Time is of no essence.


A smile of secret bliss etched across my face when I was finished with this piece.

An expression of the struggle to get beyond the iron or bronze bars that keeps us on the same repetitive cycle.

Be it an ideal, an old wise tale, or the words of others and the negative outlooks we allow to determine our day to day.

Break Free From Your Cage
Break Free From Your Cage


I just never knew where to start. There are so many excuses that bind the mind.

People would ask me, “Why have you seen so many cages?”

All I could tell them was I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I should have told them, I was in the right place at the right time, for when we walk in the spirit never are we in a cage, but on the mission field to help others see the light.

There is a lot of darkness in the places that I have been and not all of them are apparent because not all of them where physical prisons.

For example I have not spent my entire life behind prisons walls. Like a lot of men and women I know. It was only six years and not all at once. Three years in one state, and three years in another state. So when I was free, there was a lot of space for me to work and live productively in society, yet I found that there is very little difference in the mindset of the prisoner sitting in a DOJ facility and that of one of the five, “murder capitals,” of the United States. Can you imagine, they call these cities that were the god-fathers of the industrial revolution, “Murder Capitals,” now, There streets are filled with innocent blood of men and women that simply desire what every American desires. PEACE.

Books have been written and millions have been sold to glorify a mindset and language that proves to only degrade and liberal colleges endorse them.

     <<<<<<<Denzel’s only Oscar>>>>


 <<<<<He did say one good thing in that movie, “THINK”>>>>>

I went to a church the other day, for a funeral of friends that I do not know and I saw there dedications to the black agenda and the constant need for mission out reach in our, “Inner Cities.” I just could not help but wonder what the pastor got out of our black cinema that is positive. So tired I have become of black pastors telling me that it was the, “MAN,” that put you there. I always get this feeling of dejection and accountability and a need to explain to them that what I saw was more than just a black problem. I saw white boys, black boys, Spanish boys, Asian boys not men but boys in those boxes. Boys barley old enough to grow hair on there chests. Useless in there minds and thus useless in there spirits. Oh but they worked the fields and when they get out there is a nice government check waiting for them cause they are too clinical or institutionalized  to think for themselves.

Then the church says in order to stop this degradation of the human mind we need to control what our children watch and who they are around. I suppose that is a start. Then why did you give a spokesperson of your community an Oscar for the very actions you despise.

  I can go on and on and on…I love this topic cause everywhere I go I see it and I want to help but the moment I say, “Begin to live on a higher standard,

stop wearing your pants below your bum: if you knew that stuff started so that homosexual men in prison could tell the difference between a man who would fight or a man who would roll over, I bet you would stop then.

Don’t call me your “NIGGER, or NIGGA.” We all know the history of the word even those who say it and in hopes of not being hurt by it they wish to indulge in it are a bane to my existence. 

I loose half my audience and those that wish to indulge in sin they loose me.


Image result for Rock and Roll  Image result for Rock and Roll 

You know I have played all sorts of music and I am not opposed to the sounds that make us feel good. I am all about feeling good and sweating the night away. I love even the art that can be produced from it.

I am just betwixt when that culture can no longer dance to a tune that is defined by love.

I knew a young woman that wanted to take me to a club, she wanted to show me how to dance with her to the sounds and well it looked like the same movements that should be had behind closed doors. “why would I share that with the world?”

I was young so I  was allowed to ask.

Now ask that same person to dance to the sounds of Miles Davis and she can’t. Ask that same person to dance to

  The Rat Pack and she is as dizzy as   “always doing that think thing with her hands”

Never focused on the music but the audience. This was the argument of the Church in 1944 and not much has changed. drunkenness, lack of a work force or any real culture is still prevalent and it would seem in our communities the desire of a perfection in our person and in our craft is as passé as it has ever been. I try not to be a critic, though I come off that way, I am just observant and want to be around people that are just as ambitious as I when it comes to the arts. Not to be afraid to try new things but to remember where it is supposed to lead to. I used to think all roads lead to Rome, not matter where I roam, I know I will feel at home. Then I got a little wiser there is only one straight and narrow way. Some day I am going back and it will sure be more than home.


