The State of Things!

To continue the line of thought of the previous post “Where have all the good men gone,” I would like to add upon this disclaimer that all posts, are topics that have been given real study and though it can be construed as simple opinion, one can be assured that because it was a life lived and lessons learned, my observations  are a lot more believable than the wishful thinking of a sad generation.

So, Freedom is not Free. This was a true statement considering that in most prisons those that have been locked away, other than by the sweat of their brow, have no way to pay back the debt to society, they were accused of stealing.

I like to think of Jared, “The Subway man,” accused of embezzlement, could not be proved of such crimes and then made to serve years for old pornographic filth, when that was never the topic of discussion in his original charge. Thus my friend the law is no longer  locking a man away for the crime he was accused of, He is locked away for the crimes he keeps secret and prodded for. The man’s person is the currency for freedom, Guilty till proven innocent of “Any Crime.”

Now what is the long term fall back of this moral. Hmm, well this leaves American homes empty of fathers, brothers, uncles, men; period to see to a home and opens it up to, any  said man to come to a home of women seeking aid and having to settle for any back water rouge that can provide support in a failing economy.  If you have a farm don’t expect a man of the metropolis to know what to do with it. he will look at all that land and say lets put a Walmart here.  If you have a lot with a house and live in a community, name how many neighbors in that community help one another, or enjoy a potluck or have block parties. Far and few in between and this is what was done to help communities stay safe.

Back to the mindset of criminality and how it is leaving america open to more crime. Every man that is locked up wants one thing, to ensure that his family is taken care of while he is away. This is not allowed the man that lives in any state that does not pay him no more than $100 upon his parole release. This is not allowed the man that as he works for his freedom and is granted it, is immediately imprisoned again because he can not find ‘gainful employment,’  he can only live is a certain community, his family wants very little to do with him, cause in the next six months to a year he will be out of work. Labor ready is a tough quarter, no vehicle, no support and no hope. Thus the cycle begins.

As this pool of social decline persists so does the spirit of the man.  In American prisons today there are many that work the fields. They can the produce, the very produce Shipped from city to city in trucks marked  Sysco 2

These products are sold all across america, used in most metropolis city’s in the very shelters for the homeless, like Salvation Army or Martha’s Kitchen.  Tyson Chicken company is shipped through this company like so many others.  (All of which is GMO’d).

What there are no workers outside the prison that can function the labor needed to shell produce? There are no companies being made outside of the private prison firm?

There are over 120 prisons in the state of Texas alone and each one functions as a little farm to feed, you, the consumer. Of course this is perfectly fine considering all of the jobs  are” being handed to immigrants, if they were not,

(This post would never have been written for their are far better things to do than to inform a community of anything they wish to ignore. )

Of those 120 prisons, there are 50% Nigerian workers, male and female, all of which proud to be american and love to mach the blue blooded american that wasted his freedoms. 20% Latino American that can not stand a ‘roach black man’, 30% Caucasian that can’t wait to get home to his ranch after he clocks out of a day of babysitting grown men, 1% African American workers that guard another prisoner as if there life depends on it.

So, my math is off, point is, all of the refugee Nigerians in 2014 that came into this country looking for safety from there own was offered the job of seeing to the criminal american first. It made for wonderful conversations on how there salary was really no different than the $12 anyone  could have made  at MacDonald’s, that there education overseas amounted to them being glorified babysitters now and that upon a man’s  freedom only their own actions could determine how far they would go or not.

That despite these facts and figures there is still a God.

Everyone is Clinical:


In the state of Texas alone the numbers of individual men listed as clinical or not adept to function in society is at epidemic proportions. Men and women alike are offered by the government, pills and benefits for things that can clearly be controlled without it when we have Jesus in our lives. When we remember how to communicate and that forgiveness is acceptable. Most accept these pills and benefits because of the fear of being locked up from lack of inspiration to do anything other than watch television or work period. So the fail safe was to turn a metropolis into the Twilight zone. Ever been on the East-side of Houston. It really messes a man up. Everyone on disability? For what? From where?

That means by the time it matters most won’t have any Social Security and will still be a 35 year old fat man taking care of my family cause leaving the house is not an option for a man if he is going to do things that don’t involve fast money. Not that I ever have but I would certainly not settle for a tranquilizer and $800.00 a month just cause the government promised it to me. (To me this is  a social  Lobotomy      :surgical severance of nerve fibers connecting the frontal lobes to the thalamus performed especially formerly for the relief of some mental disorders).

Yes we  have done things like that to people we feel are inferior, then let them out in public and give them free government phones, free government laptops, free housing, and free Television. Then wonder why there is Bedlam in the world.

Remember the French Pilot that crashed into the Mountains with everyone on board. It happened sometime in 2015.

Later it was reported that they knew he was unstable and still they let him fly.

Yeah keep raising your Advent Voice!

8 thoughts on “The State of Things!”

  1. Sad facts, but true. Funny how most people do not even stop to consider the “state of things” outside of their own concerns, which to most are limited to the bubble they have isolated themselves in. This is a good view of the details of the bigger picture. Well said and well done.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and really understand where I am coming from. I mean the fact that you said it is TRUE really affects me because I wanted to be so wrong. I wanted to think that I had the wrong information, that things are not really as I orated them to be and that it is all in my head. I want so much for it to be that the grey area in which controls the right and wrongs of this world are not being ignored and that people are perfectly happy with how things are because they are helpless to do anything. Only that is not true either. For it is in the people that change comes.

  2. I find your post very interesting, and very true. It is hard for those who are or have been in prison to find good work. No one gives these people a chance, so they end up back in prison. Your post could go viral if you post it in the right places. Your voice could be heard, great content.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful interest. It would go viral if I posted in the right places…or better yet if you told all your friends about us here at this little spot. We will not stop posting and when we have enough money to do more we will. In the mean time we sell art to fund the program and we tell the stories that others will ignore. Thank you for being who you are.

  3. Sad, but the real article. I heard many stories which tell how much in all world are wrong doing and that is not funny, many things happen intentionally. People become as zombies; they do not think or act as free humans supposed to be. They think that they are free but thanks to media their minds are in the state as it was before when they finished schools.
    I guess that we can not change it but if we spread messages that life can be better and joyful, we can add more positivity to the whole environment.
    Good vibes are infectious.
    Keep up good work, cheers, Nemira.

    1. I do believe we can change. We are all waiting till our change comes. As you progress through school your mind and perspective goes under a change. When you read “The State of Things,” can you remember how you were ten years ago, what would you have said then, that you are not saying now? Then you will see that you have changed and are still seeking better.
      Always work with a smile.

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