I began this message with this title because as of late I have been trying to convince others of how and why I have come to think of things in the manner of which I do and I really get tired of repeating myself.

So why do I believe in Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many out there with a goal in mind and no one to say ‘Just do it’ and when they do say it, well that person may be 82-85 years old crying because they can not get there children to pick up the pieces of a broken or unfulfilled dream. Legacy is a major role in a lot of insecure individuals whom believe they have not done enough to set there children up in this ‘unforgiving’ world and I can personally say the world is ‘unforgiving’ and it takes a ‘Grit-filled-Knuckle-Buster’ to break down most walls that present themselves and it will take a lot of us to just walk in faith towards a dream.

Now I said walk in faith, only please don’t take that to mean you just agree with the next shark because he sold you a mouth watering bag of air. It means when you know you know the way and you are alone at night and it is you or death. Know that “HE” will stand with you and as we only have one life to live make the moments count for something. Anything is better than nothing and all the No’s in the world means that someone is listening. Means that as you chug on your dream someone will see as you make things work and ask “Hey how did you do that and can I join you”

I am such a friendly guy that I want every voice, as many voices as possible to say hear me too!!


Everyday when we wake up in the morning and we look at the sun rise, we are motivated to do all the things that make us look good. We speak to those around us to make them all welcome and full of joy so when they leave us, they would have continued to have the motivation to strive for their personal callings.

When we interact with one another and we happen to know the aspirations of each other to continue to speak life into the dreams of others has always been a Motivation for me. Every Idea is essential to creating pathways for more ideas and having the creature comforts that most take for naught in our forever computing world.

“at the click of a button” I can order dinner now, I think it is so cool!

Sometimes I wonder what was it that made me Dream so hard about something and never let it die. That when so many say your not good enough, or don’t do it that way cause it is too hard, or decided, I’d kowtow to a bribe, I’d pick up and take the road less traveled by.

I truly attest it to Motivation and in the belief of How the Great Sinatra sang it, “I did it My WAY!”

No one can take Drive from us, Purpose Molds us and Motivation keeps the fire going even in a cold wet rain storm.

Thanks WA for such a gift as MOTIVATION!





When I was a kid growing up I was insightful and full of life. Full of dreams and a spirit that could rage with the rushing fires of California! None were my equal and I could not stand the over protectiveness of my mother or father. I remember when I was 16 and I asked my father why he would go on so much about right and wrong. Good and bad, family pride. Omerta, He was incessantly needing in these regards and felt if you were not apart of the family then you were no good anyway. This left him friendless after a while, I had told him that would be his end result, though he never listened. Continue reading !Proxy!