Steam Punk a Revolutionized thought on how to survive Social Meltdowns.

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Steam Punk was more than fiction for me It became a life style.

subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-poweredmachinery.[1][2] Although its literary origins are sometimes associated with the cyberpunk genre,[citation needed] steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West”, in a post-apocalyptic future during which steam power has maintained mainstream usage, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power. Steampunk may, therefore, be described as neo-Victorian. Steampunk perhaps most recognisably features anachronistic technologies or retro-futuristic inventions as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them, and is likewise rooted in the era’s perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, and art.[citation needed] Such technology may include fictional machines like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or the modern authors Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld, Stephen Hunt and China Miéville.[original research?] Other examples of steampunk contain alternative history-style presentations of such technology as lighter-than-airairships, analogue computers, or such digital mechanical computers as Charles Babbage‘s Analytical Engine.[citation needed]

Steampunk may also incorporate additional elements from the genres of fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history, or other branches of speculative fiction, making it often a hybrid genre.[citation needed] The first known appearance of the term steampunk was in 1987, though it now retroactively refers to many works of fiction created even as far back as the 1950s or 1960s.[citation needed]

Steampunk also refers to any of the artistic styles, clothing fashions, or subcultures, that have developed from the aesthetics of steampunk fiction, Victorian-era fiction, art nouveau design, and films from the mid-20th century.[3] Various modern utilitarian objects have been modded by individual artisans into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical “steampunk” style, and a number of visual and musical artists have been described as steampunk.


There was a time when I traveled across America on foot.

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Jungarian Shadow





In Jungian psychology, the shadow or “shadow aspect” may refer to (1) an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Because one tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one’s personality, the shadow is largely negative, or (2) the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. There are, however, positive aspects which may also remain hidden in one’s shadow (especially in people with low self-esteem).[1] Contrary to a Freudian definition of shadow, therefore, the Jungian shadow can include everything outside the light of consciousness, and may be positive or negative. “Everyone carries a shadow,” Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”[2] It may be (in part) one’s link to more primitive animal instincts,[3] which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind.

Took me some real soul searching to be able to contextualize the part of me I never wanted anyone to see. I really faced that part of me and now I am sharing it with you. I never put much stock in Freud, always felt he was a Fraud but I am biased…I mean even now I can not give you any concrete evidence about his findings so I am not going to talk about it…just remember the man was a bird watcher, who got bored with birds, started watching people and then started making people watch people. Any who, after taking the time to answer the question of, Who am I? I finally came to the question of am I really what my environment or predecessors have determined me to be.

As I yell from all the roof tops I always remember that, “as a man thinkith  so he is”. Once this is realized, so is one’s brilliance and so you learn to dig real deep to allow your light to shine beyond the shadows.

This piece sells for $1500.00 in hopes that as it is on your wall you will learn how to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see.

As happy as me.

Do you remember what their net gross was in 2015?

Peng Shuai and Li Na


Simply amazing
Simply amazing

I watch tennis a lot. I love the Wimbledon and seeing who is going to make it this year and how far they will go. Most of the time I pray I have the money to put on a few tickets and try to double. I have learned in life that the “poor gamble to become wealthy and the wealthy can’t afford not to.”

Only when I saw these two I was shocked. They grossed in the triple billions as reported by Sports Illustrated; with the assistance of the Triad Syndicate leading the gambling halls, of course all this hard earned money goes to the Peoples Republic, but it is wonderful that they worked so hard. Since they were seven years old they have been tennis machines and every year they prove their metal.

I really enjoyed being able to recreate them and share them with you all. I hope when you take the time to look into them, they become moments of inspiration and thought as it was for me when I read about them is the magazine.  Separately they are worth $15,000.00 but together they are $30,000.00.

Pay to own right now and you can have your own memories of these great players.



Picture Perfect Snap Shot!

She would enter a cage and break it!
She would enter a cage and break it!

I was so happy when I completed this portrait of one of my favorite female fighters.

