I.C.E.B.R.G (In case of emergency break glass)
I.C.E.B.R.G (In case of emergency break glass)

This is to be read immediately after the post: Son of a Son https://adventgradepress.com/2016/07/son-of-a-sun/found in the category Tales of a Traveler . if one is to keep things in chronological order of events but for timing and your convenience you can read any post as you see fit.

For many in my life, I was the, In case of emergency break glass type and that makes one, anyone, feel secure. So in this piece I sought to recreate the moment in which a mother has to explain to her son why his father is not around and how she loved him but some memories are best forgotten. I had to imagine how a son might feel when asking his mother how she felt about his ‘real’ father considering I never had this conversation with my mother when I was the age of the young man in this picture because I never knew to ask. We never know how Identity really shapes us or who we are shaping when we stifle that identity with misinformation.

The mother in the above piece is honest with her son, so we only can pray for the best and hope in the honesty that things work out well. God makes the future bearable for us and we should never loose sight of such hopes. This is why family and the values set in biblical principals are important, saves one the burden of even having to explain to your child where there father has gone or why love as pure as it was to make a child could not last beyond that moment.

We must never forget that people have free will, the will to choose where they will commit to something or not and where they will, It pleases me to have the freedom to speak on these things and because I have had the experience, no one can ever pull the wool over my eyes, unless I am willing to simply trust that maybe it is OK to live and let God for a time, until he gives me another mandate. For now this was good and I would say this piece will run $1500.00.

Good Art should never be sold for less than the time put into it.

Keep dreaming dreamers for the voice of the advent is coming.

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