The original piece of art is to be sold for $1000.00. That is one dollar for every memory of when you chased freedom. That is one dollar for every dream you allowed to slip between your fingers. One dollar for every time someone decided to imprison your worth behind false hopes and  or an assassination attempt upon your character. That is one dollar for every door that may have been shut to your dreams of achievement.

This is a spurring to your soul, an out cry for us all to have our


New ways to express myself!





 I was climbing to the top sail and I lost my leg
I was climbing to the top sail and I lost my leg




I want an explosion of sound to be felt from the page. I want my art to reflect the things I have heard and the songs that burst in my heart. I want you to look at my work and say, “I know exactly what you are getting at and there are times when I too, am climbing to the top sail and fall short.”

Honestly in the above image you will never see anyone falling short. That is not supposed to be the story. The losing of ones leg is supposed to teach us contentment and humbleness.


Fiercely do I climb to etch my name upon the pillar of this life, to see all I have achieved remembered even after I die. Motivated by a number of things as are we all, but to have the sun in my face after the panicle has been reached. To feel the salt of my skin in comparison to the salt of the sea, to realize there is no difference. When you finally make it to the top of the sail only to lose your leg, you laugh or you cry and I normally laugh until my spleen hurts.

I travel to so many places when I look at this piece. I always go to the ocean where a man can always feel free. I go to the travelers inn and remember the music I would play to all those that would listen. I remember how much fun I had telling old wise tales and sharing in the tales of all that wanted to be SOMEBODY.

My mother told me I lacked self-esteem. I laughed at her for she made me want to scream.

How can you say that about a man that dreams as I do and lives as I lived. Whom sought to climb to the top sail and lost his leg and still laughs about it. Who lost is all only to hit the ground running seeking to claim it all back.


No my art is of a man that can not sit still, whose mind is on light speed and can air brush his way to heaven! I get excited just talking about it and wondering where I want to see this piece.

Maybe on the side of a city bus and when I stop them and say, “where did you get that idea?” They say, “This is to the continuum of the search of peace.”

I could be all wrong, maybe you don’t see peace in this piece, you see the struggle for it. That is good too, cause peace is worth struggling for…..



Never Ending Story



Image result for Open books



I have come to think of people as books. We as a people have this idea of being able to read people. When we sign up for a job we display a resume that describes our motivations for job placement based on past behaviors and future desires. That piece of paper, that file becomes our spoken word and from this word it is determined what can and can not be expected from us.

When we grow up in an environment where our character is disciplined, then it can be expected that we will reflect a good character and be of moral courage. Words will become our bond and from these words, all those around us will seek wisdom from us. That is if we present ourselves to be faultless, that is if we present our character to be of a higher standard.

Then there are those that tell us our character can be flawed and love is still granted to us. That if we present our character to be amoral but are decent in our outward expression, that our actions should be an ends to means. There are those that present there characters of there story to only, on the surface level, to be helpful while at the same time filling there hands, mouths, ears, eyes and overall essence with unsightly things. There are those that will smile in your face, while there hearts show contempt and spite. I always find these people the be very disturbing. Many will say, “I am here to help you,” while at the same time, stealing all you own.

There are a lot of business’s that are like that. They will brand there company with the slogan of, “Money back guaranteed!”


Image result for money back guarantee Then when you ask for your 3 month trial refund and explain why you are dissatisfied with there product, will stamp on to you a non-refundable amendment that was signed by you because you did not read the fine print. At the end of this experiment you are dollars short of your goal and you made to ask, “Was that money really worth it to lie to me, had you been honest in the first place, I would spend more money with you, I would  have told all my friends about you, developed more referrals for you, and your business would have blossomed.”

Instead that business owner continues to play the numbers, scams a few more hundred and you never hear about them in next three years because too many found out there word was not there bond.

In this life, there are many that will state we only have one life and so we must live it to the utmost, and at the expense of others right now. I find those that live this way to be very sad. I weep for these men and women because they are forever piled upon by the lies and deceits it takes to develop a character they can not personally condone but must stomach to pay bills that are just as futile and fleeting as there lives. They are purposeless, hustling and bustling people whom believe there story will end when they are no longer living.

