I began this message with this title because as of late I have been trying to convince others of how and why I have come to think of things in the manner of which I do and I really get tired of repeating myself.

So why do I believe in Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many out there with a goal in mind and no one to say ‘Just do it’ and when they do say it, well that person may be 82-85 years old crying because they can not get there children to pick up the pieces of a broken or unfulfilled dream. Legacy is a major role in a lot of insecure individuals whom believe they have not done enough to set there children up in this ‘unforgiving’ world and I can personally say the world is ‘unforgiving’ and it takes a ‘Grit-filled-Knuckle-Buster’ to break down most walls that present themselves and it will take a lot of us to just walk in faith towards a dream.

Now I said walk in faith, only please don’t take that to mean you just agree with the next shark because he sold you a mouth watering bag of air. It means when you know you know the way and you are alone at night and it is you or death. Know that “HE” will stand with you and as we only have one life to live make the moments count for something. Anything is better than nothing and all the No’s in the world means that someone is listening. Means that as you chug on your dream someone will see as you make things work and ask “Hey how did you do that and can I join you”

I am such a friendly guy that I want every voice, as many voices as possible to say hear me too!!


Everyday when we wake up in the morning and we look at the sun rise, we are motivated to do all the things that make us look good. We speak to those around us to make them all welcome and full of joy so when they leave us, they would have continued to have the motivation to strive for their personal callings.

When we interact with one another and we happen to know the aspirations of each other to continue to speak life into the dreams of others has always been a Motivation for me. Every Idea is essential to creating pathways for more ideas and having the creature comforts that most take for naught in our forever computing world.

“at the click of a button” I can order dinner now, I think it is so cool!

Sometimes I wonder what was it that made me Dream so hard about something and never let it die. That when so many say your not good enough, or don’t do it that way cause it is too hard, or decided, I’d kowtow to a bribe, I’d pick up and take the road less traveled by.

I truly attest it to Motivation and in the belief of How the Great Sinatra sang it, “I did it My WAY!”

No one can take Drive from us, Purpose Molds us and Motivation keeps the fire going even in a cold wet rain storm.

Thanks WA for such a gift as MOTIVATION!





When I was a kid growing up I was insightful and full of life. Full of dreams and a spirit that could rage with the rushing fires of California! None were my equal and I could not stand the over protectiveness of my mother or father. I remember when I was 16 and I asked my father why he would go on so much about right and wrong. Good and bad, family pride. Omerta, He was incessantly needing in these regards and felt if you were not apart of the family then you were no good anyway. This left him friendless after a while, I had told him that would be his end result, though he never listened. Continue reading !Proxy!

Today we learn of Occupy

I had noticed that there were a few terms I might have used that a lot of our viewers are unfamiliar with due to the closeted and sheltered lives they live.

For example in the article, voice of liberation I had mentioned the plight of ‘Gutter Punks’ and a lot of you wondered if it was true what was happening to people in America? I am saddened by this lack of perception in our society and feel as a responsible adult who has seen a lot of things has stepped foot in a lot of places, I have come to feel that a formal education on the state of things is important.

So, I feel we should begin with the vocabulary. The word of today is Flag

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The Unfolding; by R.B. Edwards

Below is the synopsis of the book written by a long time friend of mine. Who being a seeker of truth I felt the need and honor to uphold her words here on the site. This wonderful book can be found online at Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.  


The UNFOLDING Volume I reveals in novel form what many have longed to know. This is the generation that will see the fulfillment of events prophesied in this book. The UNFOLDING is a must read for you if you want the truth regardless of your personal prejudices. Continue reading The Unfolding; by R.B. Edwards

Voice of liberation


Not sure how many ways my editors and I can say this but we will try one more time before we get to work.

This is a home for those that wish their master pieces to see the light of day. There are some stories that are never heard, some artworks that have been deemed nonredeemable and to be forgotten. Only later to be unearthed and considered by the eclectic, to be a true stroke of genius.

Here @ Black+Amethyst, we, The Admin; seek to remedy this social deficit in our scope and search for Truth.

We pray that when you begin your journey down these roads less traveled by, that you’ll remember the orators as they are, and understand that they will forever live thanks to your acknowledgments.

From all those here and our far off supporters, we love and appreciate you.

