Red Shirts

Red Vs Blue
Red Vs Blue

I illustrated the parts that spoke to me from the book. There is a whole dialogue that goes unspoken throughout the book and you never really get what he is saying until the end. So it made you want to keep reading. After it is all said and done and you take it in, you find that you really can’t get mad at how the man thinks and laugh at his paradise.

Science is stranger than fiction and the Sci-Fi genre will always find ways to send you on a journey while walking on your grandmothers ceiling. When you are not certain about what is up and what is down then you know you have stepped into someone’s fantasy and he may ask you to be eaten by a large worm for effect.

None of this changes certain dynamics, certain truths. There has always been a Red vs Blue discourse in America and in its satire narratives. So it is not strange to find a bathroom argument in the latest John Scalzi novel.

Now according to the Author, you would think we are all grown enough not to freak out about the bathroom, that in this universe we have tons of things to freak out about, that in our lives we may come across Tax collectors and land lords and Repo-men but instead we concern ourselves with the bathroom. It is such a good argument that anyone else would just let, “The powers that be, do as they like.”

We would mindlessly continue to go down these long roads less traveled by and then everything just POPS, and so what is really important becomes the question.

eh, I don’t like to argue with Sci-Fi writers because they may put me in one of there “Black boxes that serves to fix every problem known to man, without thought.”

Then I won’t be able to write anymore and continue to give you something to live for.

Check out this book though.

It is one wild ride.

2 thoughts on “Red Shirts”

  1. I really enjoyed the art work here. The details on the drawling were very interesting. Wish you had a “about me” page. Would love to know more about you and your art.
    Even though you gave so much detail about the picture. The unique thing about your drawling is that the picture tells so much just by looking at it!

    1. I really thank you for your interests in the art work. I am glad you could get something from what I produce. I can only hope you don’t take my words for much and look into what I think and feel and tell me no your wrong and why; and or yeah your right and why. Forever will I keep my mind open to the voices of this world and views of those outside of my influence in hopes of learning more.
      I am simply a traveler and an advocate for the creative process.

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