Love affair with T.V.

The words written on the wall read as following;

I never understood T.V; but she always would find a way to captivate me and in the picture of my mind we would run along the beach.

I never understood T.V; but she always would find a way to Captivate me.
I never understood T.V; but she always would find a way to Captivate me.

This piece runs for $2500.00. It is the only one of its kind and brings to light a conversation that is still being had to this day. When do we say when we have had enough of the intrusion of the captivation of things that don’t matter. When do we say we have had enough of a world that is given to us and do not seek worlds of our own hard earned creations. To run along the beach is not presented through the television as I go to the gym and I am made to believe that I have achieved a work out. I have come to this point in my life where I sigh heavily for I am young, work with my hands, always have and I refuse to allow social norms to dictate how I am to live and I refuse to be made to feel awkward just because I can not listen to “her” anymore. There are millions of people that have virtually nothing, no source of income that is steady, no real source of produce, no real resource to transportation, no real source of health care, but the first thing the government gives someone in section 8 housing, I am sorry the term is “HUD” housing now, is a television. in the year of 2011 phones were made mandatory and if you are caught in need of health care you are penalized for not having it. But the television will be given to you so you can keep up with the next political summit, or Hulu programming…I am sorry I have gotten ahead of myself…the point is, there was a time, not sure if many of you have forgotten, when one was denied Human Resources (HR) because of a level of education that exceeded the High School Diploma, then denied work because one’s credit score determined how socially inclined you were to be a good worker; none of this of course is televised, but the first thing you are given when applying for government housing is a television, a laptop, and a cell phone. When I was in college I took no government aid. No food stamps, no housing, and paid out of pocket what my scholarship could not cover. Played my video games on the weekends and lived with the bare minimums that can be expected of a college kid, with little support from his parents and he certainly was not going to ask for support cause he already knew that even though they worked for the government life was going to get tough. I went to visit my mother when I was twenty two turning twenty three, she seemed set, had her television, her laptop, her cell phone. lived in a three-bed room apartment, with my sister and I could not for the life of me figure out why she seemed to be in need of something I could not readily give. To this day I hold that image in my mind because as we watched T.V. and she asked me to go out and get groceries I knew I was going to be leaving soon. The fear of being a thirty five year old slouch on her couch began to creep in. “I am not doing enough!” would echo in my mind, would pound in my ears. “How can I make it so we have a better life and I can not even get a job in this little town or supply food without going to the store?” At least we have T.V.

This is not a post of complaints, none of you are supposed to read it as that, this is a post of  a mindset that motivated me to produce the art that is before you. This entire conversation that was had, past and present, between family and friends alike, most of you can relate to it because you may be having them right now.

Well I am presenting art that is relative and I am praying that in the medium you are educated on what matters. In some way you don’t make the movements I did, learn from a life lesson and seek to say either, this happened to me and how I changed, or this happened to me too, what do you suppose I do?

My answer will always beSeek and you shall find”

But you won’t find anything by watching T.V.

~ This has been an insert by your Advent Voice   


4 thoughts on “Love affair with T.V.”

  1. Too many people rely on electronics these days. I rarely watch tv and much prefer to be out in the yard, working around the house, or on some project. Not sitting on the couch, chomping on munchies, mindlessly glued to the set. I think this is why we have so many obese people in this world. Then they order food, so they can continue with the tv or even video games. Pretty sad.

    1. Seems like you have become an avid reader of the site. Be sure to connect with the Admin, through our email subscribers, for up to date information how we are daily seeking to revamp our resources and continue to give you a view of the world through our artistic expression. Look forward to receiving emails and orders from you!

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      We thank you heartily for reading.

  2. What a beautifully written article that I whole heartedly agree with. You seem like an old soul looking for yourself and yearning to see the world.

    I watch minimal tv and when I do decide to turn on the news to catch up on the world around me, I end up turning it off pretty quickly. I think to myself why did I do that when I know that I would just be disgusted with what I saw.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. We are so enthused that you enjoy our work and articles. If you like it we love it.
      As you view our art and themes where can you see yourself? Sure you pay for a television you barely watch, but besides the economic and social repercussions, when was the last time you just stopped to smell the roses? We hope every day that our site gives you that, a moment of piece everyday.

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