Keep pushing for the ADVENT VOICE!

This is a letter from Admin, of adventgradepress

"I will find my name in the book of life"
“I will find my name in the book of life”

My name is shrouded in mystery. Spinning its own tale as the enemy of my enemies; Time, began its hunt for me. Some of the best adventuring is in the search of Who I am and how to command me. Call me MakeemWali Nejem Bey, an acronym for the power to lead.

Call me advent voice, for my truth comes across loud and boisterous when I begin to string tales of the things I have seen. Call me what ever it is you wish, only call me not liar, fool, tool. For these are the words of men and women who, know not the man, but from there closeted perspectives, have had their heads in the sand. The ancestry of my people can be traced from the black foot Indians of america and the northern African, Mediterranean merchants, I even have Arcadian ancestry coursing through my veins. The artisans, the philosophers, the seekers, the dream weavers. The very same were made into slaves for the indentured servitude of the Irish to placate their sensibilities. All of this history went into the making of me. True to my creative history, I have the ability to interact with the white canvas, and with my mind create worlds seen and unseen. I can share with the world orally, a truth, from my perspective and accompany such events with the stroke of the pen a visual declaration of our culture. I do this for the ‘lost ones,’ so that none are made to fall prey to our societies need to remember only what is pleasing to the eyes.

As we know, ‘vision,’ is perspective, well, so is art. It is from these perspectives that we come to make life what it is now. For some it is a glorious life, for others well…


There are the “Gutter Punks,” defined as according to mainstream sources; as a homeless or transient individual who displays a variety of specific lifestyle traits and characteristics that often, but not always, are associated with the punk subculture. Attributes may include unkempt dreadlocks, nose rings, mohawk hairstyles and tattooed faces. Gutter punks are sometimes referred to as “crusties” traveler kids, and hobos. Some self-identified gutter punks may distinguish themselves from “crusties” or “travelers” and vice-versa. The term ‘Oogle’ means a gutter punk that is faking it, a crusty with money {crusty, traveller, et al.} and is now used as both an antonym and synonym.

I suppose I have such an affinity for these individuals, because I used to be one of them. I came from a family of ill-repute, a military brat, formal education and was deemed a head of my time. I have been to college, I worked for hire not because I was better than anyone, but because in this corrupt system, had I not well, my journey would have been a lot harder to deal with. There was a time when one of these destitute came up to me and asked, “hello sir, minds if I bother you for some change for a beer?” can you imagine a kid comes up to a little o’d me and ‘sirs’ me. All I could do was give it up, after he left he came back to show me he was thankful and I asked him, “How is it that you can come to a man as broke as you and ask for change, for something you know will do you and your body no good, you’ll just be hungry later?” he says, “No, I know just how long I can go before I starve.”

This is happening in America and I am privy to see it and I sit around wondering how have we allowed ourselves to come so far yet have learned nothing. These kids are like most Americans, have forgotten their heritage and search the world to answer the same questions denied their parents and soon to be denied their sons and daughters; Who am I, These derelict American’s are no different from you and I but because they commit acts of ill repute, Not settling for less, asking for that which they are due, have been forgotten. Denied education on what is deemed right, and when their pleas of compassion are ignored well…Then this happens.


That’s right, your hard earned money is set forth from taxes to ticket these naughty children and when that is not enough well… we all know what happens next.

Tent city Tent City (5)

Tent city! Technically defined as  a temporary housing facility made using tents or other temporary structures. Informal tent cities may be set up without authorization by homelss people or protesters. As well, state governments or military organizations set up tent cities to house refugees, evacuees, or soldiers. Tent cities set up by homeless people may be similar to shanty towns, which are informal settlements in which the buildings are made from scrap building materials.

All of this has been said because it must, In the 1920’s these actions were taken by the government to ease migrations for displaced workers. The California Gold Rush (1848–1855). you may have seen Communities built from tents so that work will continue.

These are Tents to Appease the homeless, and I can only assume such a wide spread event has been in the makings since 2005 to present. In 2005, I was too young to care about anyone else’s problems, beyond my own to even ponder or question an event like this if I had heard about it. Only when I did hear about it, Like you I had no Idea this was deemed Responsible. How dare we as Americans act like our history is not being confused or trampled on by the people we have deemed to oversee us and have seemed to see nothing?