Now I am not a bandwagon person, as you can tell by most of my posts, I do not cheer for the winning football team during the season, I do not cheer for the winning Olympic country just cause everyone else is. I love having the right to an opinion and being able to voice it. Do I believe it is right for women to fight. eh, can’t say, this one sure can make a statement. Win, lose or draw, she did something most could not and made my heart sing. Made that little boy joy raise in the back of my neck, every time she  stepped into the ring I had that hope floats feel and when I read about her I was impressed.

Amelia Earhart  is the only other woman to make me feel that way, so the kid inside of me is all a buzz when I think of Ronda Rousey!

This piece I would sell at $75,000.00. All original art work, free hand, and full of the life that it takes to stand in the ring of an Ultimate Fighter Championship!

The State of Things!

To continue the line of thought of the previous post “Where have all the good men gone,” I would like to add upon this disclaimer that all posts, are topics that have been given real study and though it can be construed as simple opinion, one can be assured that because it was a life lived and lessons learned, my observations  are a lot more believable than the wishful thinking of a sad generation.

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Where have all the Good Men gone!

Living in   Portland, Oregon, Over-Town Miami, New York City, Huntington Beach, California, Mobil Alabama, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Austin Texas, in the little back woods of Ar-Kansas, I had at some point began to feel like the woman in the above picture. Tears for cities and people that had only began to fade in the memories.


Hearts for our cities and the laymen that help to build them
Hearts for our cities and the laymen that help to build them

As I remembered how people made me feel as a person, I had to remind myself that they are human and no one ever cared for me like Jesus, no one else could ever take the darkness from me…

This piece has a special place in my heart. $1600.00

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Murals of an advent voice

Here @ we are dedicated to the stories and roads less traveled by. We are experienced in all styles of prose and art and seek to anthologize the market that, for so many, has left those lost voices breathless.

As you navigate the site tell us what you think, every piece of art has a tale to share but we are not selfish and know there are so many other artists that wish to be seen and heard.

This is your time. If you have a story we are looking to share it. If you know art we are wishing you to buy from us and tell your friends you found a place that is willing to raise a banner for the dreams deferred.

 I have decided to post this disclaimer because there is a world of cynicism boiling over, the percolation is at it’s peak and everywhere I go people want to know, what it is that keeps that smile and laughter on my face. My answer will always be vision, the ability to see into tomorrow, or to create worlds from my mind.

  As writers we can only tell of what we have seen.

 Now as an artist we can tell of what we have seen and we can illustrate it too. We can promote in silence.

    I can ride my bike with no handle bars, I can lead you all with a microphone, and I can Tag the world with visions into tomorrow, I have asked upon ever line, what can the black top tell me, that I cannot crack with my mind, when they believe they have caged the elephant, while holding  the universe in a glass, it’ll explode into an Occupied Movement!   

A little bit of what I do!   Keep smiling folks!


I.C.E.B.R.G (In case of emergency break glass)
I.C.E.B.R.G (In case of emergency break glass)

This is to be read immediately after the post: Son of a Son in the category Tales of a Traveler . if one is to keep things in chronological order of events but for timing and your convenience you can read any post as you see fit.

For many in my life, I was the, In case of emergency break glass type and that makes one, anyone, feel secure. So in this piece I sought to recreate the moment in which a mother has to explain to her son why his father is not around and how she loved him but some memories are best forgotten. I had to imagine how a son might feel when asking his mother how she felt about his ‘real’ father considering I never had this conversation with my mother when I was the age of the young man in this picture because I never knew to ask. We never know how Identity really shapes us or who we are shaping when we stifle that identity with misinformation.

The mother in the above piece is honest with her son, so we only can pray for the best and hope in the honesty that things work out well. God makes the future bearable for us and we should never loose sight of such hopes. This is why family and the values set in biblical principals are important, saves one the burden of even having to explain to your child where there father has gone or why love as pure as it was to make a child could not last beyond that moment.

We must never forget that people have free will, the will to choose where they will commit to something or not and where they will, It pleases me to have the freedom to speak on these things and because I have had the experience, no one can ever pull the wool over my eyes, unless I am willing to simply trust that maybe it is OK to live and let God for a time, until he gives me another mandate. For now this was good and I would say this piece will run $1500.00.

Good Art should never be sold for less than the time put into it.

