The music that plays in my ear!

Dream Weaver

The above piece I am willing the depart with for $1,458.

When I look at this piece of art I am reminded of the days in that dark dungeon and when the shadows began to encase me. I am reminded of the 6 years I was made to sit and wait upon my freedom, with only my  dreams to comfort me.

I am reminded of the taunts and the laughter of the men in cells a mirror image away from, all calling out for light that is forever alluding them. All calling out to dreams and never seeing passed there own problems or what got them in that dungeon. I am reminded of the times when I had to console grown men whom might have committed more heinous and sinister crimes than I, yet I felt the pull on my soul to always give those men hope for a better day. This same hope I seared upon my heart and who make my star guide as I sat in my cells and drew images like the one above.

The music in my ears, was like a burning whip refusing to give me piece. Don’t die with your music still inside of you.

There are much more talented men and women out there but none more tenacious than the weaver that burns his candle in my heart. None may never know the real me but I am able to show them a piece through my art. Through the quite song that seeks to breathe new life and education through the husks of old skins entrapped as the woman in the above picture. Entrapped by traditions and thoughts and guilt’s and ways that have only made you prisoners, like the men I had come to know in those numerous dungeons.

Doctors call it Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

Can you imagine that we only knew about such a phenomenon since 1973. We did not know what that was in 1500 Florence France. Nor in 1800 America, nor during the Civil Rights Movement. Nope we did not know that the ability of man to be in an invisible bondage of thought and attitude and circumstance and thinking it is ok to sit in a dungeon for 20 years out of there lives because very little exists outside of there little homes from birth. We did not know that women could rely so much on the need of a man that they could become vindictive and callous vipers and loose all nurturing and caring attitudes towards there husbands or sons or brothers or even a sister, due to jealousy of the comfort afforded her due to the lords grace of providing a husband whom can take care of her. No we did not know that since the 70’s such notions as described and felt in the above art piece was never thought of, taught or recognized by any society and because no such word existed, or such thought perceived, No one felt entitled to anything but what was afforded to them by the grace of GOD.

Some would go so far as to say the Boonie never wanted to help Clyde. Some would say that the hands of cool hand luke where just as fowl as anyone that stepped on the green mile.

I know I do not want to identify, vilify or justify a thing. I did my time cause I was wrong. Now that we know it I want the grace to move from it, become wiser and I want the same afforded for those that I was made to stand next to. Whom I got to know on a personal level that I am sure I could eat at the same dinner table with.

A man asked me the other day, If I thought prisons should exist?

I told him they exist so a man or woman can repay a debt, they hurt someone, they did something to deserve to be there in that box, but when they smell that fresh air, cause you know with or without your lawyering help they will smell fresh air again. They deserve every chance to feel human and not made to believe there is nothing left for them but the box.

That woman whom had the rough life of dealing with a criminal husband should not be made to feel she is now stuck taking care of a sack of potatoes, for that is what most men are when they come home half the time. Women too, when you see them, when you are from where I am from, you will identify them from there eyes. That yes they were made to sit in a box like a dog and sleep in there own filth. That does not mean they have to stay there.

I certainly will never be made to stay there.

To answer your question, “No prisons should not exists, especially the private money grubbing ones that treat humans as cattle, for when I am free as I am, never would I treat you as I was treated, though at times I feel you will never understand until one day for no reason at all, cause a man with a badge and one bad day, takes you down town, convinced you deserve to be in that box, enforcer of the law that is as confusing to him as it is to the one in the paddy wagon,  tells you that until you can prove to me that you are not whom they claim you to be, you will sit in here. Oh, you know sign for three years, you already did a year here and no one believes that you are innocent, just take the three and go home, you will be fine, Prisons are SAFE now, we don’t do the raping thing and if anyone touches you, you can press charges and try to get money for your family, Oh it was your family by the way that sold you out for 5,000 so really do everyone a favor and take the 3.” Then when 3 turns to 6 and that 6 becomes a way of life for your job begging behind, I want you to remember this day when I told you, “NO”!

Oh but the president is going to change that, things are going to be better now.

I ask you, For who?


Reddit Beeped me!


5 months ago a very big player noticed a very little and humble player. I personally think that is one of the biggest things in this industry to help a movement move forward.

In 2013 a talking robot head decided to make waves in this changing world, published a book and certainly does not need my voice or accreditations, in order to feel good about themselves. I am going to give it anyway. I am going to say that they have written books worth reading and I am going splash all over the place images of the talking robot head and smile as you all become more informed and as inspired as I to always dream big.

Sure it was only a few comments and sure most entities that are considered a Hot/NEW topic, tend to show on the radar and dies as soon as they are born.

Friends that is why I speak, that is why those with an ear to hear let them listen. The Advent Voice is not here for a flaming 15 minutes of fame, but to encourage and promote those that speak the same language. No longer should any of us sit still in awe as the opportunity of any sort passes them by.


Without Their Permission: The Story of Reddit and a Blueprint for How to Change the World (Paperback)

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Small Business & Entrepreneurship


As Alexis Ohanian learned when he helped to co-found the immensely popular, the internet is the most powerful and democratic tool for disseminating information in human history. And when that power is harnessed to create new communities, technologies, businesses or charities, the results can be absolutely stunning.
In this book, Alexis will share his ideas, tips and even his own doodles about harnessing the power of the web for good, and along the way, he will share his philosophy with young entrepreneurs all over the globe.
At 29, Ohanian has come to personify the dorm-room tech entrepreneur, changing the world without asking permission. Within a couple of years of graduating from the University of Virginia, Ohanian did just that, selling reddit for millions of dollars. He’s gone on to start many other companies, like hipmunk and breadpig, all while representing Y Combinator and investing in over sixty other tech startups. WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION is his personal guidebook as to how other aspiring entrepreneurs can follow in his footsteps.

  • ISBN13: 9781455520015
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00272

Now just cause I was a fan of the book does not mean any of you will be. Honestly I was burning for this moment provided by my talents long before I read the book. I was just glad for the confirmation of such a good idea, through the actions of others of like minded attitudes.

The affirmation is true.

Great minds think alike.

Keep smiling folks.

This has been your Advent Voice!

Before I go though, I am going to have to ask  Arzu1982; I-am-the-lul; areddituser542 &  MGTOW to check out, like I checked out there book

The Unfolding; by R.B. Edwards


To tell there friends about them and give an honest to God report after one wild ride.

Thanks again for making my last 5 months an exciting one!