I am of the brand of people that believe the story does not end in this life alone. That indeed we are to be the very best we can be, none of us were made to be or to feel less than anyone, but we do not have soil our character in this life to be someone. There is a hope of everlasting and it is due to this hope that I seek to be a book worth reading. My story is that of trials and victories and a need to be morally relative in all things. At times I feel people take advantage of a character like that. In hopes of doing good, they will come and ask for something and when it can not be had, will determine you to be worthless because you could not deliver. I have an urge to be all things to all people, to reflect goodness. I just don’t like being taken advantage of.

Your brother, comes to you and says, “You broke my machine, you have to pay for it.” You go look at his machine because you are worried that you might have really broken it. You tell him, you willing to repay him for the damage, and come to find out he is using it. All seems to be well, according to him, it is not working as well as it used to. This is with no account that it is a used machine. Nothing works as well as used to, if it is being used. Certainly he does not expect you buy a brand new machine. His countenance tells you otherwise. You put the money aside in case it seems that you really have to replace the tool, cause you were the last one to use it. Only he is still using it, days go by and it is still cleaning as it was when you had it. You begin to feel lied to, to feel extorted and are made to ask, “Why?”

Why is his word so fowl in your mouth, why does it bother you that your brother, who is an open book would lie to you, or about you? Could be that we only want the best for those around us and are shamed when we see less. We are made to ask, “Will any of this matter, when we are on our way home to heaven?”

We go out of our way to make excuses for the behaviors of those around us, that this world will always be filled with the selfish and we just need to get over it. I don’t want to believe that. I don’t want to believe that people are just prone to use one another and that the things we say mean nothing.

I want the meditations of my heart to reflect the verbiage of my mouth and I want my story told even in the hear after.


Image result





So I have been having moments, in my hunt of buyers and sellers of art; of explaining the value of art and what is real art.

We are in an amazing time of statements and factions and ideals. A time when beliefs drive us to do anything and everything. A time when cinematography can help influence to minds of people. A time when we can say a thousand things in one image.

What I don’t want to be lost in this time of confused sentiments and reality is Art.

The stroke of my pencil and pen are just as touching as my words, just not as fast.

Art is not to be a confusing garble of lines to no purpose.

dowdall-1024x625   <<<<<<<<<<<BAD ART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Much like any writer, if one is to string a list of verbs together and say that is action, no one would listen to your cacophony of sound. They would consider you a loud boisterous village idiot. I have been privy to a lot of village idiots in the art world and I strive everyday to ensure that is not what I am presenting. I suppose that is why I take so much time to hear the opinions of those viewing my work. I really want to get a grasp of what they think art is. If someone tells me there is no such thing as bad art. I stop listening.

art_made_from_unique_mediums_1200x627<<<<<<<<<<GREAT ART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When we present the world from our eyes, there is a certain level of truth that must be adhered to or there was no point in speaking or illustrating.

Princess<<<<<<<<<<GOOD ART>>>>>>>>>>>> can be bought at a negotiated price.

I want people to be inspired by story, by the imagery. I want to be able to ask people what do you see in the above piece and they walk away with something to talk about for years to come.

I don’t want people to walk away and fear that the world has forgotten them or they are not important. That music does not matter. That this life we live has to be dreamless and pointless.

The murals on the walls of so many cities where the out cries of men and women and little boys and girls that wanted to be noticed and appreciated.

If they were never aware, I appreciated them and wanted to sit with them all and teach them the structure behind art and what one can really do with it.

57279-49334<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<AMAZING ART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We should seek to make every piece something we would want to hang on our walls and to discuss with our children. To help express the story of our lives. Those that do not have a story, those that feel they do not have purpose.

At least you have art!