Keep dreaming dreamers for the voice of the advent is coming.

Love affair with T.V.

The words written on the wall read as following;

I never understood T.V; but she always would find a way to captivate me and in the picture of my mind we would run along the beach.

I never understood T.V; but she always would find a way to Captivate me.
I never understood T.V; but she always would find a way to Captivate me.

This piece runs for $2500.00. It is the only one of its kind and brings to light a conversation that is still being had to this day. When do we say when we have had enough of the intrusion of the captivation of things that don’t matter. When do we say we have had enough of a world that is given to us and do not seek worlds of our own hard earned creations. To run along the beach is not presented through the television as I go to the gym and I am made to believe that I have achieved a work out. I have come to this point in my life where I sigh heavily for I am young, work with my hands, always have and I refuse to allow social norms to dictate how I am to live and I refuse to be made to feel awkward just because I can not listen to “her” anymore. There are millions of people that have virtually nothing, no source of income that is steady, no real source of produce, no real resource to transportation, no real source of health care, but the first thing the government gives someone in section 8 housing, I am sorry the term is “HUD” housing now, is a television. in the year of 2011 phones were made mandatory and if you are caught in need of health care you are penalized for not having it. But the television will be given to you so you can keep up with the next political summit, or Hulu programming…I am sorry I have gotten ahead of myself…the point is, there was a time, not sure if many of you have forgotten, when one was denied Human Resources (HR) because of a level of education that exceeded the High School Diploma, then denied work because one’s credit score determined how socially inclined you were to be a good worker; none of this of course is televised, but the first thing you are given when applying for government housing is a television, a laptop, and a cell phone. When I was in college I took no government aid. No food stamps, no housing, and paid out of pocket what my scholarship could not cover. Played my video games on the weekends and lived with the bare minimums that can be expected of a college kid, with little support from his parents and he certainly was not going to ask for support cause he already knew that even though they worked for the government life was going to get tough. I went to visit my mother when I was twenty two turning twenty three, she seemed set, had her television, her laptop, her cell phone. lived in a three-bed room apartment, with my sister and I could not for the life of me figure out why she seemed to be in need of something I could not readily give. To this day I hold that image in my mind because as we watched T.V. and she asked me to go out and get groceries I knew I was going to be leaving soon. The fear of being a thirty five year old slouch on her couch began to creep in. “I am not doing enough!” would echo in my mind, would pound in my ears. “How can I make it so we have a better life and I can not even get a job in this little town or supply food without going to the store?” At least we have T.V.

This is not a post of complaints, none of you are supposed to read it as that, this is a post of  a mindset that motivated me to produce the art that is before you. This entire conversation that was had, past and present, between family and friends alike, most of you can relate to it because you may be having them right now.

Well I am presenting art that is relative and I am praying that in the medium you are educated on what matters. In some way you don’t make the movements I did, learn from a life lesson and seek to say either, this happened to me and how I changed, or this happened to me too, what do you suppose I do?

My answer will always beSeek and you shall find”

But you won’t find anything by watching T.V.

~ This has been an insert by your Advent Voice   


The Wave of the Future!



So there are many market strands out there, but none better than Wealthy Affiliate. They will go out of there way to make sure you are always successful in your business. The classroom settings are perfect for the new marketer who is filled with questions on how to be where the Ambassadors are. It is a step by step map to how to make money online and commissions with virtually no effort from you, Other than to take what motivates you in the morning to get up and use that energy to spurn others to dream as you dream.

Success is a mind set. When we come to know, that we know that we are everything we wish to be right now and not tomorrow. That right now is when we should be telling everyone that we come across that the God who made me and allowed me to dream, made me perfect and my dreams perfect. Not to hold back on ones dreams and everyday strive to apply ones Niche to a market that will need your product.

Join Wealthy Affiliate today and learn how to manage websites; build networks, stand on affirmations, work within a community, feel praise for every achievement, feel welcome in a large world. Never have to feel you are competing or made to feel less than, Find the answers to most market problems and apply them to a field that can help you grow. Join today and become a certified Online Entrepreneur!

I know I was glad I did.

Thank you WA