Do you remember what their net gross was in 2015?

Peng Shuai and Li Na


Simply amazing
Simply amazing

I watch tennis a lot. I love the Wimbledon and seeing who is going to make it this year and how far they will go. Most of the time I pray I have the money to put on a few tickets and try to double. I have learned in life that the “poor gamble to become wealthy and the wealthy can’t afford not to.”

Only when I saw these two I was shocked. They grossed in the triple billions as reported by Sports Illustrated; with the assistance of the Triad Syndicate leading the gambling halls, of course all this hard earned money goes to the Peoples Republic, but it is wonderful that they worked so hard. Since they were seven years old they have been tennis machines and every year they prove their metal.

I really enjoyed being able to recreate them and share them with you all. I hope when you take the time to look into them, they become moments of inspiration and thought as it was for me when I read about them is the magazine.  Separately they are worth $15,000.00 but together they are $30,000.00.

Pay to own right now and you can have your own memories of these great players.


5 thoughts on “Do you remember what their net gross was in 2015?”

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    1. We will take your ideas into consideration. What kind of art do you produce yourself? What did you like about our presentations and what do you have against black and white?

  2. I actually struggled to understand the intention or theme of this article. Are you promoting your artwork or are you using them as examples to inspire people?

    Personally, they are great role-models for any young, budding sportsperson but I think when we use them as examples, we shouldn’t focus too much on their earnings but rather their sheer commitment to reach the top and their personalities when they have achieved success.

    Too often, professional sportsmen and women and those aspiring to be one do it for all the wrong reasons so I think if we want to use them as an inspiration to young people, we need to send out the right messages to them.

    Nonetheless, a very interesting piece of article. Keep up the great work and hope you don’t mind my suggestions:)
    Have a great day!

    1. I was just wondering if you remember how much they earned and who backed them?

      And isn’t the art grand, you can see very well who they are not question right.

      Picture perfect portraits! Sometimes I think I should just focus on the art work, but it such a wonderful question? There was an entire Sports Illustrated article on there earning and the Triad gambling that helped them along, why should I not remind the world of it?

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