a state or condition in which everything is regular, homogeneous, or unvarying


lack of diversity or variation, esp to the point of boredom or monotony; sameness.
A very interesting definition. When I was a child in a military home going to military schools and later in college it was this sense of sameness to the point of boredom that kept me out of most troubles.
I had found most groups that lack a uniform thought or seek to stretch the limits of life beyond that which is written and determined to be the standard of living, found themselves in the most peculiar of situations and where always filled with unnecessary regret.  I had surmised to live a life without regret, but I never thought that meant non-conformity was the answer. In college I had a formula for almost every situation I found myself in. Most of it had me being good to those in hopes that they would be good to me in return.
Our celebrity role models always teach some creed of diversity and liberalism and freedom of thought, associated with the freedom of speech and when they make fools of themselves by professing a life style that they could never say, “made them happy in life” nor could they say, “honored them in death,” One is made to ask, what is the overall identity of our culture?
I have always held onto Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. When discussing the many divisions of our culture. I have always been made to respect every man or woman or child because of this principle. Only where, is the uniformity when all that are around you are out for themselves. It is because of this belief,  that every man is glorious in the eyes of our father that art in heaven, that I was able to go to college and stomach the language that has become normal. There where many that said I was not normal, and I finally realized why.
I chose to live the bible instead of just reading the bible.
I chose to be there for my friends and family, not just say nice things that made them smile one minute, but when they called on me for this or that, never was I there, cause I was too busy.
Which at times I must admit stretched me thin, made me seem like a liar, when I could not fulfill what was asked of me. Made me humble myself and ask forgiveness of all those that were around me and made my apologies believable.
It is because of uniformity or schedules and determined responsibilities that one can be perceived as dependable.
When I was in GEO, there was a man that used to make me laugh. He was always spending his days finding ways to make money so that he did not have to ask his wife to spend so much on feeding him. I asked him why did he not ask at all and suffer as I do with the state rations, they can not hold us forever and when we get home, we will appreciate a home cooked meal all the more. He tells me, “It is because I do not ask anyone for anything, it is because I am humble that I am rich, I don’t have to worry about the guys messing up a deal, I don’t have to share with people that I may feel don’t deserve a thing because they are not willing to put in the work to achieve. It is because of my quietness that he feels he should offer me something and when I deny him the ability to give back what God has blessed him with he feels horrible and greedy.” I used to laugh so hard. I would console his guilt by explaining that I as a man should not ask for a thing, I never worked for. I am not entitled to your hard earned sweat and tears. It is the sense of entitlement that has destroyed this country, it is why men like you and I sit here waiting to go home. I do not ask my family to feed me because they never had a hand in sending me here.
I kept a constant state of uniformity and lived the bible, was no respecter of person Romans 2:11. I had a hard time with some, especially those of reprobate minds. Though as long as my mind was uniform and secure in its foundations, I felt no fear of man’s fickle judgments. Without uniformity of mind and spirit I found no real change could be made. There were some there that thought GEO was the next best thing since slice bread. They were cared for. They believed the brochure and when there families came, they paid that 25% and stayed longer. I thought those men to be sick and deplorable; Surely my actions dictated that there was a strong degree in difference of the caliber of men associated with that institution. There were women that worked as guards and would defend the program because it gave them a paycheck. They were going to school, they had degrees in psychology, they were civil servants, they were social workers. What wrong could they possibly be doing?
I was the criminal that could not understand English right?
My education is just in that there is a difference between uniformity and communism. When we begin to ask for orderliness from the individual we are not asking for it in our cultural identity. Democratic-Capitalism was what I wanted so badly when I turned 18, only to find some awful regulating machine that could not keep up with my brain. I found compromises and justifications for the lack of effort on the part of our policy makers. I found anger within myself because I never did make it into that arena of policy makers to help change the course of things.
When I was in school and played ball I never sat on the sidelines and complained about our team not winning, I got into the game and tried my very best to help them win. It was through uniformity and discipline that our teams were able to make it anywhere. When I was in college and asked to play ball, I had to deny the couch a chance to have me play, because when I looked at his team I could tell they would never make it where they wanted to be, on television, because every man played self-serving ball. To this day you would never even know the college I went to had a football team, nor weather or not any of the players made it to the National Leagues. I suppose I should keep up with a few of them just cause it would make for a good story and I suppose when someone does well I can comment on how God has blessed them. Again I am not a sideline player.
Listen, it is an inescapable truth that 2+2=4; that is a uniformed principle. It is an inescapable truth that love denotes sacrifice. These are things that many shy away from because it means we can’t do what we want and believe that it does not effect those around us. So if it is a fact that my actions good and bad effect those around me, should not my thoughts be uniform with those around me so that we can live to the point of boredom in peace. If peace is my goal.
a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property.
That is the cut and dry of a definition of uniformity that had me nervous when I was a lad. I asked my mother what was wrong with the sense of everyone being able to rely on there leaders to care for them. Aren’t we patriots? Should we not agree on what we do with these important matters. My mother told me, “Boy, there is no compromise with the ideals of communism, that will mean nothing you work for will be yours.” I used to think to myself, “How would they pull something off like that here in America, we are too big. I looked at the map all the time, there is just too much in this world for someone to tell me I can not have a single piece of it.”
Then it happened, Everyone started to become selfish and horde the simplest of things, They began to confuse issues and call things by many other names. They began to suggest that children of the ages 16-18 could make up there own minds and begin to garter SSI checks. They don’t have to go to achieve higher learning if they don’t want to. None of them have to effect public policy because they will not acquire the education needed anyway.
    Social Security will not cut off your SSI benefits if you earn over the substantial gainful activity (SGA) if you have been receiving SSI disability benefits (for at least a month), although Social Security will not approve a pending SSI claim (initial application) if you are earning over the SGA limit. That said, you are never allowed to make over the income limit for SSI (which may not be much higher than the SGA amount, depending on your state), and you must continue to be disabled, despite being able to work some. (Note that this exception to the SGA rule does not apply to working while getting SSDI.)
 I don’t know how many times I have to explain this to people. There is nothing good about our state programs or the constant need of them. That makes me insensitive? Who knows. I know it hurt my mothers heart when she had to compromise and just for a little while ask for assistance from the Government.
You know there are certain institutions that claim the military is nothing more than a program to help kids get off the streets and pay for these social problems. We were not raised to even think like welfare was ok. We were always told to get a job that is true. We all worked from fear of losing what we had, but we went to school too. Most would infer that I used the system to stay off the streets and prison was a blessing in disguise. It is that uniformity of thought that is crippling our nation. It was the reason programs like, “For-profit prisons” have developed and all of the activism of the past has fallen on deaf ears.
It is why the west look as it does, a milling group lacking a uniformed identity broken into factions that conflict in social ideals and agenda’s, when they are supposed to be part and parcel.
1 Corinthians: 1-10 Now I beseech you, brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you: but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement.
Lack of uniformity in thought is the reason why when I came home, my father feared my smile. I had done time in a horrible place filled with horrible people and I do not suffer from PTSD nor would I admit it if I did. We are told not to smile when we feel triumphant, not show any emotion at all, what do I have to feel triumphant about? I had to ask the old man how he could not smile after making it home. Our levels of conversation are on two different wave lengths. I can feel exhilaration and I know it is because I remained steady in my convictions that this is so.

