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Son of a Sun

When he was 3
When he was 3

Nearly three years ago I drew my son. Took me thirty minutes only because I wanted every detail to be remembered. I burned a whole in the original canvas, trying to make him come out of the paper. I wanted to hold him so badly. As I look into those eyes I remember everything and I yearn for the day that I can say, “When you were born nothing could, would, ever keep me from you. You are very special to me and well though your mother is a trollop I did do my best by you, No I do not have gold or silver to give you, no I do not have a mansion or I have not been to the moon. I did write a book that told the truth and never will you have to worry about your Identity for “I” Identify you. My beautiful son. See you soon.

I can do so many wonderful things with my hands. I have always wanted to share this gift and now I have the ability to I truly pray others will join me! Others will cry with the voice of the advent and tell the stories that have been left unsaid. If not for your sake, then for the sake of those that are to come. This is what is known as legacy. The image above is not where my journey began, but it is when the amethyst began to shine its deep dark purple. The perfect light for this traveler.

2 thoughts on “Son of a Sun”

  1. Very interesting and creative blog! I enjoyed looking through your art work. You are very talented! What a beautiful son you have – you truly did bring him alive on the page!

    I am glad that you have this place to share your art work so that people can enjoy your talent! Wishing you much success with your endeavors!!

    1. I pray, in all you have read and come to understand, that first and foremost this site is supposed to encourage others of similar talents to express themselves via our sources. Everything that I have posted of my own, I encourage others to buy but I am truly interested in giving others the freedom to showcase there work and voice here as well.

      So if you have friends and family or if you just happen to see a talented artist. please encourage them to contact us through our email subscriptions. Donations are encouraged and our causes are beginning to expand as the voices of the advent grows.

      If you are at all inspired by these stories or the art, you can be rest assured that all proceeds are going to be used to keep you informed, funding in helping with worthy causes, and supplying a better feed for the voices that have been lost or forgotten.

      This has been one small voice of encouragement for the many.

      Keep smiling folks.

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