The stresses upon Education!


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One of the hallmark reasons for me deciding to embark on this enterprise without the aid of anyone was the unmovable fact: that my unemployment stemmed from lack of a degree or licenses in a field of study.

Of course I never felt that should be the reason one is not employed or pursuing an occupation in life that one enjoys. I can remember the countless times I would post resumes or apply for an occupation only to find these words: Experience Needed:

• Administrative experience preferred

Educational Background Required:

• College graduate preferred to be the very tool that wheedled the opportunity from my hands. We won’t go into how online applications bolster the process even further, ending all face to face interviews and allowing only what was in black and white to speak for me.

Lack of degree in a field of study.

Now-a-days to work for any publishing company; common trade; anything aside from day-labor, you need a degree. I should know, I became a jack-of-all-trades because I don’t have a degree.

I do have:

Required Skills / Knowledge:

• General knowledge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Gmail
• Computer savvy
• Organization, promptness, and efficiency needed
• Great communication skills

I can certainly:

Positive, “can do” attitude.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Experience with diversity programs a strong plus
• Must be able to work collaboratively in a matrixed environment.
• Must have sound judgment and good decision-making skills.

I even went to school for three years to be a lawyer. None of this matters without that piece of paper that guarantees, What? 

That is why speakers like Robert Kiyosaki used to make me shudder.

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That is why I tell people all the time Degree’s Matter,

You want people to listen to you right? You tell them I am a MADE MAN and they tell you to kick rocks. So we learn not use certain turns of phrase. None of this changes the fact that at some point you will have to account to someone and they will ask for your credentials.  

Everyone tells me to go back to school. I tell them no, it is a waste of time considering my history I just would not be satisfied with any said occupation. Do I need to go to school in order to have someone sponsor my work?

Do I need to go to school in order to have someone look at my publications and say, “That is interesting, I would like to buy that and read more?”

Do I need to go to school in order to learn how to sell art?

No we need school, when we decide we want to work for a corporation under undue stress and complete lack of spiritual character. We need school to destroy our motivations in life and to insist that if we don’t have a degree, then we are not to be heard or voice an opinion.

We need university institutions to clean our pockets during rescissions and have most of the dreaming American’s settling for AmeriCorps positions after dreaming of owning there own business in child care and mental-health evaluation; because our children tend to show signs of resentment because the things they learned in high school will only allow them to go as far as working in the CVS drugstore until there 40th anniversary of there  (sheltering)and tightly held  innocence.

The extra schooling to sit in an office cubical and recite the sales pitch of a company that does not respect the individual or his or her ideas was hard for me to encourage. I say if you want to show respect, you will listen with or without the piece of paper that suggests I wasted six plus years of my life to impress you.

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You’ve just spoken with your Advent Voice!



2 thoughts on “The stresses upon Education!”

  1. Hey there

    Thanks for the informative and passionate article!
    Your right there is so much pressure on people these days to finish school and go in and work hard to have the high paying big jobs.
    The stress associated with this can be huge. There is socio economical factors that hold some people back causing them to repeat the cycle of there family.

    Great read
    Thanks so much

    1. Thanks for looking into the article and seeing things from my perspective. I was sure you were going to tell me about some after school special need for education, but it seems you grew up like I did.

      What do you think we can do, to make things better?

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