They told me I had freedoms then locked me away when I exercised those freedoms.

USA Gymnastics doctor to plead guilty to child porn charges!

When you read the above article you become very aware of how tainted our world has become.

It is tainted not because the man spent the last 20 years allegedly chasing after young girls on a University Campus and making them feel assaulted and abused as the paper suggests and he pleaded to.

It is tainted because after all he went through to clean his life up and still gets caught, shows you just how far the legal system is willing to go to prove a man or woman is a danger to society for the individual choices.

They are burning down the streets over Planned Parenthood rights,

They are burning down the streets over Freedoms of Speech,

They are arresting and dragging men to court for alleged charges and forcing people to plead guilty to “heinous crimes,” with no further proof aside from, “hearsay.”

The formal plea agreement has not been filed in federal court, and no plea hearing has been scheduled. His next scheduled appearance is for August.

Matt Newburg, one of Nassar’s attorneys, declined to comment.

Do you know what is next for that man, because his lawyer declined to defend his client?

Can someone please inform me as to why any corporation anywhere needs, 80,566 beds in a span of 74 facilities. Are there really that many crimes to be committed? Are there really that many Americans committing crimes, or are there that many projectable incomes from the sustaining power of governmental spending?

Are they really using the internet to promote what is deemed legal in the state of California and out west to inadvertently incarcerate and imprison grown able body men for no other reason than for being able bodied men?

I tell you they do the same to women?

Not for crimes that would make anyone cringe but for the things we do privately in our own homes, The very things that they said they were separating from the State Bar. They wanted freedom from religion yet imprison a man or woman for prostitution. In a secular community, prostitution is fine is it not?

Homosexuality is fine is it not? Yet the bible already gave you the law and many in the courts have placed themselves above the rule of law of the bible and show no grace; Instead the make millions off of Plea Bargons!

Because of this man’s “heinous crime,” he will be fed 4 ounces of food. He will be asked to find a job in the worst part of town where everyone is on welfare and where they do not hire, “sex offenders.” They will call it gainful employment, which does not correlate as, “working for family businesses.” He will be expected to work at McDonalds or a Gas station after having been a University professor. Who by the way went to college so that he would never have to work in a field, like a slave!

He will be told in his search for work, he is never to have more than $60.00 on his person until he completes parole. Which some men have been in this facility for the past 10 years if not longer, trying to figure out how to make a living when you are denied everything marketable.

He will be told never to touch a computer again to seek work because he can not be trusted, mind you in an advanced world,  Our lively hoods have been placed upon this Tech given to us by Bill Gates and the like, and I ask you as a concerned citizen; Where is this logic in this mass screening of US citizens?

Where is all of this heading?

I keep being told that no one knows what is going on.

No one knows how they treat people who have been locked up and seek Redemption, yet as I read the paper, these lawyers keep folding to the mass genocide of America!

So I am going to take the time to inform you.

Piece by piece you will come to understand how much money is being gained by corporations like this and how not a single American will benefit from it.

Now, I a law abiding citizen will tell you, Not to commit crimes and you won’t have to worry about giving money this kind of corporation. Only I have found that Cyber security is too free in hearsay charges for me to trust that anyone is committing the said crimes they are accused of.  If someone can tell me how a man or woman communicating with a student of legal age; Clearly you have to be of legal age to attend a University, legal age being that above 18, is liable for a sexual assault case based upon communication?

Tell me the man actually touched the girls, not that he sent them a texted communication or took pictures of them because if I work for a magazine and decide to take a picture of beautiful women to show for a Cosmopolitan ad about what I perceive to be beautiful and I am considered a, “Nasty person,” for taking pictures I am going to scream that I do not live in Russia, so get off my back!

The plea deal includes an agreement that Nassar will register as a sex offender and an agreement that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan will not prosecute him for alleged sexual exploitation or attempted sexual exploitation of children, including an incident in 2015 in his swimming pool.

(You want to know why?)

Cause they never had a case!

If you can not get me for the whole crime then don’t touch my door step at all!