Our Children!

I send special prayers for the children of this world that become the adults we leave in charge of our public policies.

Can you imagine, the local police officer in your community that is caught doing anything beneath his character or abusing the authority his badge represents. That police officer that does not take the time to assist the helpless in there peculiar problem, i.e. Not assisting the man that asks for help because the help he seeks can be misconstrued as solicitation. I speak from experience. There have been plenty of times I needed assistance from those around me and it just so happens that I flag down an officer to help me get along and this officer of the law, whom I could presume was given the same formal education I was, will ignore my words and see me as a man soliciting because I don’t have enough money to handle my own problems. Very interesting development and I always look at this man with a badge and ask myself, “where is your since of public service?”

Why do I find myself, even against my own better judgement, caring for the minute details of peoples lives above our public servants?  A lot of the time, I reflect and find I care too much for those that will take my assistance and without so much as a thank you, be better for it and feel entitled to it. A lot of the time I leave when I begin to feel I am being used, but that takes a level of decrement that one does not readily wish to admit. especially when we are looking for the best out of people.

Our lawyers, judges, public defenders, social workers, all would have had the same public education, or private education there parents could afford and would have been considered decent people, yet we will find something missing in there overall education. We will find the same sins categorized in the bible as being the reasons why we as humans fail, are the same reasons a public servant fails his or her public office. Then the outside observer will make excuses for these very real people, will determine that they are just not smart enough to be held responsible for there mistakes or feel there public position is far more important than the apology.

All of these public problems are stemmed from our public education system. We all were told to work hard for that privilege and asked to apply that which we knew. Now there are claims that when we they took the bible out of schools then problems arose. They took the bible out of schools, did they take them out of the home too? Why was it when I was traveling, did I find so many people that needed to know, what I professed to be common sense? Common sense is not that common had become the excuse of this contemporized man. A man that has begun to believe that passing our children’s minds along on the conveyor-belt of minimal training is far better than asking for everyone to be the picture of excellence that God wants us to be.

