

Since no one can really say weather or not Medical Marijuana or “the illegal kind” is really going to help anyone, they just don’t speak on it and will continue to pack people away that are found using it. Special  use cards aside. It is a stalemate. What’s next on the agenda?

Zip Codes.

Redistricting most of the American cities will play a key factor in how people are made to interact with each other.  From education, to healthcare, to the penal system. Not that there will be any real change. I think it is safe to assume that it has always “mattered” (to those who care) where you live and how you were raised, (ones “environment,”) was always a determining factor in how one was treated. Should be no surprise how the parties agendas begin to move on the general public in the coming year when it comes to job placement and social arrangements based upon new data that is developed through there deliberations.

Just last year Alexandra Bernadotte, Founder and CEO of Beyond 12 gave her bid on how she feels about zip codes and how it will help her in the avenues of education. So many leaps are being taking on old agendas it seems. Everyone wants to get there foot in the door.


One thought on “Zip Codes should not determine our destinies?”

  1. It is sad to see how people can take advantage of programs based on their geographical locations.

    But I wish people would talk about the Marijuana issues that face our country – medical or not. I have my own opinions on the legality of the substance – but I really hate the fact that our jails are being overcrowded and tax payer dollars are being used because someone smoked a joint!

    I feel like Marijuana is the new substance of Prohibition. We’ll look back in 20 years and wonder why we didn’t legalize it, allow people to capitalize from it, collect taxes – and make honest men and women out the business.

    I’m not saying I endorse the use of it. I don’t use it. But I also don’t think jail is a good place for people who do.

    P.S. I love the artwork in your header!

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