lights in dark places

Dream weavers delight!

This is a site for the dream weavers in us all. Those of us that have found ourselves still dreaming yet have forgotten what has set us on our paths in the first place, allowing the art to minister to the deeper reaches of what has always been, allowing words of affirmation to become truth, You can be all that you have set yourself to be. All you have to do is believe.

It not only feels good to say those things. It feels good to live them. sometimes I think if we picked one affirmation a day to live by then all the surfacing problems of this world would just fade in the night as bad dreams do.

When we begin to believe in ourselves and in our self worth, then the fog finally begins to lift and no longer are we in any state other than peace.

No longer can I say you made me this way, I can finally say I forgive and learned to let live. No longer will a man question his identity as the above art piece shows, no longer will he be trapped in his woes. He will have true assurance in life and be able to stand tall in all that he is because he will know of his direction in life. He will not be given a direction, he will have the where with all to take it. The freedom to do so.

A rose and her thorn
A rose and her thorn


The overall topic of the art is environmental, political, and all things black or controversial, not just cause it is a conversation starter but because it is true.

We here @ Advent are seekers of truth and anthologists of forthright natures. We love your support and will always keep you informed.