I walk into the Super stores and ask for hardware or the location of food or just wish for hands on Customer service and it is as if I asked someone to pick up a snake. I ask questions of those around me and the idea of conversation in a public place about our general public is a foreign language and very few can say they know anything past what they are told. That scares me. Certainly as the city map changes so does our public or civic duties change. I am not adverse to asking for directions when I am lost, I do not enjoy having to spend hours of my time going over things that should be common sense, but I will study a matter until I am certain I understand the concept and can use this ideal until the wheels fall off.

So if education has always been important; a need for the social animal to excel in the vast space we call earth, why would our public servants be excused from teaching achievement. Why would there be so many men and women testifying the same out cry since 2008, why has the number of those on government assistance not decreased. Is not the issue, lack of education? A man or woman is out of labor or not in the work force, because they don’t want to work? Really? I can not believe it, I see so many working but they are pulling the jobs we did as children. “Landscaping?” That is a profession now? I can actually go to the bank and ask for a small business loan to cut and mow grass for a living. Me and the guys can do the things we did for civil service points and good Samaritan tokens and ask for minimum wage.  I always become irate when I think of the things I had to do to pay the bills. I think to myself, this is what my education has amounted to?  So I do the best I can with the minimum and pray with a little more education I can make where I live, speak volumes of the places that I have been.

I was in New Orleans, enjoying the parades, and I laugh at this memory. I was standing there with a sack, ready to catch cabbage, and I noticed a little girl with her family. They lived in a flat in the perfect spot for the parade. As soon as you open the front door, there is the street and you can just set up your lawn chair and watch the show. Convenience is nice.  As I watch this family, a little picture of Mamma duck, Daddy duck and children enjoying time off from there busy lives. The father expresses his happiness by asking me to help him load the coolers. I must have been standing too close and seeming useless he set make me useful. Any who, as I am helping I notice the  little girl was smoking a cigarette.   Red lights went all over the place in my head and I asked, myself, “Does she not know that she is ending whatever brain cells she has left. Does her family not care?” I took the cigarette from her. Stomped on it and sat with her family and her to explain that it is not only not healthy to smoke but as young as you are, you should read the box and labels of everything, Surgeon general is very explicit in explaining the danger and I would be remiss if I did not at least try to get you to think of other things.

Now I am no, Mary Poppins, but of all the people that pass this child by and I think of my own children and how I only want the best for them, the best education, the best neighborhood, the best books, things as simple as that but safe even for us as adults. Not because I am afraid that the person is going to be so damaged by the experiences in life that they, God forbid, end up with lung cancer. Or a liver disease from over drinking etc. It is as simple as wanting more from people than governmental work programs. Money does not denote our success in life, if that was the case, then every celebrity would be a role model and every athlete would be someone worth speaking about. Nope, it is the character of the man and woman that matters and we learn to appreciate this sentiment from our youth.

Spring Cleaning.

Sometimes when I am at work I almost believe that it is over. I almost believe that I can walk away from it all and not think about it.

I can clean myself up, I can clean my house, the front yard and all is well. There are times in the middle of this cleaning, this purging of past feelings, I escape to my childhood and remember what it was like to be care free.

Just to work because your parents thought it would build good character.

Then there are days when I realize that, “good character,” was not enough. For if it was enough, if that was all it took to be a good father, a good friend, a good man. Then places like:

https://www.geogroup.com/GEO_World (WOULD NOT EXIST).

I would not have to stomach articles written by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mississippi_Hustle.

There are certain groups that seek to repay tax paying revenue for, “certain losses.”