I have not written this article to shame Americans or to shame politicians, or to blame anyone. I have learned to take life for it’s all, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Only my field of education is one that I, and God be my witness, I will be damned if I allow my children to ever have to go through what I did just to appreciate the word


Because of our irritant need as a nation to cry to a government that does not care about them, I am now having to be responsible and warn you not to ever do anything more without first going to God for guidance, asking your elders about how things are supposed to be done and without ever thinking about tomorrow. Because no one ever thought about what they were creating when they stopped allowing people to pull themselves up from there own Bootstraps. All of you must BEWARE OF…

The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) is a Florida-based company specializing in corrections, detention and mental health treatment. It maintains facilities in North America, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. GEO Group facilities include maximum, medium and minimum security prisons, immigration detention centers, minimum security detention centers and mental health and residential treatment facilities.

Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC) was formed as a division of The Wackenhut Corporation (now a subsidiary of G4S Security Solutions) in 1984. It was incorporated as a Wackenhut subsidiary in 1988. In July 1994, WCC became a separately traded public company. In 2003, WCC management raised funds to repurchase all common stock held by G4S, changing its name to The GEO Group, Inc.

In 2005, the GEO Group acquired Correctional Service Corporation (CSC) for US$62 million in cash, and assumed $124 million of that company’s debt. GEO then sold CSC’s juvenile services division back to CSC’s former CEO, James Slattery, for $3.75 million; this acquisition would then become Slattery’s Youth Services International.

On August 12, 2010, the GEO Group acquired Cornell Companies, formerly Cornell Corrections, for $730 million in stock and cash.

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is an American security services company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of G4S plc. It was founded as The Wackenhut Corporation in 1954, in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three partners (all are former FBI agents). In 2002, the company was acquired for $570 million by Danishcorporation Group 4 Falck (itself then merged to form British company G4S in 2004).[1] In 2010, G4S Wackenhut changed its name to G4S Secure Solutions (USA) to reflect the new business model.[2][3] The G4S Americas Region headquarters is in Jupiter, Florida.

Revenue: 1.61 billion (2011)

Operating Income: 192.2 million (2011)

Net Income: 77.5 million (2011)

Total Assets: 3.049 billion (2011)

Total equity: 1.039 billion (2011)

When I am made to read these STOCKS AND BONDS. I am reminded of RUSSIAN PEOPLE FARMING!!!

Are you serious! There is an entire Corporation that is making Millions off the backs of your brothers and sisters. Not because any of us have committed crimes, not because we are murders and murderess. No, it is for the sole reasons of biblical proportions alone. Fathers will go against their sons and Daughters their mothers and all shall sell each other down a pipe line!     

Now after reading this please don’t act like you were never privy to this information! Really this has been going on in America and it is NORMAL!

“They deserve it,” has been the out cry of the rich, so that all their sins may be ignored and they suffer nothing that is in store for them.

“How dare those Troglodytes waste good American opportunity to sit on the curbs and SPANGE?” and I ask in rebuttal, “How dare you judge, They were not asking for a hand out, they were asking for a HAND UP and you ignored them, so now they are dying and still you ignore them! for if you were not, we would not have a baby STALIN running around in the guise of governmental spending to save our children from themselves.

WE have been on the MOON people, so I have come to a point in my life that my education, and my need to advance in life demands that I act accordingly. It is 2016 and our solution to most of the worlds problems is a 35c sandwhich and a social meat grinder. None have lifted a finger to stop it, and most are too over whelmed by the facts that they are like the Deer that knows the bullet is lined between the eyes. “They freeze.”

I am demanding that those who have always known and those that will begin to see the light, do not freeze, do not stop advocating for the helpless and understand that they were right when they said Freedom is not Free! Oh yes in more than a million ways I have seen the price tag of AMERICANS and her children go up. I have seen the Out cry of the spiritless and I burn in indignation for such atrocities. We must first understand that I am allowed to say these things not because I have been wronged or feel some since of pride that is beyond me. No, it is because I am my brothers keeper! I have been known to OCCUPY, To OCCUPY, To OCCUPY, My brothers and sisters left to fight the good fight shall not be forgotten and neither will the times spent striving for the Pursuit that makes this land what it has always been.