On February 8, 2017, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood announced he had filed civil cases against 15 corporations and numerous individuals who had engaged in contracts with the MDOC and Epps, seeking damages and punitive damages. Hood said,

“The state of Mississippi has been defrauded through a pattern of bribery, kickbacks, misrepresentations, fraud, concealment, money laundering and other wrongful conduct.” He continued, “These individuals and corporations that benefited by stealing from taxpayers must not only pay the state’s losses, but state law requires that they must also forfeit and return the entire amount of the contracts paid by the state. We are also seeking punitive damages to punish these conspirators and to deter those who might consider giving or receiving kickbacks in the future.” Besides Teresa Malone and Carl Reddix, the defendants included Michael Reddix; Andrew Jenkins; Management & Training Corporation; The GEO Group, Inc.; Cornell Companies, Inc.; Wexford Health Sources, Inc.; The Bantry Group Corporation; AdminPros, L.L.C.; CGL Facility Management, LLC; Mississippi Correctional Management, Inc.; Branan Medical Corporation; Drug Testing Corporation; Global Tel*Link Corporation; Health Assurance, LLC; Keefe Commissary Network, LLC of St. Louis; Sentinel Offender Services, L.L.C. and AJA Management & Technical Services, Inc.[1]

As of February 2015, Epps was still eligible to receive benefits from the Mississippi Public Employees’ Retirement System.[54]

They would seek to blame congressmen for stealing money and bribes, while glossing over the real crimes. Incarcerating men and women and getting them, “Stuck in the System.”

That was the adage when I was a kid. We were always told not to commit crimes or walk down the street with false intentions lest the police notice you and you end up, “Lost in the System.”

When I was doing my time, I would ask myself how anyone can be lost anywhere. I did something wrong, I do whatever they ask and when I get out, I get back on my way to the top. Whatever the top happens to be.

I love to believe that the top is a state of mind. I have been called, MEDIOCURE MAN, cause I am the kind of guy that will work any job and be satisfied with the pay scale until there is just something more I have to have. Until that day, in all things am I content. Knowing how money is the root of all evil, I just never allowed it to be my motivation in life. So I was not in prison for robbery or bribing anyone. So what is warranting a prison sentence? Why is GEO so bad, when the idea is to help people. THEY DID NOT HELP ANYONE. THEY STILL HAVE NOT HELPED ANYONE. AND REFUSE TO DO SO. They continue to demoralize and degrade a mass of people, laughing at how easy it is to abuse those that need assistance in life. 


and so many like them have been taking advantage of people.

When it is over, it is really over? 

Moving on with our lives is supposed to correlate with, Casting our cares onto the Lord.

I am told so often that this is it: I tell myself this is it, This is all I need, while at the same time I am asked, “If I am going to get a job or try to get a trade, become certified in something, go back to school?” Did they not here me when I said, “At 30 years old those don’t seem like options anymore? Did they not hear me when I said I don’t like depending on the kindness of others in order to, “Hold down a job?” I’ve been on this job now a year and for a year, I’ve had to take everything in quietly. Casting a lot of cares on the Lord.

It is a shocking feeling when you express what you’ve seen in your life only to have the concern cast aside as troubles that have not directly effected them, thus it can wait for another time. I can show slides, I can create diagrams, I can paint pictures of that depression, of that lack of change but unless that person is willing to walk in those shoes-they will forever be a shadow to me. I made my trek.

Laws be damned and in my travels all I saw was the need for more outreach. I remember watching the food pantries and the lines would never stop. Day after day people would go to church, pray for better days; eat, go home or work, just to do it again another day.

I remember as a kid, all of the black programming set to help others become aware of these pitfalls in life, and how hard I worked never to have need of a soup kitchen. I remember all the friends I had that worked soup kitchens-in hopes of, “doing their part in changing the world.”

Then certain truths became apparent and I tried so hard to shut my eyes to them. We are all part and parcel.

I went to college to become a lawyer. To defend the defenseless or naïve and found I was very naïve to believe people would hear. I travel and find that there are people who want these programs, want someone to tell them how much they can eat-what they can eat, where to work, to settle for this much pay, to go to a public park only on these days-file in a nice pretty line in your nice concrete jungle of a life. To get a little money on the side through crafts and design or garage sales-has become a profession, opposed to a choice of charity because one has acquired too much free time in life. Through this free time one acquired too much stuff.

I was asked once if I believed after my travels it was ok to just cut grass, come home and cut grass, like Forest Gump.

I was horrified at the question.

Is this what my life has become; a mock humor of a problem that has been catalogued and ignored, or glorified. Am I the man on the bus bench thinking life is like a box of chocolates. Cause I used to believe you know very well what your going to get cause when your a man of purpose you get what you work for.